IMPACT Wrestling Results (9/29/2022): Monster's Ball Match, Bullet Club & Bryan Myers Compete.

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Match Card.

Ian Riccaboni Says ROH HonorClub Might Be Relaunching Soon

- Monster's Ball Match: Masha Slamovich vs. Allie Katch.

- Laredo Kid & Trey Miguel vs. Bullet Club (Ace Austin & Chris Bey) (w/ "ROCK HARD" Juice Robinson).

- IMPACT Digital Media Championship Match: Brian Myers (c) vs. Crazzy Steve.

- Delirious vs. Black Taurus.

- Honor No More Victory Road Celebration.

- Vincent & PCO vs. Heath & Rich Swann.

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IMPACT Wrestling (9/29/2022) Live Coverage.

- After a video package highlighting the proceedings of the 2022 edition of IMPACT's Victory Road PPV, Tom Hannifan & Matt Rehwoldt welcomed the audience to the broadcast before quickly transitioning to the opening match.

Bullet Club (Ace Austin & Chris Bey) (w/ Juice Robinson) vs. Trey Miguel & Laredo Kid.

Austin and Laredo Kid locked up to begin the match, with Austin & Laredo exchanging wristlocks and roll-ups for 2 near falls before Laredo kid super kicked Austin in the abdomen. Laredo Kid hit a top rope crossbody on Austin before hitting him with tilt-to-world Tijeras on Austin. After a distraction from Bey & Robinson, Austin hit a back suplex on Laredo Kid for a near fall. Austin got Laredo Kid in a Guillotine choke before tagging in Bey. Austin hit a superkick on Laredo Kid on the corner before Bey hit an uppercut on Laredo Kid. Austin got Laredo Kid in a drop toe-hold before rocking him with a kick to the back of the neck, which was followed by a running double stomp from Bey on Laredo Kid for a near fall. Laredo Kid hit two body shots and a slap on Bey, but Bey responded with a side backbreaker on Laredo Kid for a near fall. Austin hit the Dermus Destroyer on Laredo Kid before hitting him with a side-back breaker of his own. Laredo Kid slapped Austin and hit the Tijeras on Bey before tagging in Miguel. Trey Miguel tagged in and hit two lariats, an arm snapper, Kip-up Tijeras, a kick to the head, and a double stomp on Bey's back for a near fall. Miguel got Bey in the Disarmer Arm Bar, but Bey broke the hold with a rope break. Miguel hit an Atomic Drop & a Northern Lights Suplex on Bey for a near fall. Bey hit a Scorpion Death Drop/ Flatliner combo on Laredo Kid & Miguel before tagging in Austin. Austin sent Miguel to the outside and stood on his hands to evade Miguel's offense before hitting him with a back kick. Austin hit a double springboard spinning kick on Miguel for a near fall. Miguel hit a dropkick on Bey before clotheslining Austin to the outside, allowing Laredo Kid to hit a Tope Suicida on Ace Austin to the outside. Back in the ring, Laredo Kid got Bey from the legs before Trey Miguel hit a Spring Board Sunset Powerbomb on Bey for a near fall. Austin tossed Laredo Kid to the outside. Austin launched Bey into hitting the Art of Finesse on Miguel before Austin hit the Fold for the pinfall win on Miguel.

Winners: Bullet Club (Ace Austin & Chris Bey) (w/ Juice Robinson).

- Bhupinder Gujjar was interviewed backstage by Gia Miller, saying he had a broken nose but will be cleared for next week to compete. Gujjar announced that he would be a part of the Call Your Shot Gauntlet on Bound For Glory, becoming the first participant to be announced.

- AEW Wrestler & #1 Contender for the X-Division Championship Frankie Kazarian was interviewed backstage, where he said that he was a part of the Triple Threat Revolver on Victory Road to prove that he can hang that he is officially game after winning the match. Kazarian said that he will press the reset button and become the X-Division Champion.

- A random figure in a yellow hood tried to attack Tom Hannifan & Matt Rehwoldt from the crowd area but was held back by security.

IMPACT Digital Media Championship Match.

Brian Myers (c) vs. Crazzy Steve.

Myers tried to kick Steve, but Steve got Myers in a sleeper. Steve and Myers exchanged wrist locks before Steve hit a drop toe-hold on Myers. Steve tried to bite Myers' head but Myers hit an up-kick. Myers stomped down Steve before locking him in a sleeper hold. Myers broke the hold and went for a back suplex, but Steve flipped over it and hit palm strikes on Myers slid out of the ring to trip Steve before the commercial break. Steve hirt corner lariats, a corner elbow, and a corner cannonball on Myers for a near fall. Myers hit a leaping Enziguri, a spinning abdomen kick, and a DDT on Steve for a near fall. Steve got on the middle turnbuckle and bit Myers' head before locking in head scissors on the ropes on Myers. Myers gauged Steve's eyes while the referee was misdirected before hitting the Roster Cut Lariat for the pinfall win and title retention.

Winner & Still Digital Media Champion: Brian Myers.

- After the match, Myers announced that he was issuing an Open Challenge for his Digital Media Championship for Bound For Glory. He said that whoever answers steps up to the most professional wrestler.

- Johnny Swinger & Zicky Dice were reminiscing about Swinger's Palace before he was confronted by a woman who was his ex-wife. The ex-wife was revealed to be Johnny Bravo's wife. Taya Valkyrie and Jessicka came to confront everyone. Jessicka tried to flirt with Bravo, but Bravo no sold it as Taya tried to kill him before she joined NXT. This segment teased the return of Swinger's Palace.

- There was another video segment promoting Joe Hendry's debut to IMPACT Wrestling, specifically coming out after it was revealed that he became the hire of the assets of a dead father.

- Rosemary was backstage with Father James Mitchell to complain that Jessicka was too human, saying that Havok is more useful than Jessicka. Jessicka & Taya confronted Rosemary. The three exchanged words before the three agreed to set their differences aside and prepare for Bound For Glory 2022.

Delirious vs. Black Taurus.

Delirious hit two shotgun dropkicks on Taurus, but Taurus remained standing and evaded a third. Delirious slammed Taurus into the corner, but Taurus caught him with a vicious slap before slamming Delirious in the corner. Delirious slammed Taurus' face across all four corners. Taurus hit a headbutt on Delirious, but Delirious responded by wasting Taurus' nose. Taurus stomped Delirious' barefoot before hitting a shoulder tackle on him. Delirious hit a Shote on Taurus. Taurus hit a running corner uppercut, a back elbow, and an enziguri kick on Delirious before hitting a powerslam on Delirious for a near fall. Delirious and Taurus exchanged strikes before Delirious misdirected Taurus by running the ropes and hitting Diving Lariat on Taurus. Delirious hit a body slam, and a whopping ten running leg drops on Taurus before Taurus rolled out of the ring. Taurus flipped over Delirious back before hitting a tilt-to-world backbreaker followed by a pop-up Samoan Drop on Delirious. Delirious hit ripcord palm strikes before laying in the strikes on Taurus, but Taurus responded with a headbutt before connecting the Destination Hell Hole for the pinfall win.

Winner: Black Taurus.

- Bobby Fish was interviewed backstage by Gia Miller before he said that he would be interested in facing IMPACT World Champion Josh Alexander. Fish revealed that in order to face Alexander for the title, he announced his involvement in the Call Your Shot Gauntlet.

- Mia Yim was interviewed by Gia Miller backstage, saying that she was shocked by Mickie James challenging her to a match on Bound For Glory. Gisele Shaw confronted Yim to tell her that she would not beat James, but Yim responded by challenging Shaw to a match for Next Week.

- PCO, Vincent, Eddie Edwards, Kenny King, Maria Kanellis IMPACT Tag Team Champions Matt Taven & Mike Bennett came to the ring to cut a promo. Edwards said that after the happenings of Victory Road, he would beat Alexander for the IMPACT World Championship. Edwards then ran down PCO for not taking down Motor City Machine Guns. PCO nearly snapped, but Vincent put a black bag on PCO and got out of the ring. Matt Taven then gloated for becoming the IMPACT Tag Team Champions with Mike Bennett, saying that it happened because of pure talent. Maria Kanellis bragged that Edwards beat Alexander clean as a sheet before playing the footage again. Edwards blushed before he said that Fortune Favors the righteous, saying that he joined Honor No More because everyone turned on him. Alexander came to the ring and said that Edwards sounded like a broken record and is starting to believe his own BS. Alexander said that Honor No More was afraid to be Insignificant again but to him, the match at Bound For Glory was a fight. Alexander said that Edwards saw the IMPACT Title as Job Security, but to him, it is the reward for being the best wrestler in the world. Edwards said that he will forcibly open Alexander's eyes and will make sure Alexander regrets not joining Honor No More. Edwards said that Alexander was heading to BFG all alone, but Alexander responded by saying that he should know better because he turned his back on the entire IMPACT locker room & fanbase, saying that he is wrestling on IMPACT's behalf. Alexander said that the only person outnumbered is Edwards. Alexander was attacked by Honor No More before Rich Swann & Heath made the save for Alexander, which allowed the return of PCO & Vincent ahead of their match against Rich Swann & Heath, but not before Motor City Machine Guns came to attack The Kingdom. Alexander & Edwards were face-to-face before Edwards rolled out of the ring.

PCO & Vincent vs. Rich Swann & Heath.

After the commercial break, Swann hit a spinning kick on Vincent's abdomen but Vincent caught him with a running elbow strike. Swann flipped over Vincent before hitting him with a dropkick, but Vincent backed up before tagging in PCO. Swann rolled multiple times to evade PCO's offense, but PCO placed him in the middle turnbuckle and hit him with a Codebreaker. PCO hit a dripping DDT on PCO before hitting a top-rope leg drop on Swann's neck while he was hanging from the middle rope. Vincent tagged in and hit a knee strike, a Saito Suplex, and a sliding flat liner on Swann for a near fall. Swann hit a Sliced Bread on Vincent and hit a back elbow on PCO, but Vincent stood back up and hit a back elbow on Swann. PCO pulled Swann out of the ring and tried to hit Swann, but PCO hit the ring post as Swann evaded and slid back in the ring. Swann crawled under Vincent and hit him with an Enziguri before tagging in Heath. Heath hit three punches, two lariats, a leg lariat, and a powerslam on Vincent for a near fall. Heath went for the Wake-Up Call on Vincent but PCO held onto Vincent. Vincent tossed Heath into PCO's forearm but was hit with a kick from Swann before Heath hit a DDT on Vincent for a near fall thanks to PCO stomping PCO. PCO clotheslined himself and Heath out o the ring while Swann hit a spinning Karate Kick followed by a Phoenix Splash on Vincent for the pinfall win.

Winners: Rich Swann & Heath.

- Gia Miller interviewed Moose backstage before Moose said that he would enter the Call Your Shot Gauntlet and said he would shove the win down Maclin's throat. Maclin interrupted Moose and exchanged strikes before Security came in between and stopped the brawl.

- Sami Callihan confronted IMPACT President Scott D'Amore backstage after Maclin & Moose's brawl to suggest a Triple Threat Match between him, Moose & Maclin. Instead, D'Amore revealed that Callihan would be the Special Guest Referee for a match between Steve Maclin & Moose.

Monster's Ball.

Masha Slamovich vs. Allie Katch.

The two exchanged strikes to begin the match before Katch hit three headbutts on Masha. Masha & Katch clotheslined each other before Katch and Masha went at each other with Trash Can Lids. Masha hit Katch in the head with the lid, but Katch fired up and hit Masha in the head with the Trash can lid three times to a sickening sound. Masha hit a German Suplex on Katch before Masha hit Katch's back with a metal chair before choking Katch with the medal chain and placing the chain on Masha's forehead. Masha hit Katch with a trash can lid before placing a street sign on Katch's mouth, but Katch gauged Masha's head. Masha choked Katch on the ground for a near fall. Masha got Katch in a back stretch, but Katch broke the hold by hitting a headbutt on Masha. Masha pulled the medal chain on Katch's neck before hitting an elbow strike on Katch's neck. Masha tried to hit Katch with a cowbell, but Katch caught her with a swing to the head with a trash can lid. Katch went for a Gotch Style Piledriver, but Masha reversed it with an Air Raid Crash onto the corner. Masha laid in her boot on Katch's head before hitting her with a headbutt. Masha, bloody from the head, rammed a chain on Katch's mouth, who was also extremely bloody from the forehead. Masha hit a snap-suplex on Katch. Masha brought a chair onto the ring, but Katch punched Slamovich with a fistful of a chain. Katch went for a Death Valley Driver, but Masha reversed it with a Reverse DDT on Katch for a near fall. Katch evaded a chair shot from Masha, but Masha hit a suplex on Katch onto a steel chair. Katch & Masha exchanged strikes before Masha hit a heel kick and a Death Valley Driver on Katch onto a standing chair for a near fall, to which Masha responded by biting Katch's bloody forehead. Masha climbed to the top rope, but Katch hit her in the head with a trash can lid leaving her unconscious on the top rope. Katch hit a Suplerplex before rolling her into a Death Valley Driver onto, of all things, a door on the ring corner for a shocking near fall. Katch and Masha fought on the apron and Katch tried to hit a piledriver on Masha, but Masha evaded and tried to hit a German Suplex on Katch, but Katch held on to the top rope. Masha & Katch exchanged strikes before Masha hit a Russian Leg Sweep on Katch onto a random table at ringside. Back in the ring, Masha brought a black bag that was filled with thumbtacks before chewing a bunch of thumbtacks in her mouth. Katch hit a knee strike on Slamovich before hitting a Gotch-Style Piledriver onto the tacks for an outrageous near fall. Katch opened another trash can and threw a bunch of cut-up soda cans before hitting Masha with a trash can on the head. Masha Slamovich hit a spinning heel kick on Katch before laying her out for good with a nasty, disgusting, and disturbing Snow Plow onto a whole lot of thumbtacks and cutup soda cans for the pinfall win. Masha Slamovich stood tall to end the broadcast.

Winner: Masha Slamovich.

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