IMPACT Wrestling Results (9/8/2022): Aussie Open vs. Bullet Club, Digital Media Title Match & More.

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Match Card.

New Number One Contenders For NXT Women's Tag Team Championship Crowned On 10/4

- Aussie Open (Kyle Fletcher & Mark Davis) vs. Bullet Club (Ace Austin & Chris Bey).

- Heath vs. Eddie Edwards.

- Chelsea Green vs. Taya Valkyrie.

- IMPACT Digital Media Championship Match: Brian Myers (c) vs. Bhupinder Gujjar.

- Yuya Uemura Debuts.

Live Coverage.

- After a video package recapping the 9/1/2022 episode of IMPACT Wrestling, Tom Hannifan & Matt Rehwoldt welcomed the audience to the broadcast before quickly transitioning into the opening match.

Aussie Open (Kyle Fletcher & Mark Davis) vs. Bullet Club (Ace Austin & Chris Bey).

Davis and Fletcher attacked Austin & Bey before Davis hit a running senton on Austin. Bey went for a sling move off the ropes, but Davis caught him with an uppercut, sending him out of the ring. Austin hit a double springboard enziguri kick on Davis to send him to the outside of the ring. Austin got on the apron and hit a kick on Fletcher before hitting a superkick on the apron on Davis. ey hit a Tope Con Giro on Davis on Fletcher to the outside. Back in the ring. Aussie Open slammed Austin and Bey onto each other's backs before Davis laid in the strikes on Austin on the mat. Fletcher tagged in and hit two body shots on Austin's abdomen before hitting two one-hand body slams on Austin while having Austin in a wrist lock. Fletcher went for a third, but Austin reversed it with a schoolboy roll-up for a near fall, but Fletcher caught him with a double forearm strike on Austin. Davis hit a forearm strike on Austin's head before hitting a chop on Austin's chest. Austin hit two forearm strikes on Fletcher, an elbow strike on Davis, and leaped over Fletcher before tagging in Bey. Bey hit a punch, two kicks, a chop, and a diving elbow strike on Fletcher. Bey hit a springboard dropkick on Davis to send him to the outside before hitting a corner elbow strike, a corner enziguri kick, and a running Sliced Bread on Fletcher. Austin hit an enziguri on Davis, followed by Bey hitting a dropkick on Davis before Austin lowered the rope to send Davis out of the ring. Austin hit a diving splash on Davis to the outside. Austin & Bye hit a slam/ low-superkick/ double foot-face slam/ frog splash combo n Fletcher for a near fall. Davis hit a forearm strike on Austin & a chop on Bey, but Bey & Austin hit a double-dropkick on Davis' head. Austin & Bey went for an assisted Cutter on Fletcher, but Fletcher flipped Bey onto Davis' shoulders. Fletcher hit a superkick on Austin before he and Davis hit Bey with an assisted Blackout Bomb on Bey. Davis & Fletcher hit two double-forearm strikes on Bey before hitting him with the Corealis (Double elevated pump handle half nelson lift into a Death Valley driver) for the pinfall win.

Winners: Aussie Open (Kyle Fletcher & Mark Davis).

- Honor No More celebrated Mike Bennett & Matt Taven becoming the IMPACT World Tag Team Champions backstage, with Maria Kanellis that they were evidence of change. Kenny King said that Honor No More cannot lose focus before saying complaining that he got screwed for the X-Division Championship the previous week. Eddie Edwards then said that he would take care of Heath and that it was the perfect opportunity to show IMPACT World Heavyweight Champion Josh Alexander that he should join Honor No More.

- Doc Gallows & Karl Anderson were interviewed backstage by Gia Miller, but they were interrupted by Motor City Machine Guns (Alex Shelley & Chris Sabin). Sabin & Shelley pointed out that there had never been a match between MCMG & The Good Brothers before Gallows & Anderson challenged the Guns for the 9/15/2022 edition of IMPACT Wrestling.

Mickie James vs. Raychell Rose.

James and Rose began the match shaking hands before the two locked up, with James getting a wrist lock on Rose. James quickly transitioned into a hammerlock on Rose, but Rose broke the hold by hitting a forearm strike on James. Rose hit a running knee strike on James in the corner before hitting a snap-mare on James for a near fall. Rose got James in rope-assisted leg scissors before breaking the hold due to a rope break. Rose hit a standing split leg kick on James' neck for a near fall. Rose hit two short-hand lariats on Rose and attempted a third, but James reversed it into a neck breaker. James flipped into the top rope and hit a Thesz press on Rose for a near fall. James hit two forearm strikes & a chop on Rose, but Rose responded with a back elbow. James hit a super kick before hitting the Mick-DT on Rose for the pinfall win.

Winner: Mickie James.

- Scott D'Amore and Mia Yim were talking backstage before Kenny King interrupted and told Yim to get her "A.s.s. o.u.t". Yim lest furiously before King told D'Amore that he should be a 3-time X-Division Champion and called champion Mike Bailey a "crackhead". King told D'Amore to bring Bailey & the referee to announce a rematch, but D'Amore informed him that Bailey was defending his title against Mascara Dorada next week. D'amore revealed that King will face Yuya Uemura in the next match of the show.

- Gia Miller interviewed Steve Maclin backstage, saying that a fool would go into a Barbed Wire Massacre Match without a strategy, but denied his alliance with Moose. Miller asked why he and Moose would face Decay on the 9/15/2022 edition of IMPACT, but Maclin said that Moose maybe thought about it.

Yuya Uemura vs. Kenny King.

Uemura and King began the match locking up, with King hitting a waist lock takedown on Uemura before taunting him on the mat. Yuya got King in a wrist lock, but King reversed it into a headlock. The two collided with stereo shoulder tackles twice before King hit a kick on Uemura's abdomen. Uemura got a headlock on King but broke the hold before hitting a shoulder tackle on King. King hit a drop toe-hold on Yuya before getting a headlock on Uemura. Uemura broke the hold by leaning King in the ropes before the two went for a Greco-Roman lock-up, but King broke the lock-up by kicking Uemura in the stomach. King hit a chop on Uemura. Uemura hit a forearm strike, a running elbow drop, and a standing elbow drop on King for a near fall. Yuya hit a bodyslam on King before climbing to the middle rope, but King slammed Yuya from the turnbuckle onto the mat. King kicked Yuya in the head for a near fall. King got Uemura into sittinged abdominal stretch, but Yuya broke the hold and hit a chop on King. Yuya hit a dropkick on King. Uemura hiKing with t two strikes and a flying forearg before hitting a bulldog on Yuya for a near fall. Yuya hit an uppercut, a chop, and a back suplex on King for a near fall. King hit a Scorpion Kick on Uemura before hitting a victory roll Spinebuster on Uemura for a near fall. King went for the Royal Flush, but Uemura got off and hit a forearm strike on King. King hit a snap-dragon suplex on Uemura before hitting a Liger Bomb for a near fall. King tossed Yuya out of the ring. King slammed Yuya's head into the stairs, but Mia Yim confronted King to distract King. King and Yuya got back in the ring and went for a rope-assisted pin, but Yim broke the pin by pushing King's legs. King pulled Yim from the hair, but Yim responded with a forearm strike on King. Yuya took advantage of this and hit a top rope cross body on King for the pinfall win.

Winner: Yuya Uemura.

- Sami Callihan cut a promo backstage, telling Maclin & Moose that he is always a step ahead of them. Callihan said that by the time they get to their Triple Threat Match at Victory Road 2022, he will have them at each others' throats.

- Deaner & Eric Young were on a farm, with Young smoking a cigar in a black silhouette. Young got out of a cabin and confronted Deaner if this was what he wanted. Deaner said "Yes". Deaner shouted "Violence" repeatedly before being joined by multiple men in yellow hoodies alscallingng "VIOLENCE!" as the camera went to the sky.

Chelsea Green (w/ Deonna Purrazzo) vs. Taya Valkyrie (w/ Rosemary & Jessikah).

The two locked up before Taya leaned Green into the corner. Taya hit a boot on Green before hitting a running cross-body on Green for a near fall. Taya hit an Irish Whip/ Uppercut combo on Green before hitting a hip attack on Green on the corner, followed by a Meteora on the corner for a near fall. Green got on the apron and booted Taya's head before tossing her out of the ring. Back in the ring, Green Taya's leg for a pin but only got the near fall. Green stomped down Taya in the corner before laying in the elbow strikes on Taya for a near fall. Green swung Taya's leg to make her fall into a split, which allowed Green to kick Taya's head before betting a back stretch on Taya. Taya broke the hold, but Green hit the Tijeras on Taya before stomping Taya's head into the bottom turnbuckle for a near fall. Taya hit a kick on Green's abdomen before hitting a lariat on Green. Taya hit a Blue Thunder Bomb on Green for a near fall. Green booted Taya's head from the ground before hitting a pump kick on Taya for another near fall. Green went for the Killswitch, but Valkyrie broke the hold and hit a curb stomp on Green for a near fall. Taya hit a low forearm strike on Green, but Purrazzo tripped Taya. Rosemary attacked Purrazzo, but Taya got Green in a roll-up for a near fall. Green pushed Taya onto Jessikah before hitting the Unprettier for the pinfall win.

Winner: Chelsea Green (w/ Deonna Purrazzo).

- IMPACT Knockouts Champion Jordynne Grace was interviewed backstage, with Grace saying that the reason she gave Slamovich a death warrant was to get on Masha Slamovich's head. Grace said that she will not allow Masha to get on her head, but Grace saw her locker room with the phrase "Masha is Gonna Kill You" on her locker room.

- There was a creepy vignette with Vincent and PCO, with Vincent saying that his voice and PCO's voice are in unison and that their voices belong to Honor No More. Vincent said that they were Honor No More before putting a hood on PCO.

IMPACT Digital Media Championship Match.

Brian Myers (c) vs. Bhupinder Gujjar.

The two pushed each other before Gujjar hit a double leg takedown on Myers. Gujjar hit an Irish Whip on Myers before hitting a leg trip, and a knee drop, and a side kick on Myers for a near fall. Gujjar hit a snap suplex on Myers before climbing to the middle rope, but Myers rolled out of the ring. Gujjar tried to pull Myers into he ring, but Myers slammed Gujjar's head into the ring post. Myers got back in the ring and stomped down Gujjar before locking in a headlock on Gujjar. Gujjar broke the hold, but Myers responded with a kick on the abdomen. Gujjar hit a sling blade on Myers. Gujjar hit a punch on Myers, a lariat, a back elbow, a spinning abdomen kick, a pump kick to the side of the head, a ripcord knee strike, and a Samoan Drop on Myers for a near fall. Gujjar hit a rope-assisted enziguri on Myers before connecting him with a Superkick for a near fall. Myers hit a Pele Kick on Gujjar before hitting an Implant DDT on him for a near fall. In frustration, Myers got his championship and got to the ring. Gujjar accidentally hit Myers in the head with the belt, awarding Myers the win and the title retention. Gujjar stole the title after the match.

Winner: Brian Myers (via DQ).

- Gail Kim confronted Tasha Steelz & Savannah Evans to tell her that Killer Kelly wanted her to join the broadcast team for her match against Alisha. Steelz was confused and asked why she wanted her on the broadcast team, to which Kim responded by saying that Kelly liked when people watch. Steelz, even more bamboozled, responded with "What kind of S&M is that?".

- Myers & Gujjar argued backstage before Scott D'Amore took the belt off Gujjar's hand. D'Amore told them that he will suspend the Digital Championship on top in a ladder match in two weeks.

Eddie Edwards vs. Heath.

Edwards attacked Heath as soon as the match started. Heath laid in the strikes on Edwards before hitting a flying forearm strike on Edwards' head. Heath hit a corner spear on Edwards and sent Edwards to run the ropes, but Edwards rolled out of the ring. The two brawled on the outside before Heath slammed Eddie's head into the apron. As soon as Heath slid into the ring, Eddie laid in the strikes on Heath to keep him down. Eddie hit a chop on Heath's chest in the corner before hitting a thumb to Heath's eyes. Eddie hit a double elbow strike on Heath for a near fall before stomping him down. Eddie hit a snap-mare stomp on Heath. Eddie hit a chop on Heath, but Heath responded with a flapjack and a clothesline on Eddie to send him to the outside. Back from the break, Eddie stomped down Heath in the corner. Heath hit multiple body shots on Eddie, but Eddie responded with a forearm strike on Heath for a near fall. Eddie got Heath in a side headlock before hitting him with a headbutt. Eddie hit a corner splash on Heath for a near fall. Eddie taunted the crowd, which allowed Heath to hit a surprise roll-up on Eddie for a near fall, but Eddie quickly responded with a lariat for a near fall on Heath. Eddie hit a knee to the abdomen on Heath before the two hit each other with running cross-bodies. Heath and Eddie exchanged punches before Heath hit a running knee strike, a leg lariat, and an implant DDT on Edwards for a near fall. Heath went for the Wake-Up Call but Eddie held on to the ropes. Eddie went for the Boston Knee Party, but Heath evaded and hit a Wake-Up Call on Eddie from out of nowhere. Mike Bennett got to the ring but was hit with a Wake-Up Call by Heath too. With the referee distracted, Eddie Edwards hit a low blow on Heath before connecting the Boston Knee Party on Heath for the pinfall win.

Winner: Eddie Edwards.

- After the match, Edwards said he and Honor No More chose their side in the "war" going on in IMPACT, but that it was time for someone else to make their choice. Edwards called out IMPACT World Champion Josh Alexander. Alexander responded by making his way to the ring while Edwards said that the two being opponents at Bound For Glory did not mean they had to be enemies. Alexander pointed out the flaws of Edwards' arguments, noting that Edwards believed everyone had it against him. Edwards said that he had been in Alexander's position and implored Alexander to make his decision on the ring at this time. Alexander put his helmet on before saying that his side was whatever side was across from him. Alexander hit two German Suplexes on Edwards before King came to the aid of Edwards, but Heath joined to make the save for Alexander. Swann joined the melee to make the save for Alexander & Heath, but Matt Taven joined as well. Edwards & Honor No More teamed up on Alexander before Edwards hit the Liger Bomb on Alexander followed by a Boston Knee Party. Edwards, with IMPACT Title in hand, stood tall in the ring for the end of the broadcast.

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