IMPACT Wrestling Results for 1/7/20 The Last Stop on the Road to Hard to Kill

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-Eddie Edwards and Michael Elgin brawl at ringside before Eddie calls him out and hits a suicide dive as the opening rolls.

Street Fight Match

Eddie Edwards vs Michael Elgin

They exchange before Michael superkicks Eddie and tosses him into the ring for the match to officially start. They duck each others strikes before running the ropes and Eddie hitting an overhead belly to back suplex. Eddie chops Michael who rocks him with a forearm and counters a suplex before hitting Eddie with an enzuigiri and stomping him down. Elgin drops Eddie for two and hits a snap suplex for another two count before tossing Eddie over his head and down onto the mat. Eddie counters a full nelson before Michael rocks him with a boot and Eddie hits a running clothesline in the corner into a suplex.

Eddie hits a blue thunder bomb for a near fall before Elgin hits a uranage and hits Eddie with clubbing blows to the front and the back. Eddie comes back with machine gun chops in the corner and they take turns hitting each other in the corner until they exchange in the center until they collapse as we go to commercial.

They continue the back and forth until Michael drops Eddie and Eddie turns him inside out with a lariat before hitting a Tiger driver for a near fall. Elgin hits a pop-up powerslam and sets Eddie on the top turnbuckle before Eddie counters into a sunset powerbomb. Elgin hits a running clothesline in the corner into a suplex before turning Eddie inside out with a lariat for a near fall. Eddie counters a powerbomb before they counter each other's submission attempts and Eddie rolls Michael up for a near fall. Elgin then hits a buckle bomb and an Elgin Bomb for the pin and the win.

Winner: Michael Elgin defeats Eddie Edwards via pinfall with an Elgin Bomb.

-We get an extended video package for the IMPACT World Tag Team Championship match at Hard to Kill before Gama Singh is in the ring to introduce the Desi Hit Squad.

Desi Hit Squad vs TJP, Fallah Bahh & Daga

Raj and Daga get started with Daga showing off his superior speed and athleticism before Raj pokes him in the eyes. Rohit comes in and is immediately double teamed by TJP and Bahh for two before Raj kicks Daga from the apron and Rohit hits a DDT for two. Shera gets the tag and manhandles Daga and Raj picks up the scraps for several two counts before TJP knocks Shera off of the apron and he Daga and Bahh clear the ring. Daga hits a tope before Bahh hits a suicide dive and Daga hits a back stabber for a near fall before Daga is tripped up at ringside and Shera hits a sit-out powerbomb for the pin and the win.

Winner: Desi Hit Squad defeat Daga, TJP and Fallah Bahh via pinfall.

-Rich Swann and Willie Mack talk backstage about their tag title match at Hard to Kill as we go to commercial.

-We come back to a taped promo by OvE where the Crists talk about Tessa Blanchard as Sami clutches his championship belt before Johnny Swinger talks to Tommy Dreamer and we get the IMPACT Flashback Moment of the Week featuring a match between WWE alum Kurt Angle and AJ Styles.

-We get a video package for the X-Division Championship match between the champion Ace Austin and the challenger Trey at Hard to Kill and the bitterness due to Ace trying to get with Trey's mother.

-We get the highly advertised special look at the IMPACT World Championship match between the champion Sami Callihan and the challenger Tessa Blanchard who looks to make history and become the first ever woman to hold the top title in the promotion which is narrated by Sami and several of Tessa's close friends and family.

-We see James Mitchell backstage with Suze before he locks her in a room to keep her out of Rosemary's reach.

Havok w/James Mitchell vs Rosemary

They exchange before Rosemary jumps on Havok's back and is flung off with ease before Rosemary sends her out of the ring and hits a huricanrrana off of the apron. Havok accidentally takes out James at ringside before Havok snaps Rosemary's neck in the rope and drops her with a knee before Suze makes her way out to ringside. Suze wanders around ringside as Havok stomps Rosemary in the corner and hits a running boot before Suze joins on commentary. Rosemary comes back with a tarantula before James grabs Suze and tries to get her leave before Havok drags Rosemary back into the ring by her hair. Havok then hits a draping DDT into a tombstone for the pin and the win.

Winner: Havok defeats Rosemary via pinfall with a tombstone piledriver.

Madison Rayne, Kiera Hogan & Taya Valkyrie vs ODB Tenille Dashwood & Jordynne Grace

Tenille locks in a side headlock to Madison before dropping her with a shoulder block and several running back elbows into a neckbreaker in the ropes. Jordynne tosses Madison back into the ring and hits a sit-out facebuster for two before Madison comes back with an enzuigiri off of the distraction by Kiera on the apron. Taya and company isolate Jordynne until she gets the tag to ODB who drops Taya and hits a double bronco buster to her and Madison. Kiera distracts the referee before ODB steals the win away from Jordynne for the pin and the win.

Winner: ODB, Tenille Dashwood and Jordynne Grace defeat Taya Valkyrie, Madison Rayne and Kiera Hogan via pinfall.

-After the match Jordynne shoves ODB and yells at her before Tenille steps between the two and Jordynne leaves as we go to commercial.

-Moose interrupts RVD and Katie making out to talk about their match in tonight's main event before we see Johnny Swinger passed out, presumably from the water Tommy Dreamer gave him earlier as Joey Ryan and Petey Williams come up with a plan go deal with him.

Moose & RVD w/Katie Forbes vs Rhino & Brian Cage

Brian and RVD start the match off before RVD immediately tags out and Moose knocks Rhino off of the apron before he and Brian run the ropes. Brian hits a huricanrrana and a spinebuster before he and Rhino double up on Moose before Rhino punches and chops Moose in the corner.

We return to Rhino in control of RVD before Katie trips him and RVD hits a shotgun dropkick in the corner before Moose comes in and beats on Rhino before he's suplexed. RVD and Brian get the hot tags and Brian superkicks RVD before hitting a running uppercut in the corner and Moose dropkicks Brian. Rhino runs over Moose and RVD sends him out of the ring before RVD hits Brian with a wheel kick for two. Brian hits RVD with an F5 but he's right in front of Moose who knocks Brian out of the ring and Moose and Rhino brawl. Brian gets back in the ring and hits a satellite DDT before RVD hits a diving kick and Moose sends Rhino into the corner shoulder first. Rhino then hits a Gore before Brian turns Moose inside out with a lariat for the pin and the win.

Winner: Brian Cage and Rhino defeat Moose and RVD via pinfall when Brian pins Moose with a lariat.

-After the match we get a taped promo for the match between Moose and Rhino at Hard to Kill as we go off the air with a run down of the rest of the card.

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