Hey Fight Fans, it's time for tonight's edition of IMPACT Wrestling on AXS TV and Twitch TV!

Josh Alexander w/Ethan Page vs Eddie Edwards

They lock up for a clean break before Eddie chops Josh in the corner and Josh comes back with chops of his own. Josh chokes Eddie in the ropes before Eddie hits an atomic drop into an overhead belly to belly suplex. Eddie headbutts Josh who rocks Eddie with uppercuts and they end up at ringside where Eddie chops Josh at ringside. They end up back in the ring and Josh drops Eddie with a boot before slamming Eddie down onto the mat for two. Josh chops Eddie in the corner and kicks him in the face before they exchange forearms.

Eddie sends Josh out of the ring and hits a suicide dive before hitting a blue thunder bomb once they're back in the ring for two. Josh counters a Tiger driver before countering a backpack stunner and hits a hits a spinning fireman's carry slam for two. They then exchange strikes until Eddie hits a lariat into a Tiger bomb for a near fall before Ethan grabs his foot and distracts him and Josh counters the Boston Knee Party into a jack knife cover for the pin and the win.

Winner: Josh Alexander defeats Eddie Edwards via pinfall.

- After the match the World champion Tessa Blanchard comes out and helps Eddie when The North attack him and they clear the ring before we go to a graphic for the matches on TNA tonight after IMPACT as well as a forthcoming satellite interview with Rich Swann and the return of Sami Callihan as we go to commercial.

- We return to The North talking backstage before they cut a promo about Eddie and Tessa and Ethan issues a challenge to Tessa for a match later tonight.

Kylie Rae vs Cassandra Golden

Golden attacks Rae from behind before the match starts and beats on her in the corner before missing a running splash in the opposite corner. Rae comes back with forearms and a boot into the Kylie Special for a near fall before hitting a cannonball in the corner for another near fall. Kylie then locks in a cross face for the tap and the win.

Winner: Kylie Rae defeats a local performer via submission.

- We come back from the break to a backstage interview with Kylie Rae where she says that IMPACT is her home and that's she's signed a contract with the promotion before we go to the ring where Moose comes out and puts down TNA before he's interrupted by Kid Kash.

Moose vs Kid Kash

Moose attacks Kid as soon as the match starts before Kid hits a huricanrrana and Moose rolls out of the ring before getting back into the ring and Moose spears Kid for the pin and the win in a very short match.

Winner: Moose defeats Kid Kash via pinfall.

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