IMPACT Wrestling Results for 3/31/20 Eddie Edwards vs Josh Alexander

Hey Fight Fans, it's time for tonight's edition of IMPACT Wrestling on AXS TV and Twitch TV!

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Josh Alexander w/Ethan Page vs Eddie Edwards

They lock up for a clean break before Eddie chops Josh in the corner and Josh comes back with chops of his own. Josh chokes Eddie in the ropes before Eddie hits an atomic drop into an overhead belly to belly suplex. Eddie headbutts Josh who rocks Eddie with uppercuts and they end up at ringside where Eddie chops Josh at ringside. They end up back in the ring and Josh drops Eddie with a boot before slamming Eddie down onto the mat for two. Josh chops Eddie in the corner and kicks him in the face before they exchange forearms.

Eddie sends Josh out of the ring and hits a suicide dive before hitting a blue thunder bomb once they're back in the ring for two. Josh counters a Tiger driver before countering a backpack stunner and hits a hits a spinning fireman's carry slam for two. They then exchange strikes until Eddie hits a lariat into a Tiger bomb for a near fall before Ethan grabs his foot and distracts him and Josh counters the Boston Knee Party into a jack knife cover for the pin and the win.

Winner: Josh Alexander defeats Eddie Edwards via pinfall.

- After the match the World champion Tessa Blanchard comes out and helps Eddie when The North attack him and they clear the ring before we go to a graphic for the matches on TNA tonight after IMPACT as well as a forthcoming satellite interview with Rich Swann and the return of Sami Callihan as we go to commercial.

- We return to The North talking backstage before they cut a promo about Eddie and Tessa and Ethan issues a challenge to Tessa for a match later tonight.

Kylie Rae vs Cassandra Golden

Golden attacks Rae from behind before the match starts and beats on her in the corner before missing a running splash in the opposite corner. Rae comes back with forearms and a boot into the Kylie Special for a near fall before hitting a cannonball in the corner for another near fall. Kylie then locks in a cross face for the tap and the win.

Winner: Kylie Rae defeats a local performer via submission.

- We come back from the break to a backstage interview with Kylie Rae where she says that IMPACT is her home and that's she's signed a contract with the promotion before we go to the ring where Moose comes out and puts down TNA before he's interrupted by Kid Kash.

Moose vs Kid Kash

Moose attacks Kid as soon as the match starts before Kid hits a huricanrrana and Moose rolls out of the ring before getting back into the ring and Moose spears Kid for the pin and the win in a very short match.

Winner: Moose defeats Kid Kash via pinfall.

- We go backstage to an interview with Team XXXL before they're interrupted by Fallah Bahh and TJP who welcome them to the tag division with a tray of Filipino food before saying that the line to the tag belts start behind them before we go to a satellite interview with Rich Swann before Ace Austin interrupts Jimmy Jacobs. Ace tells Rich that Willie held their team back and that if Willie were a real partner and friend he'd be helping Rich, but he's focused on the X-Division championship. Rich doesn't fall for the attempt at manipulation and tells Ace that Willie has his sights set on Ace and his title before Rich is attacked off camera by Reno Scum as we go to commercial.

- We come back to Willie Mack being held back by security to keep him from attacking Ace Austin before we go to the ring as Sami Callihan comes out to the ring. Sami says that he sees everything and that he's not going to do what you expect he'll do and that he did some soul searching and that the questions are the most important thing. Sami talks about fire balling Ken Shamrock and says that IMPACT doesn't let legends push down full time guys, referencing WWE and the likes of Goldberg and other legends. Sami says that he is the most dangerous man, not Ken Shamrock who tries to break people's ankles when he hits people with baseball bat's and sets them on fire. Tommy Dreamer comes out to the ring and Sami mocks him before Tommy tells Sami that they had veterans who would help guys learn from the mistakes that they had to learn from.

Tommy says that he'll use his platform from good and that he won't back down from Sami before Sami hits Tommy and Tommy hits him back and out of the ring. Tommy then challenges Sami to a Street Fight with old school rules.

Old School Rules Street Fight Match

Tommy Dreamer vs Sami Callihan

They brawl at ringside where Tommy hits Sami with a plunger before Sami hits him with a chair and the plunger. Tommy sweeps Sami on the apron before hitting him with baking sheets back in the ring before clotheslining Sami. Sami rolls out onto the ramp before Sami low blows Tommy and they counter attempts by each other to plant each other into the steel ramp. Tommy comes back with right hands and a bionic elbow before Tommy comes back to the ring with a garbage can and hits Sami with it and sends him over the top rope and back into the ring. Tommy sets the chair up in the ring before Sami grabs a staple gun and Tommy rolls out of the ring before Tommy grabs an industrial staple gun and Sami sets chairs up in the center of the ring for them to sit as we go to commercial.

We return to the action in the ring to Sami in control until Tommy sends Sami into a chair wedged in the corner and hits a cutter for two. Sami hits a uranage onto a chair before setting two chairs up and Tommy counters a suplex before Sami hits a DVD through the chairs. Sami then hits Tommy with a piledriver for the pin and the win.

Winner: Sami Callihan defeats Tommy Dreamer via pinfall.

- After the match Sami piles everything on top of Tommy before he goes up top and Rhino comes to the save before OvE come to help Sami. OvE then try to celebrate with Sami, but he instead disappears on them and Fulton becomes enraged. We then go to Rosemary at the bar where she's talking to random people as we go to commercial.

- We come back to an interview with Dez of The Deaners before we go to the ring for a match between Joey Ryan and Cody Deaner.

Joey Ryan vs Cody Deaner

They lock up and Joey backs Cody into the corner for a clean break before Joey rocks Cody with a forearm and Cody comes back with strikes in the corner. Cody drops Joey and hits an elbow drop before drinking a beer and Joey rakes the eyes of Cody before stomping him in the corner and hitting a knee drop for two. Joey takes Cody's hat and hits him with it before Cody comes back with right hands and a clothesline. Jake then makes Joey drink beer before Cody DDTs him for the pin and the win.

Winner: Cody Deaner defeats Joey Ryan via pinfall.

- After the match we go backstage where Eddie offers to be in Tessa's corner, but she declines and tells him that she has it on her own before leaving as we go to commercial.

- We come back to a promo by Michael Elgin before we get a graphic for next week's show featuring matches with Chris Bey and Daga and OvE and Rhino and Tommy Dreamer.

Tessa Blanchard vs Ethan Page w/Josh Alexander

Ethan mocks Tessa who shoves him before dropkicking him and Ethan grabs her when she goes for the Magnum. Ethan hits a backbreaker to Tessa before driving his boot into the face and whipping her across the ring into the opposite corner. Tessa comes back with forearms and chops before Ethan superkicks and clotheslines her for two before driving his knee into her spine and hitting a jumping stomp. Ethan hits a delayed suplex for two before hitting another backbreaker and drops Tessa as soon as she tries to come back with strikes. Ethan whips Tessa into the corner and hits a running back elbow before Tessa comes back with a huricanrrana into a shiranui and Ethan rolls out of the ring. Tessa hits three suicide dives before tossing him back into the ring and Josh distracts her before hitting a tornado DDT for a near fall. Tessa goes up top before Ethan catches Tessa when she goes for the Magnum and Ethan drops her with a boot for a near fall. Ethan sets Tessa up top before she knocks him down and Josh grabs her foot before Eddie comes out and takes him out for the Boston Knee Party. Tessa then hits Ethan with the Magnum for the pin and the win.

Winner: Tessa Blanchard defeats Ethan Page via pinfall.

- After the match Michael Elgin shows up and takes out both Tessa and Eddie and holds up the belt before Eddie saves her from an Elgin Bomb. Tessa and Eddie then send Elgin out of the ring as we go off the air.

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