IMPACT Wrestling Results for 7/14/20 Ten Woman Tag Team Match

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Women's Tag Team Championship Match Set For 5/14 WWE SmackDown

Ten Woman Knockouts Tag Tea Match

Havok and Navaeh immediately double up on Tasha before Kiera rushes Havok and gets dropped and tossed back into the corner before Taya comes in and gets dropped with a boot. Havok drops Kimber and sends Kiera off of the apron before Navaeh takes out Taya and Kimber at ringside and Kiera and Tasha hit her with a double superkick. Susie hits a cannonball off of the apron that takes everyone at ringside out before Havok tosses Alisha onto the pile and Kylie begs for a tag which she gets before Havok hits a suicide dive. Taya clotheslines Kylie when she teases a dive before Havok is sent into the post and Taya chokes Kylie in the ropes before Rosemary locks in The Upside Down. Rosemary boots Kylie into a German suplex by Taya for two before Taya hits a running hip attack into a running meteora in the corner for two. Taya drags Kylie to the corner and Tasha hits her in the midsection before beating her down and locking in a rear chin lock until she gets to her feet and comes back with forearms only to be double teamed by Tasha and Kiera. Kiera keeps Kylie away from her corner and tags in Kimber who hits a snap mare and kicks Kylie in the spine for two before locking in a rear headlock as we go to commercial.

We come back to Kimber in control of Kylie until she gets the tag to Susie who hits her with shoteis and an inverted frankensteiner for two before everyone comes in and hits a move until Kylie superkicks Kimber and Susie hits a spinning Michinoku driver for the pin and the win.

Winner: Susie, Kylie Rae, Havok, Navaeh and Alisha defeat Kimber Lee, Taya Valkyrie, Rosemary, Tasha Steelz and Kiera Hogan via pinfall.

- We come back from the break to this week's IMPACT+ Flashback Moment of the Week featuring an Ultimate-X match.

Team XXXL vs The Deaners

Larry and Jake start things off by trying to knock each other over before Jake knocks Larry over and hits a scoop slam before The Deaners double up on Larry. Jake slams Cody on top of Larry for two before Acey comes in and beats Cody down with clubbing blows and drops him with a discus clothesline. Acey hits a snake eyes into a running cross body for a two count that Jake breaks up before Acey launches Jake backwards into the corner. Jake gets the blind tag before Larry hits a sit-out powerbomb to Cody before Jake pins Larry with a crucifix for the win.

Winner: The Deaners defeat Team XXXL via pinfall.

- Larry and Acey attack The Deaners after the match and take out Jake with a backbreaker into a diving elbow drop.

- We see Rohit Raju training backstage until he's interrupted by Moose who tries to get him to be his partner tonight, Rohit saying that he'll think about it before leaving as we go to commercial.

- We come back to Johnny Swinger trying to convince the referee to let him be in Chris Bey's corner for his title match at Slammiversary before we get a video package for Bey and the X-Division champion Willie Mack.

- We go backstage and see Johnny watching Chris hit on a girl before they talk and Johnny leaves.

- We get a video package for Deonna Purrazzo and the Knockouts champion Jordynne Grace ahead of their match at Slammiversary before we go backstage for their contract signing overseen by Jimmy Jacobs. Jordynne then slams Deonna's face into the table before she leaves and Jordynne leaves right after as we go back to commercial.

- We come back to a video package recapping the setup for the IMPACT World Tag Team Championship match between The North and Sami Callihan and Ken Shamrock at Slammiversary.

Moose & Rohit Raju vs Tommy Dreamer & Crazzy Steve

Tommy and Rohit lock up before exchanging headlocks and hammer locks before Rohit rocks Tommy with a back elbow and locks in another headlock. Rohit kicks Tommy in the midsection before Tommy counters a suplex into one of his own and tags in Steve who goes for a neckbreaker and gets kicked. Rohit clotheslines Steve and backs him into the corner where he hits a running clothesline and tags in Moose who goes for a powerslam, but Steve gets free before Moose hits a fall away slam. Moose misses a spear in the corner before Steve and Tommy double up on Moose and Moose and Tommy exchange strikes until Tommy and Steve clear the ring. Steve hits a suicide dive, but Moose catches him before Tommy hits a wrecking ball dropkick and teases a dive of his own before Rohit clotheslines him.

Moose headbutts Tommy and plays to the invisible crowd before Tommy comes back with a DDT and tags in Steve who drops Moose with a back elbow and runs the ropes with Rohit. Steve hits a snap mare and a side Russian leg sweep before Moose sends Tommy out of the ring and Rohit rolls Steve up for a near fall before Tommy sends Moose into the post. Steve then hits a diving DDT for the pin and the win.

Winner: Crazzy Steve and Tommy Dreamer defeat Rohit Raju and Moose via pinfall.

- We come back to Hernandez waiting for Rhino outside in the parking lot with a roll of money. They brawl outside and Hernandez sends Rhino's face into a production truck before Rhino kicks him in the midsection and takes his money back before Hernandez chokes Rhino with his bandana. Rhino gets free and rocks Hernandez with a punch before choking him with his own bandana and taking the money before he leaves and Hernandez throws a traffic cone at him off camera. Hernandez rushes Rhino who hits him with a trash can before Hernandez hits Rhino with traffic cones and Rhino Gores Hernandez into a chain link fence. They then agree to split the money up before shaking hands as we go back to commercial.

- We come back to a video package for the careers of Eddie Edwards, Trey and Ace Austin ahead of their challenging for the IMPACT World Championship in a fatal four way at Slammiversary.

- We come back from the break to another video package recapping the life and career of Eddie Edwards before Josh and Madison break down the finalized card for Slammiversary. 

- We see Trey outside talking to Wentz before they look at Trey's phone and Trey tells Wentz that Ace Austin is training at his favorite gym. The two then agree to go surprise him and leave together as we go back to commercial.

- We come back to see Ace in the gym training before Wentz distracts Madman Fulton and Trey attacks Ace in the ring before they end up brawling at ringside until Fulton comes back and he and Ace leave as we go off the air.

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