IMPACT Wrestling vs Lucha Underground Results

This is the live coverage for IMPACT Wrestling vs Lucha Underground at WrestleCon on their Twitch channel! It is WrestleMania weekend, but the other promotions aren't going to give up and this show reflects that as the stars of IMPACT Wrestling take on the stars from Lucha Underground in a historic collaboration of promotions. In our main event IMPACT World Champion Austin Aries will team up with Fenix against the team of Alberto El Patron and Pentagon Jr, Eddie Edwards takes on Sami Callihan who will wrestle as his Lucha character Jeremiah Crane in an I Quit Match, Allie defends her Knockouts Championship against Taya Valkyrie and much more so be sure to come back here at 10 PM EST for all of the action!

Chavo Guerrero Jr. & Jack Evans & Matanza vs Caleb Konley, Moose & Matt Sydal

They brawl to start the match before it's Moose and Matanza left in the ring, the two exchanging strikes before Matanza drops Moose and Moose sends him out of the ring. Everyone gets in the ring and hits a move until Caleb and Jack go at it only for Caleb to send him out of the ring and Matanza to send Caleb out of the ring. Moose and Matanza exchange strikes before Jack, Caleb and Matt hit topes to the outside. Jack rolls Matt back in the ring and hits a springboard roundhouse kick before hitting a standing phoenix splash for a quick two count. Moose turns Jack inside out with a spear before Jack counters Go to Hell and drops Moose with a back elbow.

Matanza then picks up the pin and the win for his team with Wrath of the Gods to Caleb.

Winner: Matanza, Chavo Guerrero Jr. & Jack Evans defeat Moose, Caleb Konley & Matt Sydal via pinfall when he pins Caleb with the Wrath of the Gods.

Knockouts Title Match

Allie (c) vs Taya Valkyrie

Taya overpowers Allie to start the match, mocking her and playing to the crowd before Allie repeatedly tries to knock her over only to be clotheslined for her troubles. Taya stomps on Allie in the corner before missing a splash, then Allie comes back with a series of deep arm drags and a running cross body for a quick two count. Taya hits a leg drop for a quick two count before they exchange chops until Taya drops Allie and pulls her hair while playing to the crowd. Taya beats Allie down before she comes back with a side Russian leg sweep and a series of forearms before hitting a dropkick in the corner for a near fall. Taya comes back with a release German suplex and a series of running clotheslines in the corner before finishing with a series of running knees in the corner for a very close near fall.

Allie then gets a near fall off of a DDT before hitting a backstabber into a codebreaker for the pin and the win.

Winner: Allie retains her Knockouts title by defeating Taya Valkyrie via pinfall with a codebreaker.

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