Impact Wrestling Results For 9/6/18: Knockouts Title Match, Two Bouts Announced For Bound For Glory & A Relationship Ends

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- The show starts off with a video package highlighting last weeks action.

- Matt Sydal interrupts before the first match of the night can begin and he heads over to the announce table.

Rich Swann vs. Petey Williams

The match begins with Williams rolling up Swann for a near fall after pretending to get into a dance off with him, Swann recovers and he nails Williams with a drop kick. Swann and Williams work over each others arms until Swann lands a right, Williams then traps Swann in the ropes before landing a running drop kick. Williams traps Swann in the corner and Swann still manages to propel him from the top rope to the mat, Swann drops Williams before kicking him in the back. Swann holds Williams down while wrenching away on his arm, Swann then hits Williams with a splash for a near fall. Williams recovers and shoves Swann to the arena floor, Williams then lands a rope assited hurricarana on Swann on the arena floor.

Williams gets Swann back in the ring before landing a Code Breaker for a near fall, Williams goes for the Canadian Destroyer and Swann escapes to land a kick. Swann escapes a German suplex to nail Williams with a spinning head kick, Swann then hits Williams with a Lethal Injection for a near fall. Swann looks for a standing 630 splash and Williams counters into a sharp shooter, Swann gets to the ropes to break the hold. Swann recovers and he nails Williams with a jaw breaker before a striking exchange breaks out, Swann then hits Williams with a hurricarana. Williams then catches Swann with a side Russian leg sweep followed by a roll up for a near fall, Swann then hits Williams with a falcon arrow for a near fall. Swann goes to the top rope and Williams rolls out of the ring, Swann gets to the arena floor before nailing Williams with a head kick.

Swann then hits Williams with a standing 630 splash on the arena floor, Swann gets Williams in the ring and he goes back to the top rope. Sydal leaves the announce booth to talk to Swann and the distraction causes Swann to miss the phoenix splash, Williams hits Swann with a Canadian Destroyer for the three count.

Winner: Petey Williams

- Austin Aries, Killer Kross & Moose are shown arriving to the arena.

- Matt Sydal approaches an angry Rich Swann backstage, Sydal implores Swann to follow him and Swann tells him to stay away.

Desi Hit Squad (Rohit Raju & Vikas Kumar) w/Gama Singh vs. Joe Hendry & Grado w/Katarina

The match begins with the Desi Hit Squad attacking they opponents before the bell sounds, Grado fights back to drop Kumar with a clothesline before nailing Raju with an elbow smash. Hendry tags in and he double teams Raju alongside Grado, Hendry catches Raju with a few roll ups for a few near falls. Raju looks for a tornado DDT and Hendry counters with a suplex for a near fall, Grado tags in and he nails Raju with a headbutt. Raju fights back again and he eventually nails Grado with a neck breaker, Raju nails Grado with a few strikes before tagging Kumar into the match. Grado fights nack and Kumar nails him with a lung blower for a near fall, Kumar then stomps on the hand of Grado.

Raju tags back in and he nails Grado with a few more strikes, Grado fights back and he eventually tags Hendry in. Hendry quickly cleans house against the opposing team, Raju attacks Hendry from behind and he helps Kumar gain control of the bout. Hendry recovers and hits both opponents with a double fall away slam, Grado tags in and he nails Kumar with an avalanche. Grado misses a cannonball and Kumar nails him with a Sky High for the three count.

Winners: Desi Hit Squad (Rohit Raju & Vikas Kumar) w/Gama Singh

After the match, Katarina grabs a microphone and she insults Grado, Katarina says she doesn’t love Grado and she instead loves Joe Hendry. Katarina kisses Hendry and Hendry shoves her away, Hendry says his relationship with Katarina is platonic and Grado is his best friend. Katarina gets angry and she slaps Hendry before storming off backstage.

- Joe Hendry & Grado are talking backstage about what just happened, Grado apologizes for everything that has taken place before the two hug.

- The GWN Flashback Moment Of The Week is Bully Ray defeating Jeff Hardy to win the TNA World Heavyweight Title at TNA Lockdown 2013, while Hulk & Brooke Hogan look on in shock.

- The undead bridesmaids are shown backstage as Su Yung emerges from a casket, highlights of Yung losing the Knockouts Title also air. “Tessa” is shown engraved on top of a casket.

- Scarlett Bordeaux is shown backstage as somebody is singing to her, KM and Falah Ballah approach her to say that her advice last week worked. KM thanks her for everything, Scarlett gets a little touchy-feely with them before leaving.

- Eli Drake heads to the ring and he has something to say, Drake says he has had a lot of fun in the last few weeks. Drake says he hasn’t been impressed by some of the dummies that have been coming out in the last few weeks, Drake says he wants to find somebody to impress him and he issues an open challenge, which is answered by Stone Rockwell. Rockwell grabs the microphone and says he’s a future world champion, Rockwell says he is Impact Wrestlings first and only action and adventure superstar. Rockwell says is last adventure started on a train and he details what happened, Drake tells a referee to come out and officiate the match.

Eli Drake vs. Stone Rockwell

The match begins with Drake attacking Rockwell before the bell sounds, Drake then hits Rockwell with a Gravy Train for the three count.

Winner: Eli Drake

- The Lucha Brothers and they have a message for Brian Cage, which is to join them in their battle against oVe.