Southern Underground Pro: All Hell Breaks Loose Results - The Bonestorm Championship Is Defended, Plus Marko Stunt Says Goodbye To SUP

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AC Mack def. Logan Stunt

Cabana Man Dan def. Marko Stunt

SUP Bonestorm Championship
Brett Ison def. Anthony Henry, O’Shay Edwards & James Drake to retain the title

B-Boy w/Daniel Makabe def. Kevin Ku w/Dom Garrini

Dom Garrini def. Zach Cooper

Jaden Newman def. Manders

Allan Angels def. BP IV

Dom Garrini def. Manders

Craig Mitchell def. Alex Zayne

- Daniel Makabe makes his way to the ring with the 2019 Scenic City Invitational Tournament Trophy, Makabe announces that he cannot compete tonight due to an ear injury. Zach Cooper comes to the ring to question why Makabe isn’t wrestling tonight, Cooper wants everybody to sing happy birthday to him. Violence Is Forever makes their way to the ring and Dom Garrini grabs the microphone, Garrini challenges Cooper to a match and Cooper accepts.

Dom Garrini vs. Zach Cooper

The match begins with Cooper getting Garrini in a headlock, Garrini escapes and he nails Cooper with a knee strike. Garrini pulls Cooper to the ground before stomping on him, Cooper kicks Garrini in the midsection before applying a headlock. Garrini gets free and he goes for an arm bar on Cooper and Cooper gets to the ropes, Cooper doesn’t get up after getting to the ropes and the referee calls for the bell as Cooper is injured.

Winner: Dom Garrini, via injury

After the match, a bunch of wrestlers and officials come from the backstage area to check on the injured Cooper.

Manders vs. Jaden Newman

The match begins with Newman jumping Manders during his entrance, Newman corners Manders and nails him with a bunch of strikes. Manders is knocked out of the ring and he attacks Newman with strikes as he gets out of the ring, Newman fights back and nails Manders with more strikes of his own. Manders and Newman battle back into the ring, Manders corners Newman while landing an avalanche and more strikes. Manders then nails Newman with a delayed vertical suplex, Newman fights back and he kicks a charging Manders in the face. Newman then hits Manders with a top rope high cross body for a near fall, Manders rolls out of the ring and Newman follows him out there. Manders then nails Newman with a back suplex on the ring apron, Newman beats the count into the ring and Manders levels him with chops. Newman fights back and Manders cracks him with a shoulder tackle, Manders then hits Newman with half of the Alabama Stampede. Newman escapes the grasp the Manders and he lands a running forearm strike to the back of the head for a three count.

Winner: Jaden Newman

Allan Angels vs. BP IV

The match begins with BP IV offering Angels a sip of his drink before failing to sneak attack him, Angels then hits BP IV with a knee strike. Angels then hits BP IV with a frog splash for a near fall, Angels then knocks BP IV out of the ring with a drop kick. Angels drinks something and he spits it in the eyes of Angels, BP IV gets Angels in the ring before landing a senton for a near fall. BP IV traps Angels in the corner while stomping away on him, BP IV catches Angels with a suplex for a near fall. BP IV goes for a standing twisting moonsault and he misses it badly, BP IV recovers to nail Angels with a back elbow strike. BP IV goes for a Keg Stand and Angels nails him with a drop kick, Angels then hits BP IV with an enzaguri. BP IV recovers and sends a charging Angels out of the ring, Angels returns to nail BP IV with a knee strike. Angels locks BP IV in a modified single leg crab and BP IV gets to the ropes a short time later, BP IV recovers and he nails Angels with a pop up German suplex and an Angle Slam for a near fall.

BP IV goes to the crowd and he grabs a can of beer, BP IV drinks it and he starts getting sick from said drink. Angels then nails BP IV with a Wing Snapper for a three count.

Winner: Allan Angels