WrestlePro "Does Funny = Money" Results: Santino Marella, Colt Cabana, Killer Cross, Joey Ryan, The BWO, Scarlett Bordeaux, Swoggle, Demon Bunny & More In Action!

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Santino Marella & Colt Cabana def. The Heavenly Bodies (Desirable Dustin & Gigolo Justin)

GCW Outlaw Mudshow Results (6/19): Nick Gage Defends GCW World Title In Bunkhouse Brawl Match

Street Fight
Dan Maff def. Swoggle

Gauntlet Match
Team Espana (Jos A & Jos B)  def. Kevin Matthews & Fallah Bah, Blue World Order (Blue Meanie & Nova), Shook Crew (Max Caster & Bryce Donovan), Breakfast Club (CPA & Francis Kipland Stevens), Massage Force (Dorian Graves & VSK) & Job Security (Officer Ronald & Big Malcom)

Bird Box Match
Buster Jackson def. Shawn Donovan

Demon Bunny (Rosemary & Allie) def. Team Tremendous (Dan Barry & Bill Carr) 

Jake Manning def. Matt Macintosh, Johnny Clash & Anthony Bowens

Pat Buck def. Santana Jackson

Scarlett Bordeaux def. John Hartnet w/Dan Lambert & Colby Covington

Kikutaro def. Bobby Wayward

- The show starts off with McKenzie Mitchell interrupting the ring announcer and the fans declare her to be the co-host for tonight’s event.

Kikutaro vs. Bobby Wayward

The match begins with Wayward backing Kikutaro into the ropes and mocking him, Kikutaro eventually does the same to Wayward. Kikutaro gains control by working over the arm of Wayward, Wayward gets free and wrenches away on the arm of Kikutaro. Kikutaro gets free and he tries dropping Wayward with shoulder tackles before succeeding on the third attempt, Kikutaro takes Wayward down with arm drags before wrenching away in his arm. Wayward gets to the ropes and he eventually clotheslines Kikutaro on the top rope, Wayward corners Kikutaro before trying to crush his face. Wayward also decides to stomp away on the cornered Kikutaro, Wayward rolls out of the ring before pulling back on the head of Kikutaro.

Kikutaro recovers and Wayward boots him in the face a few times, Kikutaro then decides to throw the referee at a cornered Wayward. Wayward recovers and he drops a charging Kikutaro with a boot to the face for a near fall, Wayward drops Kikutaro with a neck breaker for another near fall. Kikutaro nails Wayward with a low blow while distracting the referee, Wayward then nails Kikutaro low and then Kikutaro accidentally low blows the referee. Kikutaro hulks up and Wayward drops him with a boot to the face, Wayward hits Kikutaro with a fisherman’s suplex and the referee gets injured after the two count is made. Wayward tries throwing the referee into Kikutaro and Kikutaro slingshots the ref into Wayward, Kikutaro then causes the referee to hit Wayward with a DDT.

Kikutaro drops Wayward with a dragon screw leg whip before landing a shining wizard for the three count.

Winner: Kikutaro

- American Top Team’s Dan Lambert and Colby Covington come to the ring, Lambert grabs the microphone to say that he came tonight to support his prospect in an open challenge for tonight. Lambert trash talks the crowd while Covington poses with the UFC Interim Welterweight Title belt, Lambert says today’s pro wrestling product sucks. Lambert says he would rather watch such things as Championship Wrestling From Florida, Lambert says today’s wrestling product is unwatchable. Lambert says his prospect told him to check out WrestlePro and he is disappointed in the show, Lambert continues mocking the crowd and says he is canceling the open challenge for tonight. Scralett Bordeaux interrupts and makes her way to the ring,

Scarlett Bordeaux vs. John Hartnet w/Dan Lambert & Colby Covington

The match begins with Bordeaux attacking Hartnet with a variety of strikes before landing an avalanche, Bordeaux then lands a running butt smash in the corner. Bordeaux then hits Hartnet with her finisher for a three count.

Winner: Scarlett Bordeaux

After the match, Dan Lambert shoves Scarlett Bordeaux down as Colby Covington headed backstage, John Hartnet grabs a board and Bordeaux spears Hartnet through it.

Santana Jackson vs. Pat Buck

The match begins with Buck shoving Jackson to the ground, Jackson recovers and he mocks a charging Buck. Jackson goes for a test of strength and Buck initially gets Jackson down, Jackson gets back up and he takes Buck down with a top rope arm drag. Buck recovers and he drills Jackson with a clothesline, Buck then destroys a charging Jackson with a spear for a near fall. Buck destroys Jackson with a spinning tombstone pile driver for a near fall, Jackson recovers and he dances to Thriller. Jackson attacks Buck with a chop and a stunner after the music ends, Jackson then hits Buck with a Moonwalk Elbow. Buck recovers and Jackson rolls him up before eating a kick to the face, Jackson escapes the grasp of Buck to land a back body drop.

Jackson then causes Buck to nail himself with a low blow, Jackson hits Buck with a Moonwalk DDT for a near fall. Buck rolls out of the ring and Jackson nails him with a suicide dive, Jackson goes for a Moonwalk DDT on the arena floor and Buck blocks it. Buck carries Jackson back to the ring apron before tossing him into the ring, Buck hits Jackson with an electric chair drop for a three count.

Winner: Pat Buck

Matt Macintosh vs. Johnny Clash vs. Jake Manning vs. Anthony Bowens

The match begins with Manning putting his camping tent in the ring, Macintosh quickly tosses the tent out of the ring before getting attacked by Manning. Manning and Macintosh battle outside of the ring, Macintosh quickly throws Manning into the ring post before getting back in the ring. Macintosh goes after Bowens and he lands a flying knee strike, Macintosh hangs Bowens upside down in the corner while standing on his testicles. Macintosh gets off the ropes and then he nails Bowens with a baseball slide dropkick, Manning returns to the ring and he gets Macintosh in the headlock. Manning fools Macintosh before dropping him with a shoulder tackle, Manning rides Macintosh like a donkey before eating a super kick from Clash.

Bowens drops Clash before landing a thrust kick for a near fall, Manning finds a rope and Bowens drags him into the ring with it. Bowens and Manning clothesline Macintosh with the rope, Manning and Bowens then wrap up Clash with the rope. Manning unwraps Clash before landing an airplane spin, Bowens then attacks Clash with an airplane spin into a face buster for a near fall. Macintosh and Bowens then take each other out with a double flying neck breaker, Manning returns and he brings the tent back into the ring. Manning then throws all of his opponents into the tent before closing it, the tent door opens and Manning is dragged into it. Everybody gets out of the tent and they all attack each other, Clash then sends a charging Bowens out of the ring before taking him out with a dive.

Macintosh then takes out Bowens and Clash with a suicide dive, Manning grabs the tent and he throws it onto everybody. Macintosh and Manning take their battle into the ring, Macintosh hits Manning with an Apple Slicer for a near fall. Bowens returns and he nails Macintosh with a blockbuster for a near fall, Clash interrupts and he nails Bowens with a flat liner for a near fall. Manning returns and he nails Clash with a Trust Fall for a near fall, Manning brings the tent back into the ring. Bowens knocks Manning into the tent before going to the top rope with Clash, Macintosh goes to the top rope as well. Manning returns and a tower of doom happens and everybody falls onto the tent, Manning pins Clash for a three count.

Winner: Jake Manning

Team Tremendous (Dan Barry & Bill Carr) vs. Demon Bunny (Rosemary & Allie)

The match begins with Allie getting Barry in a headlock before applying an arm lock, Barry gets free and he wrenches away on the arm of Allie. Allie gets free and Barry trips her up, Allie gets angry and she drops Barry with a series of arm drags before wrenching away on his arm. Rosemary tags in and she bites the arm of Barry, Barry corners Rosemary and he forces Allie to tag back in. Allie immediately wrenches away on the arm of Barry before Rosemary tags in, Rosemary tries ripping away at the face of Barry. Carr tags in and he points a finger gun at Rosemary, Rosemary tries eating Carr’s fingers and Carr tags Barry back into the ring. Barry drops Rosemary with a drop kick before stomping away on her, Carr tags in and Carr refuses to chop her.

Carr drops Rosemary with a snap mare before tagging Barry back in, Barry hits Rosemary with a rope assisted swanton bomb. Rosemary fights back and she catches Barry in an inverted tarantula, Rosemary follows up by hitting Barry with a middle rope tornado DDT. Allie tags in and she immediately cleans house against Barry, Carr tags in and Allie attacks him with strikes. Carr then accidentally drops a charging Allie with a shoulder block, Carr misses a charge in the corner and Allie drops him before landing some sliding clotheslines. Rosemary tags in and Barry drags Allie out of the ring, Carr then hits Rosemary with a sidewalk slam for a near fall. Rosemary recovers and shoves Carr into Barry before tagging Allie in, Team Tremendous hit Allie with their finisher for a near fall.

Rosemary interferes and she gets deposited out of the ring, Rosemary and Allie fight back and Barry gets crotched. Rosemary then spews the mist into the face of Carr, Rosemary and Allie double team Barry for the three count.

Winners: Demon Bunny (Rosemary & Allie)

Bird Box Match
Shawn Donovan vs. Buster Jackson

(Note: Everybody in the match, including the referee, is wearing a blindfold.)

The match begins with the wrestlers attempting to locate each other, Donovan backs Jackson into the corner and Jackson quickly gets free. Jackson gets Donovan down before landing a few strikes, Jackson trips Donovan up again before landing more strikes. Donovan tries charging at Jackson and winds up clotheslining himself on the top rope, Donovan finds Jackson and he nails him with a slam before missing an elbow drop. Donovan goes after the referee and the ref drops him with a hip toss, Donovan and Jackson collide and Jackson falls out of the ring. Donovan goes out of the ring and he swings a chair at the ring post, Jackson gets Donovan in the ring and Donovan nails him with a low blow.

Donovan then stomps away on a downed Jackson before going to the middle rope, Donovan goes for a forearm smash and Jackson gets out of the way. Jackson removes Donovan’s blindfold and Donovan goes crazy, Donovan climbs to the top rope and he leaps off onto the mat below. Jackson pins Donovan for the three count.

Winner: Buster Jackson

Gauntlet Match

Kevin Matthews & Fallah Bah vs. Blue World Order (Blue Meanie & Nova) vs. Team Espana (Jos A & Jos B) vs. Shook Crew (Max Caster & Bryce Donovan) vs. Breakfast Club (CPA & Francis Kipland Stevens) vs. Massage Force (Dorian Graves & VSK) vs. Job Security (Officer Ronald & Big Malcom)

Freddy IV & Grim vs. Shook Crew (Max Caster & Bryce Donovan) w/Bobby Orlando

The match begins with IV shoving Caster to the ground before tagging Grim in, IV hangs Caster on the top rope while Grim does the limbo. Grim and IV then nail Caster with a double suplex, Donovan tags in and he has a chopping exchange with Grim. Grim then corners Donovan before landing an avalanche, Grim keeps Donovan in the corner before landing a stink face. Caster hits the ring and he gets tripped up by IV, IV nails Caster with a senton. Grim tags in and he stands on the back of a downed Donovan, Grim then hits Donovan with a leg drop for a near fall. Grim sets up for the Whale and Donovan is dragged out of the ring, Grim chases his opponents around the ring and back into the ring. IV tags in and he attacks the Shook Crew, Caster nails IV with a low blow and Donovan rolls him up for a three count.

Eliminated: Freddy IV & Grim

Shook Crew (Max Caster & Bryce Donovan) w/Bobby Orlando vs. Breakfast Club (CPA & Francis Kipland Stevens)

The match begins with the Shook Crew setting up cones to create a safe place, Bobby Orlando is substituted into the match and the Breakfast Club is attacked from behind. Orlando accidentally hits Caster, CPA then causes Caster to hit Orlando with a DDT. CPA is trapped in the corner as Orlando is tagged into the match, Orlando hits CPA with a northern lights suplex for a near fall. Caster tags in and he hits CPA with the Mic Drop for a near fall, Caster slows things down by holding CPA in a chin lock. CPA gets free and he sends both opponents into a still tired Grim that is knocked out in the corner, Stevens tags in and he cleans house against the opposing team. Stevens attacks all three members of the Shook Crew and a recovering Grim, CPA tags in and he gets caught during a dive to the arena floor.

Stevens then takes everybody out with his own suicide dive, CPA grabs a toy goat and he gives it a destroyer. CPA and Stevens hit Orlando with a Hart Attack for a three count.

Eliminated: Shook Crew (Max Caster & Bryce Donovan) w/Bobby Orlando

Breakfast Club (CPA & Francis Kipland Stevens) vs. Massage Force (Dorian Graves & VSK)

The match starts with the Shook Crew attacking the Breakfast Club as Massage Force hits the ring, Massage Force gets behind the Breakfast Club and gives them a massage. Massage Force rolls up both opponents for a near fall, Graves and CPA exchange a few strikes before Graves lands a spinning heel kick. Massage force double teams CPA for another near fall, Stevens tags in and VSK nails him with a few strikes before massaging him. VSK then plants Stevens on his face before tagging Graves in, Graves then hits Stevens with an airplane spin into a double underhook slam. CPA tags in and he nails Graves with a missile drop kick, Breakfast Club hit Graves with a Flying Nerd followed by a series of high impact moves for a near fall.

Stevens misses his end of the Hart Attack and Graves lays out CPA, VSK tags in and he knocks CPA out of the ring. VSK then hits CPA with a suicide dive, VSK hits Stevens with a running boot to the face for another near fall. Massage Force hits Stevens with a double team move for a near fall, CPA hits the ring and is laid out with a double super kick. Massage Force oils themselves up before landing a flying headbutt to the groin of CPA, Stevens is then hit with a Shatter Machine for a three count.

Eliminated: Breakfast Club (CPA & Francis Kipland Stevens)

Massage Force (Dorian Graves & VSK) vs. Job Security (Officer Ronald & Big Malcom)

The match begins with Job Security attacking Massage Force, Ronald hits VSK with a spine buster for a near fall. Ronald tags back in and he leaps on the bag of a hanging VKS for a near fall, VSK fights back and Graves gets the tag into the ring. Graves immediately cleans house before hitting Ronald with a brain buster, Massage Force hits Malcom with an elevation swanton bomb. VSK sprays oil in the face of Ronald before landing a super kick, Ronald is thrown into Malcom before getting hit with another Shatter Machine for the three count.

Eliminated: Job Security (Officer Ronald & Big Malcom)

Massage Force (Dorian Graves & VSK) vs. KM & Fallah Bah

The match begins with Bah dropping VSK with a running cross body block, KM tags in and he double teams VSK with Bah. Bah and KM try double teaming VSK and Bah falls on top of KM, Graves interferes and hits both opponents with a top rope splash. Bah and KM fight back and hit both opponents with a Collision Course, KM and Bah then hit their opponents with Panda Express. KM and Bah then have McKenzie Mitchell and the ref hit Massage Force with a Panda Express, Massage Force eventually fights back and hits both opponents with super kicks. VSK misses a charge in the corner and KM hits Graves with a neck breaker, Bah hits VSK with a Banzai Drop for a three count.

Eliminated: Massage Force (Dorian Graves & VSK)

KM & Fallah Bah vs. Blue World Order (Blue Meanie & Nova)

The match begins with KM wrenching away on the arm of Nova, Nova gets angry and he quickly drops KM with an arm drag. Nova then drops a charging KM with a boot to the face and KM falls out of the ring, KM gets in the ring demanding Meanie get tagged in and Meanie tags in. Bah tags in and he exchanges shoulder tackles with Meanie, Meanie sends a charging Bah into the corner before tickling him. Meanie then hits a swinging Bah with a few strikes, Bah recovers and both go down after double shoulder tackles. Nova goes after Bah and that leads to a brawl on the arena floor, Meanie sets up for a suicide dive and everybody runs in terror.

KM gets back in the ring and Bah is still the legal man and cannot be found, the referee eventually counts out Bah.

Eliminated: KM & Fallah Bah

After the elimination, Fallah Bah finally returns with a bunch of food in his hands,

Blue World Order (Blue Meanie & Nova) vs. Team Espana (Jos A & Jos B)

The match begins with Team Espana hitting the ring and they jump everybody from behind, B and A then double team Meanie in the corner. A tags in and he nails Meanie with an avalanche in the corner, A and B then hits Meanie with a double avalanche. B tags in as he and A double team Meanie in the corner, A tags in and Meanie drops B with a clothesline. Nova tags in and he cleans house against both opponents, Meanie then hits both opponents with an avalanche in the corner. Nova hits A with a leg drop and the ref was distracted by Meanie at the same time, Nova goes for a suplex and gets tripped up as A scores the pin.

Eliminated: Blue World Order (Blue Meanie & Nova)

Winners: Team Espana (Jos A & Jos B)

Street Fight
Swoggle vs. Dan Maff​​​

The match begins with Swoggle throwing some weapons into the ring, Maff taunts Swoggle and Swoggle decides to bring a few chairs into the ring. Swoggle sets the chairs up in the middle of the ring before the opponents sit on them, Swoggle and Maff exchange blows while sitting down. Maff gets up and he kicks Swoggle out of the ring, Swoggle grabs a trashcan lid and he hits Maff with it. Swoggle grabs a step stool and he hits Maff with that as well, Swoggle then traps Maff in a garbage can while hitting it with a cane. Swoggle frees Maff before attacking him with the cane, Maff fights back and he destroys Swoggle with a garbage can shot. Maff goes backstage and he brings chair wrapped in barbed wire back into the ring, Swoggle also dumps a bunch of legos in the ring. Maff also finds a staple gun and he brings that in the ring before getting bitten by Swoggle, Swoggle uses the staple gun to staple Maff’s balls.

Swoggle then hits Maff with a stunner for a near fall, Maff fights back and he nails Swoggle with a side slam onto the legos. Maff grabs the cane and he chokes a downed Swoggle with it, Maff goes to the top rope and Swoggle attacks him with cane shots. Swoggle throws Maff off the top rope and onto a bunch of legos, Swoggle grabs the barbed wire chair and he nails Maff with it. Swoggle then hits Maff with a DDT onto the barbed wire chair for a near fall, Maff recovers and he slams Swoggle onto the barbed wire chair. Maff sets up for the Burning Hammer and he lets v go free out of kindness, Swoggle flips Maff off before landing a low blow and small package for a near fall. Maff drops Swoggle with a boot to the head, Maff then hits Swoggle with a thrust kick before wrapping his head in the step stool. Maff pulls back on the step stool and Swoggle taps out.

Winner: Dan Maff

Santino Marella & Colt Cabana vs. The Heavenly Bodies (Desirable Dustin & Gigolo Justin)

The match begins with Marella and Cabana exchanging a ton of tags, Marella stays in the ring and he threatens Justin with the cobra. Dustin tags in and he nails Marella with a shoulder block, Marella threatens Dustin and Cabana with the cobra as well. Justin tags back in and Dustin hits the ring as well, Cabana and Marella gain control by nailing their opponents with a series of strikes. Marella works over the arm of Justin before tagging Cabana in, Cabana nails Justin with an axe handle smash to the arm. Marella tags in and he nails Justin with an axe handle smash from the bottom rope, Cabana tags back in and he double teams Justin with Marella. Dustin eventually tags in and he kicks Cabana in the back of the head, Dustin corners Cabana while stomping away on him.

Justin tags back in and he stomps away on a downed Cabana, Dustin tags back in and he nails Cabana with a drop kick for a near fall. Justin tags in and the Bodies land the Flippy Do on Cabana for a near fall, Justin corners Cabana before landing some more strikes. Cabana fights back and he misses a leaping tag to Marella, Justin holds Cabana down while twisting away on his head. Cabana fights back and he eventually knocks both opponents to the arena floor, Cabana goes for a tag and Dustin knocks Marella off the ring apron. The Bodies get in the ring and double team Cabana, the Bodies go for a Rocket Launcher and Cabana gets his knees up. Marella tags in and he cleans house on the opposing team, Marella drops Dustin before landing a falling headbutt.

The referee goes down during the scuffle and Killer Kross makes his way to the ring, Kross grabs the microphone and he says the funny does not equal money because comedy isn’t whats best for business. Kross attacks Marella and Cabana while trash talking to the crowd, Joey Ryan comes out and Kross tries kicking him in the balls of steel and he fails. Ryan and Kross brawl for a short time, Ryan sticks a crotch lollipop in the mouth of Kross before landing a super kick. Marella and Cabana fight back against the Bodies, Ryan shows off the power of the rod before Marella and Cabana hit the Bodies with the double Cobra for a three count.

Winners: Santino Marella & Colt Cabana

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