LIVE RAW COVERAGE 1-30: Post Rumble Fallout, The Road To WrestleMania Gets Clearer

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Tonight on Raw:

A Stephanie McMahon storyline takes center stage.



(For better or worse.)

Jeri-KO start things off.

KO says no one gave him a chance last night, but he proved everyone wrong, especially Mick Foley.

He's man enough to admit that he had some help last night, and he wants to thank the man who helped him:

Chris Jericho. (Not Braun Strowman.)

They hug it out.

KO puts over Jericho's performance in the Rumble last night, when he was in the match for over an hour and broke the record for most cumulative time in the Rumble over the course of a career.

Jericho talks about how great he is and then ...


Braun comes out, says he doesn't want Owens' thanks. He did what he did for two reasons:

1. Because he hates Roman Reigns.

2. Because Owens promised him the first title shot after the Rumble.

Strowman throws it to the footage of Owens promising Strowman a title shot on Raw a month ago.

Owens says that must have been photoshopped.

Strowman says he wants the title shot that he was promised and he wants it TONIGHT.

Mick Foley comes out and says, "Okay."

Owens is upset about this latest development.



A non-title match. Don't be surprised if Sami wins here and you see this match ten times between now and FastLane.

It's going pretty well for Sami to start, and then this happens:


Chris Jericho in control after the break, and manages to hit a TOP ROPE FRANKENSTEINER like it's nineteen-ninety-damn-seven over here.

But Sami catches a double axehandle and hits a Blue Thunder Bomb.

Two count.

Jericho retreats from a possible Helluva Kick and a possible corner-cut Tornado DDT, and counters a Helluva Kick into in the Walls of Jericho:

Sami he makes it to the ropes.

Exploder into the corner, then a Helluva Kick.


WINNER: Sami Zayn

Sami Zayn has pinned the United States Champion! ...

... shocking no one since they do this kind of thing all the time now.


Backstage, Sheamus and Cesaro are bickering.

Oh, good.

But it's okay because Bayley shows up and says they should hug it out, since they have a big Mixed Tag match tonight vs Charlotte and Gallows & Anderson.

They hug it out, because Bayley is magic.

Charlotte and the Good Brothers show up, Charlotte is a bitch, Gallows calls them nerds, then they walk away.


Backstage, Steph and Kevin Owens talking.

Kevin asks her to get his match with Strowman cancelled.

She says yeah, but after I handle the Seth Rollins situation.

Owens is satisfied with this outcome.



Two of my favorite guys in the Cruiserweight division.

Ali being incredibly agile, Nese cutting corners and taking advantage of bad refereeing, followed by powerful strikes.

Ali blocks Nese's German Suplex into the turnbuckles, then get turned inside out by a big lariat.

Ali comes back, hits his rolling somersault neckbreaker, then a spinning kick.

Ali heads up to do the imploding 450, but Nese takes out his legs and he falls from the top right on the back of his head.

Nese sets him up in the corner, then hits the running knee.


WINNER: Tony Nese

Austin Aries interviews Nese after the match and is very good. I like Austin Aries.

The substance of the interview is that many people believe Nese has "clearance rack charisma."

Nese proves the critics right.

Damn I wish this guy could talk, he's such a bad-ass in-ring.


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