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This week we have more second round matches of the Cueto Cup in store! Tonight we will see Prince Puma vs the Darewolf P.J. Black in action! We will also see matches from Son of Havoc, Dante Fox and Cage. The action continues tonight on the El Rey Network at 8 EST. Stay tuned with us here at for all your updates!

Vampiro and Prince Puma talk on the rooftop. Vampiro says the only thing that will stop his visions is the championship, if he does not win the visions will consume him.  Prince Puma says "I will not lose, no matter what...My master."

Let's get to more matches!

Pindar (accompanied by Kobra Moon) vs. Cage

The ref tells Cage to take off his glove before the match can start. Cage refuses and Cage hits the ref. The ref calls for a disqualification naming Pindar as the winner. Cage gives the ref a pile driver as a result. Pindar moves on in the Cueto Cup.

Winner: Pindar via disqualification

Dante Fox vs. Son of Havoc

As Son of Havoc makes his way down the stairs, Son of Madness attacks him from behind! Son of Havoc lunges at Son of Madness from the stairs and the two start to beat each other up in the crowd. Madness tries to use a chain to his advantage. The ref keeps Fox in the ring and out of the way. Madness was able to use the chain on Havoc's head. Dario Cueto comes out and says "Hold on." He wants the Cueto Cup to continue. He tells Havoc that he either needs to forfeit or get ready to fight. Havoc makes his way to the ring and will still compete. Fox starts with a kick to the head and starts stomping Havoc. Fox with a shoulder and then a kick again. Havoc goes out of the ring in the corner. Fox flips over the top turnbuckle out onto Havoc! He rolls Havoc back in the ring, positions him, gets to top rope and leg drop on his head! Fox with a cover and Havoc kicks out.  Fox kicks Havoc while he is down, spinning suplex and cover, Havoc kicks out again. The crowd is trying to rally Havoc. Havoc takes a kick to the head while trying to jump from the apron onto Fox. The two fight outside the ring, then make their way back in. Havoc gets in a boot. Trying to come back, he positions Fox on the top rope, ends up taking a kick from Fox and senton bomb by Fox! Cover but Havoc still kicks out! Fox going for Foxcatcher but Havoc gets out, Havoc with a diamond cutter, cover and kick out. Havoc going for a big move but Fox gets out. Fox does some damage and goes for a cover again, Havoc kicks out again. Havoc on the apron, Fox lifts him up, the two exchange elbows. Havoc lands a kick, Havoc gets Fox on his shoulders and slams him from the apron to the ground! The two move back in the ring, double feet on Fox's back, flip done on Fox, cover, kick out. Havoc to top rope, misses the move, Fox with Foxcatcher! Cover and win!

Winner: Dante Fox via pinfall after Foxcatcher

Johnny Mundo introduces P.J. Black to Benjamin Cook who is a representative. Mundo wants him to help them change Worldwide Underground. He says he wants to represent them and make them huge and own Lucha Underground.

P.J. Black vs. Prince Puma

We start with Black taking the charge with an  arm hold, Puma reverses it, Black slams Puma and puts him in an armbar, Puma breaks it with the ropes. Puma with a punch and then an uppercut followed by a chop. Back and forth and Black slides out the ring. Puma with a backflip in the ring off the top rope. Puma with a backbreaker, it looks so effortless. Puma with a chop, Black in the corner and Puma delivers more chops. Puma puts his foot on Black's face. Puma with another punch, several kicks in the corner. Puma tosses Black into the other corner,Puma runs into a move positioning Puma in danger, Black with a reverse suplex and Black places him in a submission. Puma did not tap and Black releases the hold. Puma gets put in an armbar but he won't give up. Black releases it and gives a kick to Puma's face. Black with a cover and Puma kicks out. Black with another submission, then a cover and kick out. Black continues the hits while Puma is in the corner. Puma gets in some moves and takes Black down! Back and forth with kicks. Puma with a shooting star splash! Cover and Black kicks out! Back and forth elbow and uppercuts. Black gets the  upper hand and covers Puma, kick out. Puma with a diamond cutter, tornado drop! Cover and Black still kicks out! Puma with flying elbows to Black in the corner. Black with big move, kick out by Puma, they exchange tons of kicks and knees. Puma gets Black down and cover, Black kicks out still. Black with a kick, moonsault off top rope, cover and Puma kicks out! Black goes for another moonsault, gets caught, Puma runs at him, gets caught with an elbow. Black on top rope facing the crowd. Puma goes to him, positions him, Black with hit, Puma with a rana, cover, kick out. Puma positions Black on the mat. Puma to top rope, Black follows, punches back and forth, they are both on the top rope...Puma with a standing frankensteiner! Black kicks out after the cover!!! Puma with a giant dropkick! Puma to top rope, huge 630 senton off the top rope! Cover and WIN! Prince Puma takes the win!

Winner: Prince Puma

Dario Cueto calls P.J. Black to his office saying that the new rep Mr. Cook has been persistent about giving Black another chance. Dario says he cannot enter him back in the tournament but will be putting Black up against the number one contender Rey Mysterio. We will see that match next week on Lucha Underground!

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