Lucha Underground Results (12/21)

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This week should be full of action! Sexy Star and Johnny Mundo in a cage match for the Lucha Championship and the continuation of the Battle of the Bulls to see who is the next number one contender for the Lucha Championship. We kick off to a great start with the number one contender match. Here we go!

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The Mack vs. P.J. Black vs. Jeremiah Crane vs. Cage

Let's see who comes out victorious! I'm ready to see some stunners! All start exchanging blows and german suplex given to the Mack by Cage. Black goes after Cage and moonsaults off the top rope, Cage moves out of the way. Crane and Black team up against Cage and knock him out of the ring. Then they go after each other. Black and Crane beat up on each other and Mack comes back in, Crane and Black lay in a pile on top of each other and Mack delivers a standing moonsault onto the pile! Mack tries for a cover on both but no luck. Crane delivers blows back and forth with Mack. Crane gets crazy eyes and gives Mack a bitch slap. Crane takes him down and gives boots the face. Mack rolls out and now Crane's attention is on Black. Black is out of the ring and Crane slides out at him. Mack comes in and flips out onto both Crane and Black. Then Cage comes in the ring and takes out the Mack and Black does a moonsault onto both Cage and Mack.  He is up on the ropes and gets on Crane's shoulders and he brings him crashing onto the apron. Cage takes out Crane and brings him on the apron. Cage ends up on Mack's shoulders and Black jumps onto Cage. All four are back in the ring. Crane gets Cage in a chokehold, Cage reverses and slams him on the mat. Cage grabs Black out of the air and slams him on the ground. Tejano shows up from out of nowhere and delivers a blow to Cage and Black covers him after Cage gets a stunner from Mack! Cage is eliminated!

We are back in action and Crane had Black and Mack int he corner, running boot given by Crane and knocks Mack out of the ring. Black gets up and meets Crane in the midle of the ring. Huge neck breaker given to Black and Crane goes for the cover and he kicks out at two.  Crane is up thinking of what to do next, he goes to the top rope and Mack is crawling back up and meet him at the turnbuckle.  Mack comes back in the ring and comes up on the turnbuckle and Crane gives a heatbutt to Mack and Crane jumps downs and kicks Mack in the back and brings him to the middle of the ring. Sitout powerbomb by Crane and no cover, submission to Mack and it is interrupted by Black. Now Black and Crane are one on one. Cranial contusion to Black and Black rolls out so a cover is not possible. Mack is up and takes Crane to the top turnbuckle. Crane is trying to get Mack off of him and Stunner of the top rope!!!!!! Cover and Crane is eliminated!

Down to the Mack and P.J. Black. They are both exhausted and exchanging blows.  Black taunts and tries to give a stunner to Mack, you can't taunt the Mack like that!!! He looks at Black and gives him a taste of his own medicine, awesome stunner delivered and Black is out! The Mack has one the number one conternder spot!!

Winner: The Mack

Meanwhile, in a bathroom Pindar and Vibora gang up on AeroStar and Fenix while they are looking for Drago.  Kobra Moon jumps in on the action and helps take out Aerostar and Fenix. They put u a good fight, however, we see what Kobra's disciples are capable of.  Kobra threatens them and leaves them both on the ground with no sign of Drago.

Sexy Star tells the Mack how proud she is of Mack for winning the match and he gives her a pep talk. 

Cueto talks to Crane in his office and Crane asks for a match about a yet to be given name. Crane climbs on a chair and finds something in the roof that he left there when he was a kid. He runs into Catrina in the hallway and reveals it is a Quiji board that he grabbed from Cueto's office.He says that they used to play with that together when they were kids.  He says that he has a fight against Pasquel Mendoza and then he will have her to himself. 

Sexy Star vs. Johnny Mundo (Cage Match)

Worldwide Underground is banned from ringside and this match should surely entertain. The cage is locked and here we go! The crowd is on Mundo's side.  They meet in the ring and he spits on her face. She slaps him in return.  He grabs her by the hair and tires to throw her into the cage. She gives him kicks to the torso and tries to throw him into the cage.  He flexes hiis muscles and then she flexes back. Hers are more impressive.  He grabs her arm and takes her to the ground. She gets back up and gets him in a headlock. Mundo tries to et out of the cage and she grabs him and pulls him down. Shethen tries to run up and get out but he catches her. He pulls on her legand she wont let go. He finally gets her back to the ground. He slams her face into the cage.  She is stuck between the cage and the ropes.  She takes someshots to the torsoand moves out of the way and she stomps on Mundo and tries to climb out again. they chase around the ring on top of the ropes. Mundo tries to pull her down again and she won't let go of the top of the cage. She finally does and delivers a huricanrana.  She takes him down and then goes for the cage exit again. He catches her and grabs her leg again. HShe is halfway out and he pulss her back in and kicks her in the back. They deliver blows and knife edge chips and Mundo falls on his balls. She uses his back as a step and she gets grabbed again. He tries to take her downand finally does. He gives her a backbreaker and goes for a cover and no luck.  She crawls over to the cage and he picks her up and throws her into the cage but she keeps her hands up. He dropped her and takes a breather and kicks at her. The crowd is now up for Sexy Star and rally her to her feet. Then Mundo gives her a spinning kick. Mundo starts climbing the cage but Star is back up and gets him off the cage and then uses the turnbuckle to help her with a powerbomb! She covers but he kicks out. She delivers a leg drop and tries to climb out again. Munco is back up and catches her. She kicks him down and she is still on top of the cage. She is on tp of the cage and sees Mundo getting back up and delivers a splash onto Mundo. She should've climbed out since he kicked out.  She is trying to climb the cage yet again but Mundo is back up, catches her leg and they deliver elbows on op of the cage. Johnny's foot gets caught on the outside and she pulls him back in the cage and she is delivering various blows.  Johnny takes Sexy's Mask off and distracts her enough to climb out of the cage! That was messed up and so cheap! He wins the match and retains his Championship.  The crowd boos and Mundo scales the steps, The Mack comes out and gives him a stunner!!! Go Mack!! He grabs his title and looks at Star. He will avenge her!

Winner: Johnny Mundo

We see Kobra and Drago and she asks him if he is ready to call her queen. He says no and she ask him if he is hungry, saying that she will let him eat if he calls her queen. He refues and blows out smoke.  She has him chained up and no sign of lettin him go anytime soon.

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