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Here we go!

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Cueto is in his office and Angelico enters. He says he wants Mundo tonight. Cueto lets him know about the restraining order Mundo has put on Angelico.  He says his hands are tied. Angelico grabs his arm and threatens him. Cueto says he can face Mundo after his new Battle of the Bulls tournament. Angelico is happy with this decision and says that Mundo will need an undertaker when he is through with him!  I am personally rooting for Angelico, I would love to see that match, and Battle of the Bulls! That sounds excellent!

The Battle of the Bulls will consist of four 4-way matches, the winners will compete in another fatal 4-way elimination style match. Here we go!

Cage vs. Texano vs. Joey Ryan vs. Dr. Wagner

The action starts immediately, and Ryan and Wagner go at each other. Texano and Cage trade blows, dropkick by Texano, leg drop by Texano, Texano grabs his rope and whips Cage with it while he is down. He throws Ryan out of the ring at Wagner. Texano dives out of the ring and knocks Wagner and Ryan down. Moonsault off the top turnbuckle by Cage!  He has taken control of the match. He throws Texano back in the ring. Gives him a kick to face, pumphandle given. Wagner tries to get in the action, and Cage brings him in the ring over the top rope. Jackhammer by Cage to Ryan. All four contestants are in the ring. Wagner and Cage briefly work together against Texano.  Texano tries to pin Joey but no luck. Wagner and Cage get each other down. Wagner dragon screw leg whips Texano. Ryan and Wagner are trading blows and he is hanging with the rest of them. He goes for a cover on Texano but he kicks out! Joey gets pummled by Cage. Cage gets Ryan on turnbuckle, Ryan reverses with a swinging neck breaker. Goes for the cover and Cage kicks out. The crowd is going nuts for Joey Ryan.  He gets on the turnbuckle and Texano is back up. Now Ryan, Texano, Cage and Wagner all are on the turnbuckle and Tower of Doom!!! Famous B comes in and tries to help but gets put right back out. Texano is only one standing after the contestants trade blows. he kicks the rest of them while they are down. Ryan takes a huge powerbomb. Texano goes for the cover but gets interrupted by Cage! Cage steals the cover on Ryan and wins!!

Winner: Cage

Sexy Star is in Cueto's office and he compliments her and says that the championship was taken from her. He says that he will put her in a match one-on-one with P.J. Black and if she wins then she gets her rematch without having to compete in the Battle of the Bulls. If she gets the rematch then no member of the Worldwide Underground can interfere. If she loses then she NEVER gets another title shot.  Lots of stake for that match, it'll be a good one!

Reyes and Vasquez talk and he says he blew his cover.  She says she trusts him and needs him in the temple. She says that he will go in as a whole new identity.

Sexy Star vs. P.J. Black

So, this chick has an awesome costume, can I just say that? This will be interesting to see if any interference will come into play with Worldwide Underground.  If Sexy wins, her rematch will be in a STEEL CAGE!!! I LOVE cage matches!!! So much at stake with this match! I can't wait! 

Star and Black dance around the ring. She gets in the first kick and tries to go for a quick cover, he reverses and tries for a rollup, kick out.  She kicks him in the stomach and huricanrana delivered! He gives a knee and then a punch to the face and she is down. He gets her arm and twists the crap out of it.  She gets a leg drop and then some kicks in. Then she grabs his arm and gets some chops to the chest in on Black. Huricanrana off top rope She is really holding her own. Then he slams her off his shoulders onto the mat. He grabs her and has her legs behind him and her head in front while she hangs lifelessly. He then rams her head into the turnbuckle. She gets some breathing room in, but then he gets her down again with a suplex. He has the upper hand again.  He has her down and goes on the top turnbuckle, she gets up, its him and he drops down onto the turnbuckle hitting his groin. She gets in punches, Frankensteiner off top rope!!! He gets in a Styles Clash in! Blows back and forth, DDT by Sexy,  Jack Evans comes into interfere! He throws a bat in while distracting the ref! Miscommunication by Black and Evans, Black can't capitalize. Sunset flip by Sexy, she rolls him up and 1,2,3!!! She wins and gets her rematch!!!

Winner: Sexy Star

Kobra Moon is a killer queen! She is out for the one that got away and I'm pretty sure her minions are gonna get her what she wants.

Cueto is talking to Matanza and tells him he knows he wants Rey but El Dragon Azteca is back and has a spot in tonight's tournament. He tells him that he doesn't want him to make the same mistake being blinded by revenge. Matanza grabs Cueto and smashes him into the cell bars. Hard! Is Cueto dead?! That looked ouch! Matanza reaches for the key but we don't see if he gets out!

Time for the next match!

Marty "The Moth" Martinez vs. El Dragon Azteca, Jr. vs. The Mack vs. Mil Muertes (with Catrina)

Here we go! Everyone gangs up on Muertes and he gets out quickly. He quickly gets everyone else down and asks for more.  Moth and the Mack team up to take Muertes out and they throw him out the ring. They team up again against Azteca. Azteca baits the Mack and Mack gives Marty a huge kick. Mack and Azteca in the ring and Tijuana DDT given to the Mack by Azteca. Moth and Muertes back in the ring and one on one. Marty gets in the turnbuckle and Muertes delivers punches. The Mack steps in and suplexes Muertes. Azteca comes back in against the Mack and Marty gets the Mack by accident with a big boot. SO much action here. The Mack is outside the ring, Azteca does a huge flying move onto Mack, Marty and Mil in the ring, now Marty ins on the apron, spear delivered by Muertes onto Marty and he lands on the Mack and Azteca!! They are all down and hurting. That was a ton of force coming down on all of them! Muertes grabs Azteca and gets him back in the ring.  Huge chop to Azteca by Mil and Mil might'be gotten hurt on that one. Mack comes back in and stunner delivered to Mil and they all gang up on Mil while he is down. Mack thows Moth out of the ring. Azteca and Mil left in the ring.  Mil throws him on the mat, Mil went for powerbomb but it is reversed. Azteca on top rope, huge flip on him and no cover?! He's going again, wait! Matanza comes out and starts beating the crap out of Azteca.  Azteca goes for a DDT and it is reversed. Wait, Cueto is out with a bloody towel on his face. We can't tell what is hurt. Dario Cueto calls Matanza back and the match is still on!  Cross-country stunner delivered to Marty by the Mack! The Mack moves on! Cage and the Mack move onto the next round!

Winner: The Mack

So, this was an amazing night of action. The more I watch this show, the more I love it.  Great wrestling, and awesome characters that are well-defined. Thank you so much for watching with us here at and we look forward to keeping you up-to-date on all Lucha action! Until next week!




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