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Tonight is the mid-season premiere of Lucha Underground! We haven't seen any action since January and we were left with quite a cliffhanger! El Dragon Azteca went one on one in a Deathmatch against Matanza, Matanza won by throwing Azteca through the bleachers onto the concrete below. Matanza may have won the match but Rey Mysterio was victorious throwing Matanza through the roof of his brother Dario Cueto's office. What will happen tonight?! Lucha Underground will be showing on the El Rey Network at 8:00 EST.

Here we go!

Tonight we have a Lucha Underground Championship All Night Long Match! The Champion Johnny Mundo vs. The Mack! Whoever has the most pinfalls and submissions after the night is over wins!

Lucha Underground Champion Johnny Mundo vs. The Mack- All Night Long Match

Back and forth, Mack grabs Mundo's leg and Mundo slaps him across the face. Mack doesn't seem impressed. Back and forth around the ring, both bouncing off the ropes and Mack finally catches Mundo and returns the slap. He takes Mundo to the corner. Mundo goes for a roll up and Mack gets out. Mack takes Mundo to the ground. Mack slams Mundo and goes for a cover, kick out. Two huge kicks by Mundo to Mack and a knee to the face, cover, and kick out by Mack. Mundo has control now. Mundo moves him to the corner and Mack is back up, Mack places him on top of the turnbuckle and slaps him. Mack to the second rope, Mundo delivers punches and then an elbow to the face. Elbows back and forth and Mundo makes his way to the other side of the turnbuckle. Gets Mack down and End of the World by Mundo! Cover and Mundo take the first pin. The count is Mundo-1 Mack-0. Commercial break.


We come back with Mack in control, Mundo to the corner and Mack with a cannonball into Mundo, crushing him. Cover, and kick out. Mack delivers more damage and then Mundo comes back and hits Mack's throat and delivers several big forearms and elbows. Mundo with a kick to Mack off the ropes and Mack is down hard again. Mundo repositions Mack by the turnbuckle. Is Mundo looking for the End of Days again, Mack catches him off guard. Looks for a roll up and can't get it, Mundo reverses and does a roll up to Mack, uses the ropes to his advantage and Mundo goes up 2-0 with the one-two-three. Mack gets Mundo outside the ring and Mack dives over the top rope with a back flip and lands on Mundo. Mundo gets on apron and Mack pulls him down and then does a Stunner from the apron to the ground! Awesome postioning there! Mack throws Mack back in the ring and goes for the cover but Mundo kicks out again. Both men slow to get up.  Mack stares at Mundo, Mundo does a kick, Mack with a release exploder.  Mundo to the outside of the ring and Mundo goes to jump in, Mack catches him, they fall, Mack with a huge powerbomb and cover! Mack on the scoreboard. Mundo-2 Mack-1. Commercial break.

Mack is up and Mundo on the mat, Mundo gets Mack in the corner and uses his boot to Mack's throat on bottom turnbuckle.  Mack tries to kick at Mundo, then Mundo gives him more kicks and then Mack gets in a vertical suplex. Mack with a cover and kick out by Mundo. Then men trade punches back and forth. Then a kick to Mundo's face by Mack followed by chops then a C-4 Single Spanish Fly by Mundo and cover, kick out by Mack. Mundo to top turnbuckle, Mack tries to meet him at second rope, finally gets it, Suplex off top rope by Mack. Both men are down, both men are exhausted.  Mack gets to Mundo for the cover and Mundo gets his hand on the rope to break the count. Mack and Mundo meet at the corner again and trade blows. Head butt by Johnny. Mundo eye gouges Mack sending him out the ring and on the floor. Mundo does an incredible move of the top rope and Mundo is acting like he hurt his ankle on the landing. Mack doesn't care, he throws Mundo in the ring. One of the trainers tries to come to Mundo's aid and a stretcher is coming ringside.Commercial break.

Crowd is chanting "Johnny's crying". Mundo was clearly faking and takes a cheap shot on Mack, he uses the stretcher to take Mack down and goes for the cover and takes another point. Mundo-3 Mack-1. Mack finally gets to his feet and throws the stretcher towards Mundo. The two are outside the ring and going up the steps continuing to use the stretcher. Mack is able to come back and give a huge chop to Mundo. Mack is in control and slams Mundo on the stretcher on the floor. Mack straps undo to the stretcher and pushes him down the stairs!!!! Commercial break.

Mundo is still trapped on the stretcher, Mack makes his way down the stairs. Mack flips the stretcher with Mundo still on it. Mack gets him off and tosses Mundo back in the ring, STUNNER, cover and point for The Mack! Mundo-3 The Mack- 2. Mack keeps going strong with Mundo. Mundo gets out of the ring and hides under the ring and runs backstage chasing who he thinks is Johnny. However, Johnny used PJ Black as a ploy to get Mack to chase him while Mundo grabbed some kendo sticks under the ring. Black and Mundo take turns hitting Mack with the sticks. Now Son of Havoc comes to The Mack's aid and hits both Mundo and Black with his own kendo sticks. Havoc checks on Mack, who is out cold. Havoc knocks on Dario Cueto's door, tells Cueto to give him something. Cueto gives Havoc beer, Havoc opens them and pours them in Mack's face brining him back to life! He's got crazy eyes and kendo stick! Mundo is in trouble, he holds him down and hits Mundo in the leg with the stick. Havoc proceeds to take out a table.  Mundo and Black are back up and now Mundo grabs the mic and asks the crowd if they know any victory songs since the time is almost up and Mundo thinks he has it in the bag with Mack back down after their assault.  All of a sudden Sexy Star leaps off the balcony by the band on to Black and Mundo!! She takes them down and Mack gets another break.  Mack grabs Mundo and puts him back in the ring. Mack lifts him and throws Mundo and himself through the tables that were previously set up. Mack rolls him back in the ring, cover, and it's even!!!! The Mack-3 Johnny Mundo-3! Both go for covers and both kick out.  Mundo rolls out the ring and grabs anoher table. Mack rolls out the ring and grabs a ladder. Mundo puts the table in the ring. Mack hits Mundo in the head with the ladder after Mundo tried to stop him. Mack is now in the ring with the table and the ladder. Mundo comes in the ring and hit Mack in the head with a piece of broadcast equipment. Mundo placed the ladder in the corner, he slams Mack into the ladder, goes for the cover, but The Mack kicks out! Now to the turnbuckle, Johnny jumps over the ladder and Mack takes out his legs sending him into the ladder. Mack goes for the cover and Mundo uses the rope to break the count. Mundo places Mack on top of the ladder and is in the turnbuckle, he went for End of Days and Mack moved! Mundo takes himself out. Mack stands the ladder up and places Mundo against the ladder, then places the table in the ideal position. Mack places Mundo on the table, climbs the ladder, now Ricky Mandel comes and grabs him keeping him from climbing higher. Sexy Star goes back out to hep. Mack gets to the top of the ladder with 20 seconds left! He frog splashes off the top of the ladder, through Mundo and the table! Goes for the cover and time has run out! It's a tie! Mundo keeps the Championship due to the tie! Cueto comes out and says "Hold on!" He says they put on a hell of a fight, but there are no ties in the temple!! There must be one winner, next week, they restart the match and whoever gets the first pinfall wins!

TIE! Johnny Mundo-3 The Mack-3 TO BE CONTINUED NEXT WEEK!

What a return for Lucha Underground! We will see who wins the title next Wednesday on the El Rey Network!


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