Lucha Underground Results (7/11): Medallion Mayhem

Welcome to Fightful’s coverage of Lucha underground! In this episode, we find out who else earns an Ancient Aztec medallion for a shot at the Gift of the Gods championship.

We begin in the temple with a mariachi band playing to the crowd. Cortez Castro is in the ring with a kendo stick and Antonio Cueto talks how Castro is not even his real name and that he is a police officer. Antonio said he wants to report a homicide, but doesn’t want to call it a murder but a sacrifice. Out comes Matanza Cueto and the match begins.

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Cortez Castro vs. Matanza Cueto:

Castro hits Matanza with the kendo stick as the bell rings but Matanza is unaffected. Matanza throws Castro around the ring, hits Wrath of the Gods and gets the pin.

Official Result: Matanza Cueto defeats Cortez Castro

Ivelisse vs. Joey Ryan: Winner gets an Ancient Aztec medallion for the Gift of the Gods championship:

Ryan starts off by putting his lollipop in his trunks. Ivelisse slaps Ryan and Ryan pushes Ivelisse to the mat. Ryan then lifts his opponent and rubs Ivelisse’s face with his chest. Ivelisse chops Ryan, then goes for a springboard hip toss and then a hurricanrana to get the momentum for a brief moment. Ryan hits Ivelisse upstairs and then Ryan goes for multiple consecutive pin attempts and Ivelisse kicks out each time. Ryan has Ivelisse in a crossface, Ivelisse gets out and then goes for a submission similar to Antonio Inoki’s Manji-Gatame. Ryan gets out of the ring, but when Ivelisse runs towards him, Ryan returns and superkicks her for a two-count.

Ryan takes out the lollipop from his trunks that he hid at the start of the match but Ivelisse goes for a rolling snapmare and kicks Ryan. Ivelisse lands a couple of axe handles then an enzuigiri for a two-count. Ivelisse kicks Ryan in the chest, but Ryan recovers and hits a spinebuster on Ivelisse. Ryan tries for a boobplex but Ivelisse reverses it and then hits a releasing german suplex for a two-count. Ryan eventually goes for a powerbomb, but Ivelisse fights out of it lands a sunset flip powerbomb to get the win

Official Result: Ivelisse defeats Joey Ryan to win an Ancient Aztec medallion for a shot at the Gift of the Gods championship

Killshot vs. The Mack vs. Son of Havoc: Winner gets an Ancient Aztec medallion for the Gift of the Gods championship:

Antonio Cueto comes out before the match and said he feels like something is missing. Three champions fighting for one medallion is great, but what could be better? Three champions fighting for two medallions.The man who is pinned or submitted does not get a medallion.

Killshot vs. The Mack vs. Son of Havoc: Two Ancient Aztec medallions for the Gift of the Gods championship is on the line. Whoever is pinned or submitted does not receive a medallion while the other two wrestlers get one medallion each:

Killshot and Mack argue for a bit over fighting Havoc. Havoc lifts up Killshot and Killshot kicks Mack. Killshot throws Havoc to the mat and dodges Mack’s kick. Mack is sent to the floor while Havoc goes for the outside and lays out Mack. Havoc then hits a springboard moonsault on both Killshot and Mack on the outside. Havoc brings Mack back to the ring and hits a forearm on Mack and Mack is sent to the corner but lifts himself upside down on top of the corner.

Mack avoids a kick by Havoc and Havoc goes to the outside. Mack prepares to run to the outside but Killshot interferes and instead Mack hits a running knee to Killshot. Mack is on the other side of the apron, gets sent down and is superkicked by Killshot. Havoc is back in the ring and Killshot repeatedly slaps Havoc. Killshot and Havoc hit each other forearms until Killshot knees Havoc in the chest. Havoc is Irish whipped but then hits a tilt-a-whirl DDT on Killshot. Mack re-enters the ring and the hits Killshot. All three wrestlers hit forearms to each other.

Mack high kicks Killshot then tackles Havoc to the outside of the ring. Killshot gets back up and hits numerous strikes on Mack and hits a suplex but Mack quickly gets back up. Mack lands a hard clothesline and Havoc responds with a dropkick. Havoc hits a double stomp on both of his opponents and then a cutter on Killshot. Mack recovers and hits a forearm on Havoc in the corner, followed by a big boot and then a reverse cannonball. Mack then hits a standing moonsault on Havoc and Killshot breaks the pin. Killshot takes Havoc and brings him to the other side of the apron and drops Havoc on the apron. Killshot then hits a Coup de Grace on Havoc’s chest then Mack hits a stunner on Killshot. Mack struggles to decide on which of his two down opponents to pin, but ultimately chooses to pin Killshot and gets the win.

Official result: The Mack pins Killshot, meaning The Mack and Son Of Havoc each get an Ancient Aztec medallion for the Gift of the Gods championship

Killshot is angry at Mack for pinning him and slaps Mack, then walks away.

Mil Muertes vs. Cage: Winner gets an Ancient Aztec medallion for the Gift of the Gods championship:

Both men start the match by punching each other. Cage then interrupts the back-and-forth striking and lands a jumping knee. Muertes then lands a forearm, but Cage hits a clothesline, followed by Muertes responding with one of his own. Both men hit each other with headscissors, but Muertes hits a backbreaker, which brings Cage to outside of the ring. Muertes drives Cage to the apron followed by being sent to the steel barricade. Cage lands a kick upstairs and Cage throws Muertes to the barricade and lands several forearms. Cage grabs Katrina, but Muertes gets Cage’s attention and hits Cage with a wooden chair and brings him back to the ring.

Cage recovers and goes to the second rope and deadlifts Muertes for a superplex. Cage goes for a pin and Muertes kicks out at two. Muertes hits a forearm and then tries to spear Cage but Cage jumps out of the way and Muertes spears the referee instead. Cage hits a spinning forearm and goes for the cover but after seconds of no referee counting the pin, a new one comes in and Muertes kicks out at two. Cage brings Muertes to the outside again and has him in a fireman’s carry, but Muertes fights out and hits a clothesline on Cage. Muertes brings out a steel chair and Cage superkicks the chair to Muertes’ face. Cage bodyslams Muertes on the outside. Pentagon appears from the crowd and kicks Cage upstairs, takes the chair and hits Cage with it. Muertes brings Cage to the ring and spears him, followed by a flatliner. Muertes gets the three-count and wins the match.

Official result: Mil Muertes defeats Cage to win an Ancient Aztec medallion for a shot at the Gift of the Gods championship

Katrina refuses to step into the ring for her usual lick of death and walks away.

Pentagon said Cage shouldn’t be sad for losing the match because they will fight for the title next week and that just like Aztec Warfare, Pentagon will walk away the champion and in the end, Cage will have his arm broken into little pieces.

As we’re about to end the show, we see the Rabbit Tribe minus Mascarita Sagrada (Paul London, Mala Suerte and Saltador) hanging in a black and white room until Sagrada arrives to lead them to Killer Kross. Kross commands London to kill the man that led them to Kross and so London kills Sagrada with Kross’ wooden staff.

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