Lucha Underground Results For 7/4: Sacrifice To The Gods

Welcome to Fightful's coverage of Lucha Underground where this week, we see who else will receive an Ancient Aztec medallion for a shot at the Gift of the Gods and the latest in the war between Worldwide Underground and the Reptile Tribe. 

But first, the episode opens up with Catrina looking at Fenix’s lifeless body after he lost in the Three-Way to the Grave match last week. Melissa looks at pictures of her and Fenix and Katrina walks in and talks about how Katrina truly loved Fenix and is now more alive than ever due to Fenix’s life force being given to her and leaves a pendant for Melissa to remember Fenix by.

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We go to the Temple and Matt Striker said Famous B has had multiple surgeries due to Jake Strong putting the ankle lock on him a couple of weeks ago and could have his leg amputated.

Big Bad Steve vs. Jake Strong

Both men lock up to start the match. Strong sends Steve to the corner and lands a couple of punches to the midsection. Strong follows it up by hitting Steve with a couple of elbows and then a clothesline. Steve got sent to the corner again and is hit with numerous strikes to the back and back of the neck. Strong hits a Swagger Bomb, but does not go for a pin. Strong runs the ropes and hits a clothesline on Steve. Steve is then put in the Ankle Lock and taps.

Official Result: Jake Strong defeated Big Bad Steve

After the match, Strong keeps applying the Ankle Lock on Steve. Steve crawls out of the ring and Strong hits a gutwrench powerbomb to the floor.

Antonio Cueto is in his office drinking and talking with King Cuerno about the gauntlet of the gods. Cuerno admits it was stolen and Antonio talks about how dangerous it can be. Cueto bribes Cuerno with an opportunity to wrestle Chavo Guerrero Jr. for an Ancient Aztec Medallion for the Gift of the Gods in order to learn more about the stolen gauntlet.

Cage arrives in Cueto's office and says he wants to finish what he started last week when he attacked Pentagon. Cage wants a title match but Cueto said he doesn’t deserve a title shot simply because Cage attacked Pentagon and that he has to earn the title shot. Cueto says Cage will face Mil Muertes next week with an Ancient Aztec medallion for the Gift of the Gods on the line.

Daga and Kobra Moon vs. Johnny Mundo and Taya:

Taya and Daga start the match with some intergernder wrestling. Taya tries to go for a tilt-a-whirl headscissors and Daga recovers and both exchange moves. Taya goes for a crucifix pin and Daga kicks out. Taya proceeds to kick Daga in the midsection and followed it up with a couple of knees. Daga recovers and lands a dropkick as Taya was off the ropes.

Johnny Mundo tags in and shoves Daga. Daga lands a couple of strikes to Mundo. Mundo runs the ropes and tries to slide under Daga, but Daga jumps and steps on Mundo’s back. Both Mundo and Daga exchange kicks and knees. Daga lands a couple of high kicks but Mundo dropkicks Daga to the corner and Moon tags in.

Moon lands a top rope frankensteiner on Mundo. Daga quickly tags in and throws Moon to Mundo. Daga lands a corner basement dropkick to Mundo. Daga chops Mundo in the corner, but then Mundo slips by and lands an enziguiri. Mundo lands a springboard corkscrew and Daga kicks out. Taya is tagged in and lands a leg drop on Daga, goes for the pin, but Daga kicks out.

Mundo and Taya send Daga to the rope running and Daga slips by the two of them and grabs Taya. Mundo tries to superkick Daga, but Daga gets out of the way and Mundo mistakenly superkicks Taya. Daga hits an enziguiri on Mundo and Moon tags in. Moon lands a couple of knees to Mundo and then a leg sweep. PJ Black comes in out of nowhere and knees Moon in the back of her head. Taya takes advantage to stomp on the back of Moon’s head and gets the pin.

Official result: Taya and Johnny Mundo defeated Daga and Kobra Moon

As Taya, Mundo and Black celebrate, Vibora comes in to spoil the celebration. Vibora superkicks Moon, headbutts Mundo and lands a big strike on Black. Vibora cannonballs Taya and then chokeslams Mundo. The Reptile Tribe come in and has Black and Taya trapped. Moon then proceeds to taunt Mundo.

Cueto enters a vault where we see a shadowy figure, revealed to be Matanzas, punching a body. Cueto says its time and Matanzas walks with Cueto.

Mr. Pectacular vs. Matanzas Cueto

Antonio Cueto cuts a promo on Mr. Pectacular saying it is his first and possibly only singles match in Lucha Underground. Antonio says that this a first-ever Sacrifice of the Gods and that Pectacular is the sacrifice and Matanzas is the god.

Pectacular lands a dropkick and Matanzas is not affected. Matanzas hits a german suplex on Pectacular. Matanzas stomps Pectacular, lifts him up and hits Wrath of the Gods to get the victory.

Official Result: Matanzas Cueto defeated Mr. Pectacular

King Cuerno vs. Chavo Guerrero Jr.: Winner earns an Ancient Aztec medallion for the Gift of the Gods

Guerrero flies to the outside where Cuerno was making his way to the ring. Guerrero sends Cuerno to the tables. Guerrero lifts Cuerno up to the steel posts and proceeds to hit Cuerno with several clubbing blows. Guerrero keeps hitting Cuerno with various objects on the outside and then hits a European uppercut on Cuerno and afterwards brings him back to the ring.

Cuerno hits a dropkick on Guerrero who was in midair after jumping off the top rope and goes for a pin but Guerrero kicks out. Cuerno chops Guerrero in the corner and then hits a clothesline. Both men drop to their knees and throw strikes to each other. Guerrero is thrown to the outside, brings out a chair as Cuerno tries to go for a suicide dive and then Cuerno baseball slides to the outside to avoid the chair shot

Guerrero is back on offense and brings Cuerno to the stands. Cuerno gets up and jumps off the balcony to hit a crossbody on Guerrero who made his way to the floor seconds prior. Cuerno has Guerrero back in the ring and goes to the top rope. Guerrero goes to the corner drops Cuerno onto the rope. Guerrero goes up and hits a superplex on Cuerno and Cuerno kicks out at the following pin attempt. 

Guerrero then throws Cuerno to the corner and then to the mat to stomp on him. Guerrero slingshots Cuerno which has Cuerno hit the bottom rope. Guerrero takes out the padding of the top turnbuckle. Guerrero tries to hit Cuerno onto the exposed turnbuckle but Cuerno blocks it and gets some strikes in on Guerrero. Cuerno hits an enziguiri which forces Guerrero to go to the outside and Cuerno hits a suicide dive. Cuerno brings Guerrero to the ring, but Guerrero goes for an inside cradle pin and Cuerno kicks out. Cuerno has Guerrero in a fireman's carry, but Guerrero blocks the referee’s view. Guerrero then kicks Cuerno, suplexes him and goes for Three Amigos. On the third suplex of Three Amigos, Cuerno blocks it and hits his finisher to win the match.

Official Result: King Cuerno defeated Chavo Guerrero Jr. to win an Ancient Aztec medallion for the Gift of the Gods

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