Lucha Underground Results (8/1): War Between Worldwide Underground and The Reptile Tribe Continues

Welcome to Fightful’s recap of Lucha Underground. This week, the intensity level in the war between Worldwide Underground and the Reptile Tribe reaches an all-time high, the Trios Champions have to not only fight the Rabbit Tribe to defend their titles, but also fight to solve their issues with one another. In the main event, Pentagon and Cage continue their feud for the Lucha Underground Championship.

Daga (with Kobra Moon) vs. PJ Black:

To start, Daga has Black in a headlock and shoulder tackles Black for a pin attempt. Daga takes Black’s arm and headbutts it. Daga counters a tilt-a-whirl DDT into a choke. Black manages to get out of the choke to hit Daga with a vertical suplex. Black has Daga in an inverted surfboard and rubs his face across the ring. Black hits consecutive suplexes and then a reverse armbreaker. Black goes for a backslide pin and Daga kicks out. Both men get up and exchange chops, but Black eventually pokes Daga in the eye.

Both men run the ropes and Black hits a forearm on Daga. Black overshoots a moonsault and Daga hits a running knee to his opponent. Black puts Daga to the corner and chops him, but then Daga later hits a spike DDT. Daga has Black in a choke but Black puts his foot on the rope to break. Black hits a reverse suplex and then tries to choke Daga out with a Dragon Sleeper, later changing it to a rear chinlock because the Dragon Sleeper was not successful.

Daga gets out and hits a few chops followed by a European uppercut. Daga hits a basement dropkick and goes for a pin. Black kicks out but Daga goes for a crossface but fails. Both men then exchange strikes with one another. At the end, Black hits a jumping spinning back kick. Black goes to the top rope but Daga goes up and hits a reverse frankensteiner. Black counters it to a pin and then Daga goes for a pin. Black gets out, but Daga then goes for a crucifix choke and Black taps out.

Official Result: Daga defeated PJ Black

The rest of the Reptile Tribe attack Black and is unable to defend himself. Vibora has Black in a tombstone but the rest of Worldwide Underground come to rescue Black. Black and Johnny Mundo hits Vibora with kendo sticks.

Kobra Moon then tells Mundo that the Reptile Tribe is in his future and that he should accept or perish. Moon said that the Reptile Tribe and Worldwide Underground will fight next week in a 4 vs. 4 match where if the Reptile Tribe wins, then Mundo must pledge allegiance to the Reptile Tribe but if Worldwide Underground wins, Moon will grant Mundo one wish.

The Mack is shown backstage as Catrina shows up and said Mil Muertes is coming for him but Mack is not afraid. Catrina then opens a locker with what is supposed to be Big Ryck’s skull smoking a cigar. Mack freaks out at the sight of the skull as Catrina walks away.

Dragon Azteca Jr. is in the ring cutting a promo saying the Gift of the Gods title match was the hardest of his career but yielded the ultimate reward. Azteca said he would disgrace his family and ancestors if he doesn’t fight for the Lucha Underground title. Azteca said he’s proud that his tribe, the Eagle Tribe, are one the seven legendary Aztec tribes. Azteca adds that he’s not afraid to defend his title against any opponent and that the only way he’ll drop the title is when he’s going to fight for the Lucha Underground title in the main event of Ultima Lucha IV.

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