Lucha Underground Results (8/15): Killshot Pulls Double Duty

Welcome to Fightful's coverage of Lucha Underground. This week, the Reptile Tribe are on a path of destruction while tensions are still running high between Killshot, Son of Havoc and The Mack.

We begin tonight's episode with Antonio Cueto in his office opening letters when he received a wedding invitation to Johnny Mundo’s and Taya’s wedding, claiming that the marriage will not last long.

Kobra Moon enters his office claiming a shot at the Trios title and Cueto said their records have been less than stellar. Cueto loves Moon’s feistiness and grants the Reptile Tribe the title shot in the main event.

Saltador vs. Matanza Cueto

Before the match starts, Cueto appears and Paul London volunteers Saltador to be the next sacrifice for Matanza. Matanza no sells Saltador’s offense. Saltador hits a dropkick that has Matanza off-balance for a brief second. Saltador springboards into Matanza’s arms where he hits a sidewalk slam. Matanza then hits Wrath of the Gods to win the match.

Official Result: Matanza Cueto defeated Saltador

Backstage, we see The Mack and Son of Havoc talking about Killshot. Havoc said he feels that Killshot doesn’t like him and Killshot appears. Killshot is still not happy with the fact that he got eliminated by his two teammates for a shot at the Gift of the Gods Championship. Killshot said he will win the Gift of the Gods title and retain the Trios Championship in the main event. Killshot leaves by saying he really doesn’t like Havoc.

Dragon Azteca Jr. (c) vs. Killshot: Gift of the Gods Championship

The match starts with Azteca landing a spinning back kick to Killshot. Killshot was able to recover and then lift Azteca up in an electric chair position, but the champion reverses it with a hurricanrana. Killshot goes to the outside of the ring and Azteca follows suit. Killshot gets back to the ring and then hits a double foot stomp to Azteca’s back when he slides back into the ring. Azteca goes back outside and Killshot and backflips over the top rope onto Azteca. Killshot brings Azteca back to the ring and goes for a pin where Azteca kicks out at two.

Azteca gets back up and hits a couple of forearms to Killshot. Killshot then works Azteca’s arm, first with an arm drag and then going for a modified Rings of Saturn. Killshot then went for a crucifix pin, but Azteca kicks out at two. Killshot then sends Azteca to the corner and Killshot runs towards the champion, hitting his left shoulder into the ring post when Azteca dodged Killshot. Azteca then hits Killshot’s head to the ring post, followed by a top rope frankensteiner that sends Killshot from the apron to the floor. Azteca brings Killshot back to the ring for a pin attempt, but Killshot kicks out at two.

The champion Azteca then hits a spinning disqus lariat to Killshot, followed by a Superman forearm. Both men run in and out of the ring, but Azteca was able to hit a top rope leg drop. Azteca hits Killshot’s face with the corner post. Both men go to the rope, but Azteca first goes down and Killshot kicks Azteca in the side of his head. The two wrestlers go back-and-forth exchanging strikes on the ring apron. Killshot hits a Death Valley Driver onto the apron followed by a Killstomp. Despite this, Killshot was unable to put away the champion. Azteca continue trading blows, but after Killshot hits a high knee strike, Azteca lands a spinning DDT, gets the roll up to pick up the win and retain the title.

Official result: Dragon Azteca Jr. defeated Killshot to retain the Gift of the Gods Championship

Aerostar and Drago are on top of a building, but Drago said he feels he doesn’t deserve a second chance after the horrible things done as a member of the Reptile Tribe. Aerostar said that wasn’t the real Drago and it was Kobra Moon’s doing. Drago said he doesn’t deserve Aerostar’s friendship and walks away, unsure if the two will ever meet again.