Lucha Underground Results (8/8): Worldwide Underground and Reptile Tribe Go To War

Welcome to Fightful's coverage of Lucha Underground. This week, we see the conclusion of the war between Worldwide Underground and the Reptile Tribe, but first, we start off with Antonio Cueto in his office. Cueto is talking on the phone as Mariposa enters the office and says the stories she’s been told doesn't do him justice and tries to seduce him at first.

Mariposa then says that she wants to be in the Gift of the Gods championship match but Cueto says no. Mariposa then drops a lot of money to Cueto's desk to bribe him and Cueto accepts. Mariposa gets her shot at Dragon Azteca Jr.'s Gift of the Gods title later in the episode.

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Paul London, Mala Suerte and Saltador vs. Matanza Cueto

Before the match, Cueto said only one member of the Reptile Tribe will compete in the match and London said Mala Suerte will fight in the match because he failed them last week.

Mala Suerte vs. Matanza Cueto

Mala Suerte hits a dropkick through the ropes to stun Matanza before the match started. Matanza is taken to the corner where Mala Suerte hits a series of punches to some wacky sound effects playing on television. Mala Suerte hops across the ring to Matanza as more cartoon hopping sound effects is played as he hops to Matanza. Matanza then hits Wrath of the Gods to Mala Suerte to get the win.

Official Result: Matanza Cueto defeated Mala Suerte

Joey Ryan and Jack Evans vs. XO Lishus and Ivelisse

Evans and Ivelisse start the match. Evans kicks Ivelisse in the midsection to start. Ivelisse counters and hits a leg sweep on Evans, followed by a hurricanrana and Ryan tags in. Ryan puts his lollipop to his trunks. Ivelisse chops Ryan in the corner.

Lishus tags in and goes up to put his legs up on Ryan’s shoulder. Lishus then uses his legs to pull Ryan to his but and hit him with his butt 10 times. Lishus hits a basement dropkick and misses the moonsault to Ryan. Evans tags in and hits a springboard single leg dropkick to Lishus. Lishus then takes Evans to the corner and hits a clothesline. Lishus then tried to go for the pin, Ryan interferes and stops the pin.

Ivelisse is in and takes out both Ryan and Evans, followed by hitting Evans with a hind kick. Evans hits a spinning kick on Ivelisse and then Ivelisse kicks out when Evans tried to pin her. Ryan tags in and rubs Ivelisse’s face onto the mat. Ivelisse gets out of trouble and then body scissors into a DDT. Both Lishus and Evans are tagged back in. Lishus kicks Evans followed by a back elbow and then a single leg drop. Ivelisse takes out Ryan and then kicks Evans down. Evan kicks out when Lishus went for a pin. Ryan comes in and superkicks Ivelisse. Lishus hits a spinning wheel kick onto Evans. Evans hits a springboard spinning wheel kick and then goes for a modified Gogoplata. Lishus is unconscious and the referee ends the match.

Official Result: Joey Ryan and Jack Evans defeated XO Lishus and Ivelisse

After the match, Evans continues the Gogoplata on Lishus and Ryan tells Evans to stop him. Ivelisse then comes in and stomps on Evans’ chest to release the hold.

Dragon Azteca Jr. (c) vs. Mariposa: Gift of the Gods Championship match

Before the bell rings, Mariposa kicks Azteca down low. Once the match actually rings, Mariposa puts Azteca to a corner and then kicks Azteca on the inside of his thigh. Azteca bounces back to kick Mariposa. Azteca then hits a disqus lariat followed by a forearm strike. Azteca kicks Mariposa again and she kicks out. Mariposa Samoan Drops Azteca and he kicks out. Azteca hits a big boot on Mariposa. Azteca goes to the top rope and hits a 450 splash onto Mariposa, but she kicks out. Mariposa not only gets back up to hit a vertebreaker onto Azteca. Azteca then reverses a body scissors into a pin where Azteca’s knees is pinning down Mariposa’s arms to the mat and Azteca also crosses Mariposa’s legs so that she has no way of kicking out. Azteca gets the pin and retains his title.

Official Result: Dragon Azteca Jr. defeated Mariposa to retain the Gift of the Gods Championship

Reptile Tribe: (Kobra Moon, Drago, Daga and Vibora) vs. Worldwide Underground (Johnny Mundo, Ricky Mundo, Taya and PJ Black)

Since Vibora was decapitated by Johnny Mundo and Taya at the end of last week’s episode, he is nowhere near to be seen. Moon then takes the microphone and said that they have a backup option and will bring back someone back from the dead. It turns out to be Jeremiah Crane revived as a member of the Reptile Tribe and is now known as Jeremiah Snake.

Once all members of Worldwide Underground enter the temple, Johnny tells Ricky that he cannot trust him with this match and kicks him out of the temple. Johnny then reveals that since Jack Evans is afraid of snakes, he will not fight in this match, but that there will be a fourth member of team Worldwide Underground. The new member is revealed to be Aerostar.

Reptile Tribe: (Kobra Moon, Drago, Daga and Jeremiah Snake) vs. Worldwide Underground (Johnny Mundo, Aerostar, Taya and PJ Black)

As the match starts, Worldwide Underground is on the outside then rushes to the ring as all eight competitors brawl inside the square circle. Once the dust settles, it’s Mundo and Snake who are fighting in the ring. Mundo hits a springboard kick to Snake. Mundo slaps Snake with his Worldwide Underground bandana. Snake clotheslines Mundo, then kicks him. Aerostar comes him and dropkicks Snake and then goes up to the top rope to hit a crossbody to everyone outside of the ring. Daga and Drago enter the ring and Dage throws Drago to the outside where Aerostar just hit a crossbody. Taya dropkicks Daga and then she herself goes and hits a crossbody to everybody outside of the ring.

Mundo goes to the apron and kicks Snake. Snake throws Moon onto Mundo where she turns it into a bulldog to the outside, taking Mundo out with her. Snake chops Mundo after Snake goes outside. Snake runs the perimeter around outside of ring to cannonball members of Worldwide Underground. Daga throws Taya back in the ring, but Taya slaps Snake and Snake kicks Taya down. Taya gets back up and hits a german suplex on Snake. Black crossbodies into Snake, followed by a shoulder tackle and then a deep arm drag and finally a double foot stomp on Snake’s lower back.

Drago gets in the action, but Mundo and Black double teams Drago with some tandem offense. Snake returns and dropkicks both Mundo and Black. Snake then has Mundo in a fireman’s carry, but Mundo gets out and hits a clothesline, followed by a Moonlight Driver. Snake is not out of the woods just yet as he then jabs his thumbs to Mundo’s eyes. Moon tags back in and and goes to the top rope for a crossbody, but is caught by Mundo. Snake and Drago superkick Mundo twice and falls under the weight of Moon where the Reptile Tribe tries to pin him for the victory.

Mundo kicks out and immediately recovers and hits numerous strikes on Drago, Moon and Snake. All three recover and superkick Mundo. Drago tries to pin Mundo, but Black and Taya break the pin by jumping in at the last second. Taya, Black, Daga and Moon fight outside of the ring. Drago and Mundo now square off as Drago kicks Mundo. Drago then hits a dragon whip to Mundo and Mundo responds with a kick strong enough to take down Drago. Mundo goes to the top rope and hits Starship Pain to get the victory.

Official Result: Worldwide Underground (Johnny Mundo, Aerostar, Taya and PJ Black) defeated Reptile Tribe: (Kobra Moon, Drago, Daga and Jeremiah Snake)

After the match, the Reptile Tribe then tries to sneak away, but Mundo said he’s owed that one wish Moon promised him if Worldwide Underground defeat the Reptile Tribe. Mundo said he’s using his wish on Aerostar as Taya is not happy about it, crying out of frustration. Mundo wishes that Drago is freed by the Reptile Tribe. Drago is free and walks away with Aerostar. Taya calls Mundo an idiot, saying that all of this effort for a wish for someone not even on Worldwide Underground was for nothing. Black then takes out a wedding ring box and gives it to Mundo. Mundo then proposes to Taya, speaking in a Randy Savage voice, imitating his proposal to Miss Elizabeth. Taya says yes as Savage’s theme song plays and the happy couple embrace.

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