Match Ratings For 10/2/20 WWE Smackdown From Sean Ross Sapp

The Tribal Chief

  • Paul Heyman comes out with Roman Reigns and says that he's known Reigns since the day he was born and has waited for this day ever since.
  • Reigns doesn't want to be called the Tribal Chief, because Jey didn't say it. Jimmy did.
  • Jey says he doesn't know who Reigns is, and says that his spirit wasn't broken.
  • Reigns called Sunday night the worst night of his life. He was trying to do Jey a favor. He says Jey embarrassed the family.
  • Reigns says that he loves Jey more than his own brother does. He gives him another title match at Hell in a Cell.
  • They don't always need to run everything back. Jey got his ass kicked. They gotta add a twist to it, cause Sunday was enough on the surface.
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Jey Uso defeated AJ Styles

  • AJ Styles comes out and trashes Jey Uso.
  • No problem with Styles losing to Jey Uso here if that's the case. Styles can work Mondays or Wednesdays so he can watch his kid play football.
  • We get a commercial before the match, then another in the middle of it.
  • This is a good, fresh match that we haven't seen a ton.
  • Jey Uso has a nice falling neckbreaker that we don't get to see much of because he doesn't work as a singles wrestler much.
  • AJ whips out an Ushigoroshi and a Pele.
  • Superkick and splash win it for Jey Uso.
  • My hope is that before the draft, WWE goes ahead and does some matches with some of the departing wrestlers we haven't seen before. I don't need all of those leaving to lose though. Why would we care if a bunch of losers changed brands?

Otis defeated John Morrison

  • This is the 11th match with Otis competing against Miz or John Morrison in some capacity since January 31.
  • Otis is representing himself in court next week.
  • Otis didn't kill Morrison on the overhead suplex.
  • This is a squash. This couldn't have been against anyone else?

Sheamus defeated Shorty G
N/A (Short)

  • This is quick. We heard from Big E before the match.
  • Gable with a German suplex, then he gets kicked.
  • That's a wrap.
  • Big E vs. Sheamus next week, falls count anywhere.

KO Show

  • Considering how bad Smackdown gets hosed in trades, it would make perfect sense that they'd be like "Hey, we get a brand to brand invitation. Let's use it on a talk show."
  • Alexa says that people change, and Kevin should, too. Kevin says he's been trying, but it's not about him tonight.
  • There's a very dramatic dialogue. This is not for me. Not with the laid over crowd noise. This should have been completely silent.
  • The Fiend shows up and puts Owens in the Mandible Claw as Alexa Bliss watches on.
  • It might work better for Alexa if the camera she's looking at is actually the one they use. That's on the producers.
  • Owens vs. Fiend next week.

Matt Riddle & Lucha House Party defeated Cesaro, Shinsuke Nakamura & Baron Corbin

  • All the babyfaces kinda sound like douches talking trash about Kalisto behind his back.
  • Nakamura seems reinvigorated with his strikes.
  • Miscommunication with Lucha House Party, but Riddle pins Cesaro with a Bro Derek.
  • Riddle has to break up a fight among Lucha House Party.

Other stuff

  • Carmella is back. Ah. Okay. Two "all you people" promos in the same night after months without one.

Sasha and Bayley

  • This terminology, delivery is very heelish from Sasha Banks.
  • She says next week, Bayley vs. Sasha for the the title or something? Oh okay.
  • You don't stand a chance.....BITCH. This is full of tropes.

Intercontinental Title
Sami Zayn (c) defeated Jeff Hardy

  • Ah.....the return of the "all you people" promo. Yuck. Zayn is throwing the other IC Title in the trash.
  • I hope Janitor Jim Duggan finds that title in the trash
  • I do actually hope that R-Truth gets drafted to Smackdown, finds that IC Title in the trash, and thinks it's the 24/7 Title. Zayn's reaction would be great.
  • Jeff Hardy is awfully worried about a missing turnbuckle pad. He should be more worried about flying into the barricade.
  • There's a good superplex that commentary sells really well. That Jeff Hardy standing splash is funny, but it's like, why wouldn't you do that?
  • I've missed the Sami Zayn exploder suplex.
  • Hardy eats knees on a Swanton attempt, and exposed buckle on Whisper in the Wind.
  • Zayn wins. Really clever finish.

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