The KO Show

  • Kevin Owens makes a joke about the brand split and contractual obligations, which I appreciate.
  • Daniel Bryan is very happy with the Smackdown roster, and wants to see the Intercontinental Title defended on every episode of Smackdown.
  • Kevin Owens pitches a tag team with Daniel Bryan so they can pursue the titles. Bryan reminds Owens that he's turned on a lot of friends.
  • Ziggler & Roode come out and Owens just says "Why?" Street Profits come out, and then Nakamura and Cesaro. A huge fight breaks out, and WE GOT OURSELVES A BET.
  • Adam Pearce comes running down to the ring to stop the mayhem.
  • WWE does the movie trailer "drop the sound and react" spot. But with their backstage segment punchlines. This happens when Street Profits, Bryan and KO are celebrating.
  • Sami Zayn is not happy that Daniel Bryan is volunteering him for title defenses every week.

Street Profits, Kevin Owens & Daniel Bryan defeated Cesaro, Shinsuke Nakamura, Dolph Ziggler & Robert Roode

  • It's match time, and Montez Ford is playing babyface in peril.
  • Please tell me Bryan was wearing kickpads underneath his outfit. He clearly needed to warm up because he hurt his leg.
  • Bryan and Owens as a team is something I'm here for.
  • Ziggler is back to the punking people and screaming "do something," which is one of the more nonsensical spots. He's so good, and that takes me right out.
  • Michael Cole just out here renaming gutwrench powerbombs to spinebusters.
  • Owens hits a Stunner, but the action is all over the place. Dawkins DOES hit a spinebuster. Ford with a Frog Splash on Cesaro & wins.

Law & Otis

  • Ron Simmons is the bailiff, JBL is the judge. Miz & Morrison are there.
  • Rey Mysterio, Asuka and Tucker all testify for Otis.
  • Teddy Long is the stenographer.
  • Miz pays off JBL, and JBL rules that Miz vs. Otis for the Money in the Bank briefcase this Sunday.
  • I've seen a lot worse than Law & Otis. I wouldn't call it high art, but it was largely harmless.

Bianca Belair defeated Zelina

  • Bianca's Smackdown outfit rules. She is a STAR.
  • Zelina gets a little bit of offense, but she's not here to get in offense.
  • Bianca flips out of a headscissors, and does a gorilla press snake eyes. KOD. THAT'S IT.
  • The only complaint I could have about Bianca Belair is that I can't actually believe she'd struggle to just drag someone over the ring like she has to pretend to do for a few seconds at a time. She's amazing. My god!
  • That was a great showing for both Bianca and Zelina.

Lars Sullivan defeated Chad Gable

  • Shorty G is mad he can't get drafted, and he's ready to right the ship. He's got a chip on his shoulder.
  • Lars' beard is super dyed.
  • Freefall flapjack from Lars.
  • Gable rakes the eyes.
  • I'm sorry but I don't buy that club to the back is going to send Lars into the ropes.
  • Freak Accident wins the match.
  • Shorty G quits.
  • Lars Sullivan FREAK count: 11
  • Whatever Chad Gable does next can't possibly be worse than what WWE has had him do over the last year or so.
  • Backstage, Shorty G says he's tired of the Shorty G CRAP. He's Chad Gable.

Contract signing

  • Bayley says she's not signing the contract.
  • Sasha Banks ends up taking the title belt and wrapping a chair around Bayley's neck.
  • Bayley is forced to sign under duress.

Seth Rollins defeated Buddy Murphy

  • Rollins cuts a promo backstage about Murphy being confused.
  • They reverse and avoid pretty much everything into the first commercial break.
  • Aliyah is lectured by Dominik and Rey Mysterio for watching the match. She says I DO WHAT I WANT.
  • Murphy does an amazing meteora.
  • Murphy pulls up lame and Rollins works over the arm extensively. For a solid five minutes including a commercial, Murphy is working with a bad arm.
  • Murphy fights back but Rollins is mad.
  • Rollins goes for the Stomp twice, but misses both.
  • Finally a third time he gets it done.
  • This was really great, the kind of match that you want to see both of these guys having in this circumstance. Rollins is a great worker, but sometimes the character work outshines him.
  • Aaliyah goes to help Murphy because Rey & Dominik won't.
  • When she does, Dominik comes out and scolds.
  • Rollins attacks Dominik but gets run off by Rey.
  • This is a 5+ month story that needs better story.

Tribal Chief

  • We see what we think is Jey on the screen with a bandanna on. It's actually Jimmy. Jey is behind Roman.
  • Did he really need to say "he's right behind you?" Haha.
  • Uso hits the splash on Reigns to end the segment. Jimmy comes out to celebrate.
  • Pretty cool, quick segment and got the Usos one over Reigns. Less it more here. That was good.
  • Reigns says if Uso doesn't acknowledge him after the match, their entire side of the family is out. Their wives, kids, everything.
  • Jey Usos scales the cage to talk trash.

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