Match Ratings For 10/9/20 WWE Smackdown From Sean Ross Sapp

WWE Draft

  • They say out of the gate, they've worked with wrestlers about getting their preferences down.
  • Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins to Smackdown, Drew McIntyre, Asuka, Hurt Business to Raw in the first round.
  • Seth Rollins says he'll never have to look at the Mysterios again. How would he know?
  • AJ Styles, Naomi, Shayna Baszler & Nia Jax to Raw. Sasha Banks & Bianca Belair to Smackdown.
  • Whoever decided to split the draft pools had a great idea.
  • Ricochet, Mandy Rose, Miz & Morrison to Raw. Rey Mysterio, Dominik and Jey Uso to Smackdown. Miz and Morrison were supposed to be in Monday's draft pool, by the way
  • Kofi & Xavier, Dana Brooke to Raw, Big E & Otis to Smackdown.

    WWE found a way to make the New Day split to not make ANY sense. Why would they be in round 3?Why would you take two and not all three? Why wouldn't Raw just trade Big E if they didn't want him?

Susan And Kimber Lee To Face Tenille Dashwood And Taylor Wilde At IMPACT Under Siege

Falls Count Anywhere
Big E defeated Sheamus

  • They both use a kendo stick on one another and Sheamus is already beaten up.
  • Cole says Sheamus brought the kendo stick into this match, but uh....he didn't?
  • Sheamus does a standing Falcon Arrow onto a platform backstage.
  • Big E gets powdered, and beats the shit out of Sheamus with a broom and a trash can.
  • Sheamus uses a TIRE IRON, then hits White Noise on a Car Window.
  • Sheamus tries to break Big E'S Arm. He Brogue Kicks a trunk open.
  • Big E tosses Sheamus into a window and hilariously powerbombs Sheamus, who slides off the hood.
  • That Big Ending from Big E would have looked real awesome if I could actually see it. WWE camera work sucks.
  • Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods show up after the match as security, and Xavier is YOLKED. They want their tag team titles back.

I Quit

  • Jey Uso wants to know what the stipulations for his match with Roman Reigns are.
  • Instead, Heyman shows a video. Ok.
  • Roman Reigns, very calculated, says he wants an I Quit match. This is to make Jey verbally agree that Reigns is better.
  • Reigns says he wants to help Jey and he loves him. After he says he quits, there will be consequences.

Matt Riddle & Jeff Hardy vs. Miz & Morrison

  • Riddle does a white man's Air Jordan.
  • Back from a commercial LARS SULLIVAN reappears. He was THE FREAK. Cole said this a hundred times.
  • He beats up everyone, and will be added to Monday's draft pool.

Smackdown Women's Championship
Sasha Banks defeated Bayley (c) via DQ. No title change

  • I appreciate WWE going to commercial break BEFORE this Bayley vs. Sasha Banks match started.
  • Bayley escapes a Banks Statement, and Bayley gets herself DQ'd with a chair.
  • After the match, Sasha sends Bayley face first into a chair and wears her out.
  • Bayley hits the bricks and officials break it up.
  • Bayley will now reach one year as WWE Smackdown Women's Champion on Sunday.
  • Well then.

Smackdown Tag Team Titles
New Day defeated Cesaro & Nakamura (c) to become champions

  • It's so good to see Xavier and Kofi back.
  • They haven't missed a beat. Amazing.
  • Kofi is tossing out Trouble in Paradises everywhere!
  • Xavier Woods wins with a ropewalk elbow drop.
  • Big E comes out to celebrate.
  • This hit rec'd viewing for historical value alone.

The Fiend defeated Kevin Owens

  • The Fiend destroys Kevin Owens. Body press, uranage into the table.
  • More uranages, but Kevin Owens stops a Sister Abigail.
  • A bunch of superkicks and cannonballs for Owens, the first of which weren't sold.
  • Owens does a DDT outside, and puts Fiend through a table.
  • Fiend applies the Mandible Claw, but Owens hits him with a Stunner. Fiend doesn't let go though.
  • Fiend wins.
  • This was fun.
  • Alexa Bliss is on the stage with Fiend.

Rating Guide
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