Opening Segment

  • Gotta agree with Big E, Xavier Woods is one of the most underrated wresters in the world.
  • Big E is dressed as Undertaker and surprises Street Profits.
  • They talk trash to each other, but Big E says New Day are all here tonight.
  • Xavier and Kofi come out to the ring and say that they were invited here.
  • They pay homage to the Undertaker by sitting up. Sami Zayn interrupts.
  • Zayn says Undertaker is being protected by WWE from him.
  • Xavier tells Zayn he looks like a recently divorced dad who made a down payment on a 400 square foot studio apartment.
  • Corbin isn't happy that New Day are here at all. He teases Xavier about being King of The Ring.
  • King of the Ring should happen every year in WWE. It's easy programming with stakes that can launch sidebar feuds.
  • Bobby Roode and Ziggler don't like New Day either. Where is Big E?
  • Xavier and Kofi pitch a tag team match, and the winners get a title match. Two of these wrestlers are Smackdown stars.
  • Roode and Ziggler attack New Day instead, and Street Profits make the save. Not Big E.

Street Profits & New Day defeated Sami Zayn, King Corbin, Roode & Ziggler

  • The story of this match is the two tag team champions one-upping one another.
  • Some good, fast paced, athletic work here.
  • For some reason, Sami Zayn eats a pin here. The one guy on his team booked for a match ends up getting pinned. I don't get it.
  • The in-ring wrestling was good, but so much of this didn't make sense. Why are New Day here? Why isn't Big E there? Why is Zayn eating the pin?
  • After the match, Zayn approaches Daniel Bryan backstage and yells at him for smiling at him.
  • Bryan pulls his face mask up and slaps Zayn, saying he likes to practice social distancing.

Survivor Series Qualifier Match
Natalya defeated Tamina
5/10 (short)

  • Before the match, Adam Pearce says that Otis (congratulated by Chad Gable) and Bayley are both added to Team Smackdown, and Natalya isn't happy.
  • Bianca Belair is on commentary. Riott Squad is watching on backstage.
  • Tamina has wrestled 11 matches in 2020. Eight of them have been title matches, top contender matches, or qualifying matches.
  • Natalya wins a harmless match with a Sharpshooter.
  • Team Smackdown celebrates after the match


  • Roman Reigns comes out and tells Drew he's the right guy, in the right place at the wrong time.
  • Drew McIntyre says he's not going to get mad or anything, and says he has advice for Roman Reigns.
  • Reigns isn't happy about the advice. He tells Drew he's a secondary title holder.
  • WWE fumbled big time by not having an extended build for Drew McIntyre and Roman Reigns. Smackdown champ vs. Raw Champ should be a match and build that little kids watching now remember decades from now.
  • Reigns tells Drew he'll always be his favorite number 2.
  • The hilarious sound of the rip of the velcro on those title belts.

Buddy Murphy (w/ The Whole Mysterio Family) defeated Seth Rollins

  • The whole goddamn family is out here with Murphy, lol.
  • Seth Rollins ties up Murphy in the ropes and attacks Rey Mysterio.
  • Mysterio has his eye back. HOT DOG.
  • Murphy has a great tope con giro dive. Just beautiful. As is every Falcon Arrow, ever.
  • Rollins hits a Curb Stomp over the second rope, but Murphy's foot is on the ropes.
  • Murphy gets a clean win with couple of B TRIGGERS.

Title vs. Title

  • Sasha and Asuka come out to the ring for their face-off.
  • Weird they loaded up a two-hour Smackdown instead of a three hour Raw.
  • Sasha and Asuka hilariously laugh at and with each other.
  • Asuka used Road Dogg's "Oh you didn't know?"
  • Carmella comes out and attacks Sasha Banks as Asuka just watches on.

Daniel Bryan defeated Jey Uso

  • Daniel Bryan and Jey Uso cut promos about
  • Daniel Bryan has a nifty new hair cut.
  • Uso Samoan Drops Bryan through a table.
  • It's great to see Jey Uso in the main event picture still, even if it's not the title picture. He's that good.
  • Uso goes after the kidneys that Daniel Bryan is selling like crazy. His offense was outstanding.
  • A huge belly to back superplex hits for Bryan.
  • It looks like Uso is going to win, but Bryan counters an Uso splash and cradles Uso for the win.

Rating Guide
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