Match Ratings For 3/23/20 WWE Raw From Sean Ross Sapp


  • Well if you wondered if Brock was going to be able to do WrestleMania, there he is.
  • It feels like much more of a skeleton crew for this Raw, and I already like how it is being shot and how it looks more.
  • Did Paul Heyman just say Drew McIntyre is going to get douched out? Well then. He says Drew will be another bitch who tried.
  • That was noteworthy at least.
  • We get a full hour of retread bullshit after this. This does not work.
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AJ Styles

  • AJ Styles is with the OC on the stage.
  • He jokes about Michelle McCool letting Undertaker out of the house and him wearing maternity pants.
  • Tiger King reference.
  • Styles rambles on about this video of Undertaker playing with Tigers.
  • AJ Styles says this will be a Boneyard Match. The fuck is that?
  • He says he'll put Taker in the plot his wife picked out.

Garzandrade (w/ Zelina) defeated Cedric Alexander & Ricochet

  • Zelina cuts a promo about her team, and it was fine.
  • There are still way too many camera cuts on this show.
  • Garza and Andrade attack Ricochet, but Cedric makes the save.
  • Garza tries to physically move the tag rope.
  • Street Profits have to be the most meddling team of all-time. They just always show up. They're always there.
  • Montez Ford is not nearly loud enough on commentary,
  • Garzandrade do a nice sunset flip into a knee.
  • This is so hard hitting and good, maybe the best audienceless match WWE has had so far.
  • Zelina, Street Profits and commentary are really adding to this. Plus the fact that there are four wrestlers.
  • A double powerbomb hits for Garzandrade, but Ricochet gets taken out.
  • Garza does a second rope moonsault.
  • Cedric has the best Michinoku Driver around.
  • Andrade cracked Cedric with a big back elbow. Cedric kicks out after the three and gets checked on by the ref.
  • Street Profits come to the ring, and Andrade & Garza takes the titles and run off.

Street Profits defeated Brendan Vink & Shane Thorne

  • Brendan Vink has been in NXT working events for a bout a year, but hasn't wrestled on television once.
  • Good on Shane Thorne getting some Raw exposure I guess. He does a nice Cannonball in the corner.
  • Dawkins gets a good hot tag, Ford wins with a frog splash.

WWE 24/7 Championship
R-Truth defeated Riddick Moss (c) to become champion

  • Why is a camera following Riddick Moss running?
  • A ref pulls up in a car, and Truth pins him. These wrestlers look so week not getting their shoulders up.


  • Shayna Baszler makes a joke about biting after being a jerk to Charly Caruso.
  • Baszler sounds like a villain revealing her evil plot to destroy Becky Lynch.
  • Well, Becky Lynch comes out with a chair and destroys Shayna.

Aleister Black defeated Leon Ruff

  • I actually like the silence at the beginning of this match.
  • Aleister sits down. Leon Ruff tells him to get up.
  • Ruff goes to kick Black, but misses and eats a Black Mass.
  • This squash match ruled.

Owens and Rollins

  • Kevin Owens has heard that Seth Rollins is here and wants to see him face-to-face.
  • Rollins said the Performance Center is a great facility that was built on the back of his hard work.
  • He was told everything he did before WWE didn't mean anything, Kevin Owens wasn't.
  • He runs down his track record at WrestleMania, and how good he is there. It's true, he's won a match at every WrestleMania he's competed at.
  • This was a great Rollins promo.


  • We see Charlotte vs. Asuka.
  • Charlotte says she thinks Rhea Ripley probably wants to emulate what she did to Asuka.
  • She encourages Ripley to get a history lesson.

Randy Orton

  • Randy Orton says Edge isn't really a junkie for the crowd, he's a junkie for himself.
  • Orton knows he got into WWE based on who he was, but wasn't handed his IC title. Edge was handed a torch by Mick Foley and Orton was thrown into thumbtacks.
  • He loves Edge's family and tried to send their father back home.
  • He accepts Edge's challenge.

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