Drew and Dolph

  • Drew McIntyre comes out and starts to cut a promo but he is interrupted by a returning Dolph Ziggler.
  • Dolph Ziggler & Robert Roode have been traded to Raw for AJ Styles. A one sided deal, but I appreciate the explanation nonetheless.
  • Ziggler says that he's responsible for all of Drew's success, and wants a WWE Title shot as a result of that.
  • McIntyre says that Ziggler has been losing an awful lot since the two split up.
  • Drew is down to give Ziggler a match at Extreme Rules. Another case of one of those "does he really deserve it in storyline?" moments.

Nia and Charlotte

  • Nia Jax comes out, and isn't happy about Charlotte Flair.
  • R-Truth comes out and mistakes her for Akira Tozawa. Tozawa appears and they both run off. Okay.
  • Charlotte Flair comes out and has someone hold the ropes.
  • They argue over whether or not Charlotte has benefited from being Ric's daughter.
  • Nia says Charlotte has never beaten her, and she dominated Charlotte the only time they went one-on-one.
  • Charlotte attacks, and the two brawl until they have to be separated.

WWE Raw Tag Team Championships
Street Profits (c) defeated Viking Raiders

  • Who keeps writing the "fam" line for Viking Raiders? Weird.
  • Erik powerbombs Montez into Angelo outside the ring.
  • Inside, Street Profits hit Erik with the Viking Experience!!
  • There's a pretty funny cartwheel contest in the ring.
  • Angelo hits the Cash out on Ivar and spears Erik.
  • Frog splash on Ivar wins it.
  • Angelo Dawkins stole the show in that match.
  • They embrace after the match. Sportsmanship.
  • Andrade and Angel Garza attack Profits after the match. Zelina had seen Profits and Raiders backstage before the match.
  • Garza tells Charly that sometime you have to take what you want. Zelina stops him from flirting.


  • Seth Rollins is joined by Buddy Murphy and Austin Theory, but he says he has something to tell Rey Mysterio.
  • Rollins cuts a promo about Rey's time coming, and says that even though legends might not die, they definitely can outstay their welcome.
  • Rollins didn't blink one time during this. Also, the AC was LOUD.

WWE Raw Women's Championship
Asuka (c) defeated Charlotte Flair to retain the title

  • Flair comes out of the training room and says she's not delaying her match.
  • She misses a moonsault, but has a great modified Flatliner into the turnbuckle.
  • Asuka hits a great German suplex and Flying Armbar.
  • Charlotte does a rough looking spear that leads to Asuka getting to the ropes.
  • Asuka Lock is applied and Charlotte taps.
  • Asuka wins clean, but it's a little weird that these title matches were booked to be shorter than so many throw away matches on Raw with no stakes.
  • Nia Jax teases attacking Charlotte Flair.
  • Charlotte isn't happy with what happened. Nia attacks and works on the shoulder.


  • Edge says he felt the panic in Randy Orton when he locked in the Antivenom.
  • He doesn't think Orton lived up to being the better pure wrestler.
  • He's disappointed he didn't see the low blow coming or do it first.
  • Christian has been his best friend since before anyone knew him as Christian. So they aren't pretending they're brothers now.
  • Edge says he's not the PG Superstar anymore, he's been put to bed.
  • He'll sink to any level to get what he wants, and now he's going to embarrass and emasculate Orton.
  • Edge says he'll make him wish Cowboy Bob was shooting blanks

WWE 24/7 Championship
Akira Tozawa (w/ Ninjas) defeated R-Truth (c) to become champion

  • Lashley interrupts before Tozawa and Truth can go at it.
  • Tozawa hides under the ring.
  • Lashley beats up all the ninjas.
  • Truth is put in the Full Nelson, and then Lashley leaves. I'd kind of like to see Lashley as 24/7 Champ.
  • Tozawa gets the pin and wins.

Nataya (w/ Lana) defeated Liv Morgan
4.75/10 (Short)

  • Natalya says that she's the best person to lead and rally the locker room.
  • Lana is out there with Natalya, and the history between Liv and Lana is mentioned.
  • Natalya does a nice Canadian Backbreaker, but Liv does a great huracanrana off the apron.
  • Sharphooter gets the submission, and Natalya holds on to it.
  • The way WWE has completely botched the return of such a talented performer as Liv Morgan is embarrassing.
  • Ruby Riott tries to approach Liv Morgan, but Liv isn't having it. Give me this reunion.


  • Big Show is backstage and says he just wanted to help out some friends in need last week.
  • He's more focused on his TV show, but says someone might wake a sleeping giant.
  • We go to the Orton/Flair in-ring segment.
  • Ric Flair is still at Raw for some reason. Odd decision to still have Flair come in after the positive COVID test.
  • Flair calls Orton the greatest performer of all-time.
  • Orton says the voices in his head are getting clarity from being called the Legend Killer again.
  • The Legend Killer Reunion Tour rules.
  • Big Show says Orton lacks the motivation and discipline to make himself better.
  • Orton talks circles around Big Show and rolls out of the ring.
  • Orton cuts a great promo about Show knowing what he's capable of, and leaves.

WWE Women's Tag Team Titles
The Golden Role Models (c) defeated The IIconics to retain the titles

  • These two teams have been great of late, but Bayley & Sasha Banks have been the WWE MVPs.
  • Bayley and Sasha doing the H-Bomb better than the Harris Brothers. Ya love to see it.
  • Sasha gets the submission on Peyton with the Banks Statement.
  • .....why were all the championship matches so short? This is a three hour show!
  • Sasha Banks tells Bayley that she wants a title match.
  • Sasha Banks officially challenges.......Asuka for a title match. I fell for the swerve.
  • #SavingItForSummerslam.
  • Asuka vs. Sasha Banks. Hose me down. Just turn the spigot on full bore and let me soak. I can't wait

WWE United States Championship
Apollo Crews (c) defeated Shelton Benjamin

  • MVP pitches Apollo Crews on being his new client.
  • Apollo refuses. MVP says Apollo doesn't have to defend every week.
  • MVP makes another pitch, but Shelton Benjamin attacks.
  • Benjamin is getting a lot more offense this time around, but it doesn't matter.
  • Toss Powerbomb gets the win.
  • Another short title match.
  • Bobby Lashley attacks Crews. MVP had warned Crews that the next time he'd find himself in a 2-on-1 situation would cost him.


  • Rey Mysterio says he has to fight for his son, and he has to fight Seth Rollins on his own.
  • Dom says they fight as a family, and this family wants a fight. Rey is not happy.
  • Rollins says they're putting him in a difficult position.
  • The hilarious booing and cheering while a wrestler is talking is what the WWE wants, even though it doesn't make sense.
  • Alesiter Black and Humberto Carrillo take out Theory and Murphy.
  • One of the best Humberto showings I've seen.
  • The Disciples get the upper hand and Rollins is attacking Dom until Carrillo and Black make the save again.

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