Match Ratings For 8/3/20 WWE Raw From Sean Ross Sapp

WWE United States Championship
Apollo Crews (c) defeated MVP (w/ The Hurt Business) to retain the title

  • The lights have been going out and there have been some planned technical difficulties early on.
  • MVP says Apollo Crews isn't the United States Champion since he didn't show up.
  • There's not much to write home about here until Apollo does a tope con hilo onto the Hurt Business.
  • There's a great Camel Clutch in the ropes by MVP.
  • The lights dim again, and MVP sells it.
  • Apollo Crews ends up hitting a Toss Powerbomb and winning his first match back.
  • Lashley tries to slap on the Full Nelson, but Apollo Crews gets away from him.
  • Apollo Crews is retiring the old United States Title. This was a pretty good promo.
  • MVP takes a mic, and bitches about the lights. Apparently Tom runs the show. MVP wants a rematch at Summerslam. There is no automatic rematch clause.
  • MVP is upset about Charly reporting on BOXES. Shelton's belt has been stolen.
  • I don't wanna hear any of you all saying things I post aren't newsworthy when we just all watched a show reporting on BOXES.
  • The Hurt Business is peeved, and wearing nice suits. They seem interested in Raw Underground.
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Kevin Owens Show
Riott Squad defeated The Iconics
N/A (Short)

  • IIconics want to be on the Kevin Owens Show, but he says he already has guests.
  • Owens brings out Ruby Riott. She says she has been dealing with people like The IIconics for a long time.
  • She wishes Liv Morgan was there to celebrate. Kevin Owens brings back Liv. He says he thinks they bring out the best in each other.
  • Liv says she'll hear Ruby out because Kevin Owens convinced her.
  • Ruby Riott cries and mentions the tattoo of their debut date, and Sarah Logan being gone.
  • The IIconics come out and talk trash, and it looks like Riott Squad are on the same page.
  • Peyton and Billie Kay slap Kevin Owens, and he asks Riott Squad for help.
  • Ruby and Liv pretty quickly win a match.


  • Drew McIntyre comes out and says he's ready for Randy Orton, and Orton probably should have been fired way more than Drew was.
  • Orton interrupts, and has Ric Flair with him.
  • Orton says he's made his money and he enjoys being there. He's there and hasn't been fired because he's the chosen one, not Drew.
  • Drew says he remembered being in catering with his world crumbling around him and Orton didn't do anything.
  • Drew didn't see a leader, he sees a SELFISH PRICK. He's gonna cash in his receipts.


  • Ric Flair says he's worried about where Kevin Owens' career is going.
  • Owens says if Flair is that worried about where his career is going, Orton can meet him in the ring next week.

Nia and Pat Buck

  • Nia Jax pretends to apologize, then calls Pat Buck a scrawny runt who couldn't cut it in his own career.
  • Pat Buck legit beat up Big Cass.
  • Nia Jax wants to fight Pat Buck. He doesn't want to.
  • He suspends her without pay. She goes off and headbutts him and knocks him out.

24/7 Championship
Akira Tozawa (w/ Ninjas) defeated R-Truth and Shelton Benjamin (c) (w/ The Hurt Business) to win the title

  • Truth had stolen the title belt.
  • Shelton Benjamin destroys Tozawa with a powerbomb and Truth with Paydirt.
  • Ninjas get involved and MVP & Lashley beat them up.
  • Tozawa wins with an unbelievable senton.

Shayna Baszler vs. Sasha Banks (w/ Bayley) goes to a No Contest
N/A (Short)

  • Sasha and Bayley throw to a hilarious video of them, which is interrupted by a livid Asuka. They say the same thing MVP did about this "operation." Shayna Baszler shows up and punches Sasha Banks.
  • This match rules right out of the gate. A lot of great moves and transitions.
  • Asuka attacks Bayley. Why the fuck is that a DQ?
  • Asuka isn't happy about Kairi Sane leaving. She wants a rematch at Summerslam.
  • Shayna Baszler says she's cheering for Asuka so she can dismember Asuka after.
  • Sasha Banks says Asuka can have a rematch if she beats Bayley.

Other stuff

  • That "security cam" video was the corniest shit lol. They show people setting fire to equipment outside.

Angel Garza (w/ Zelina & Andrade) defeated Angelo Dawkins (w/ Montez Ford)

  • Garza is flirting with some girl on the Bachelorette. Zelina gets her to hit the bricks.
  • We're getting a series of singles matches. Dawkins mows down Garza.
  • There's a great flapjack, too.
  • A distraction leads to Angel Garza hitting a big dropkick to win.
  • Montez Ford collapses in front of the table.

Montez Ford (w/ Angelo Dawkins) vs. Andrade (w/ Zelina & Angel Garza)

  • Montez Ford had collapsed or something, but now he's okay and flipping over the top rope.
  • Nope, he collapsed. End of match.
  • Garza and Andrade and Zelina are trolling outside the trainer's room.
  • Angelo Dawkins comes out and says he might have been poisoned.
  • Bianca Belair blames Zelina and attacks her.
  • God, Bianca is such a fantastic promo.


  • We get a Rey/Rollins video. Buddy Murphy is also watching footage of him beating up Aleister Black.
  • Dom Mysterio challenges Seth Rollins.
  • Rollins blames Tom Phillips for making people angry and inciting rage.
  • Seth Rollins says it's time to find a new voice of Raw.
  • Samoa Joe stands up and protects Tom Phillips and warns them to step back.
  • Rollins says Joe doesn't want to do this.
  • Joe says he does.
  • We go to an oddly placed commercial.
  • Dominick whips both heels with a kendo stick and a 619 on Dominick. He dives onto both.
  • Rollins is livid. The match is on.


  • Shane McMahon shows off Raw Underground. It's a ring with no ropes and girls dancing and shit.
  • I wonder if they realize 800 camera cuts during this "gritty, underground" presentation defeats the purpose.
  • Babatunde has a new name and knocks out one guy, then does a great head and arm belly-to-belly suplex to guy number two.
  • Later, Erik of Viking Raiders beats the living shit out of a guy.
  • I like the execution of Raw Underground from an in-ring point, I just don't need the shakes, zooms and cuts. It undermines the impact of the ass whoopings.
  • I'm all for seeing guys like Dolph Ziggler on Underground. There are a whole lot of people who have no idea how technically refined from a shoot perspective his grappling is.
  • Bobby Lashley, still dressed up, knocks a guy out after a great gutwrench slam.
  • MVP beats a guy too, with a camera cut for every elbow strike.
  • Everybody leaves.
  • Shelton beats up Dio Maddin.
  • The Hurt Business beats up a bunch of people around ringside.

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