Match Ratings For 9/18/20 WWE Smackdown From Sean Ross Sapp

Dirt Sheet

  • Miz and Morrison waste a few minutes on The Dirt Sheet before talking about Mandy.
  • Miz says that he got Mandy sent to Raw so that Otis could focus on his contract.
  • When Otis threw that chair, I instinctively worried about fans.
  • Otis runs off Morrison, and Tucker throws Miz in the ring.
  • Otis smashes Miz. Good! We don't need an 11th match between Miz/Morrison and Otis then.
  • Otis goes right back after Miz even after his music hits.
  • Miz is wearing tighy whiteys. Okay. This will be a gag then, I guess. Morrison can't believe it.
  • Ah. Lawsuit angles. Those always rule! Otis is served. They want him to forfeit the Money in the Bank contract or go to court.
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Cesaro (w/ Shinsuke Nakamura) defeated Gran Metalik (w/ Lucha House Party)

  • Kalisto and Lince Dorado have a discussion over who should be coaching Metalik.
  • Pretty early in the match, they both get sent to the back and Metalik subsequently does better.
  • There's a really nice jumping super huracanrana.
  • Back from the commercial break, and Cesaro waited forever to catch Metalik. Eventually he wins with a Neutralizer.
  • This is a match that would have really been helped a lot by not having commercials.

Other stuff

  • There's a Matt Riddle bro promo where he says it conveys emotion via bro.

Moment Of Bliss

  • Alexa and Nikki hug.
  • Alexa Bliss asks how this will this be different from all the other times Bayley beat Nikki. Nikki said Sasha Banks isn't there anymore.
  • Nikki Cross isn't happy about Alexa hitting her with Sister Abigail last week and leaving.
  • Lacey Evans comes out and trashes Nikki. Cross blows her nose on her HANKY and they brawl.

Nikki Cross defeated Lacey Evans

  • Alexa Bliss is on commentary, cheering on Nikki Cross.
  • Lacey Evans is dominating the match and working over Nikki's arm.
  • Lacey Evans is rubbing hand sanitizer in Nikki Cross' eyes. Michael Cole reasonably has a cow wondering how that is legal.
  • Tornado DDT into the Purge gets the win for Nikki.
  • Standard WWE babyface wins after selling 90 percent kind of match.
  • Just fine, but painfully formulaic.
  • Lacey Evans is mad at Alexa Bliss. Alexa does Sister Abigail and stares as she wanders off.

Sasha Banks

  • Really hoped they wouldn't have Sasha on TV to help sell the angle and Bayley would come out mocking her. Nope.
  • Sasha banks says her piece, only to be attacked by Bayley.
  • Sasha Banks got Pillmanized for ten minutes two weeks ago. Why did she need to be on the show!?

AJ Styles defeated Sami Zayn

  • Sami Zayn is upset he isn't introduced as the IC Champion, and Styles attacks him.
  • This is Zayn's first match since March 25.
  • Styles uses Zack Ryder's suplex neckbreaker.
  • They trade kicks, and Zayn gets caught holding the tights.
  • Styles does the same and wins.
  • Not the 20 minute classic it could have been, but I'm okay with that considering the circumstances. Zayn's first match back.
  • Zayn attacks Styles and wants to be announced as the champion.
  • Jeff Hardy attacks Zayn and drags out a table, a ladder and chairs.
  • Zayn vs. Styles vs. Jeff Hardy TLC or ladder would be fun.


  • Paul Heyman narrates an amazing video about the Samoan wrestling family.
  • Jey Uso says Reigns has been throwing his weight around since they were little, but they're not little anymore.
  • Sheamus is talking trash, and someone tells him his car is towed.
  • Big E is there and beats up Sheamus, then the guy that set him up. Belly to Belly on the car window, then he throws dude in the truck.
  • WWE would have had Hunter Red back on TV two weeks after New Jack stabbed him nine (14) times.

Samoan Street Fight
Jey Uso & Roman Reigns (w/ Paul Heyman) defeated King Corbin & Sheamus

  • Corbin does a Deep Six on the floor. Such a great move.
  • Reigns is out here for the full match, he also gets thrown over the announce table.
  • Jey Uso gets put through a table.
  • Reigns Samoan drops Sheamus through a table and spears him through the barricade.
  • Uso hits Corbin with the title. Spear, splash, win.
  • Reigns and Uso hug.

Rating Guide
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