Match Ratings For 9/7/20 WWE Raw From Sean Ross Sapp


  • Are we to believe that Drew McIntyre rented an ambulance?
  • He cuts off Randy Orton and Claymores Orton.
  • This was okay.
  • Adam Pearce kicks Drew McIntyre out of the building.
  • Adam Pearce vs. security for feud of the year.
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The Hurt Business defeated Apollo Crews, Ricochet & Cedric Alexander
Angle 6/10

  • The Hurt Business rough up a janitor after pretending he said something about Shelton's mom.
  • The Hurt Business attacks Cedric Alexander before the match.
  • Cedric Alexander turns on Ricochet and Apollo Crews and joins the Hurt Business.
  • Apollo Crews & Ricochet for full-time tag team, please.
  • Shelton questions whether or not Cedric came to his senses and threatens.
  • We have a VIP Lounge where Cedric says he's tired of giving up opportunities for Ricochet.
  • Ricochet, Apollo Crews, Viking Raiders come out and clean house.

The Hurt Business defeated Ricochet, Apollo Crews & Viking Raiders

  • Ivar clocks MVP.
  • Lashley spears Erik. I'm so over these combos already.
  • Cedric Alexander drew in Ricochet.
  • The crowd is really fake loud and hot right now, which makes me wonder why they made it so boring for other matches.
  • The Neuralizer lands on Ricochet.
  • Ricochet lands a full nelson suplex on Cedric.
  • Everyone gets one of their signature moves in before an Ivar dive.
  • Ivar just threw up an "X" hand signal after his dive.
  • Cedric wins with a Michinoku Driver, but Ricochet actually kicked out.
  • They brought attention to that after the match.
  • Ivar had to get feeling in his hand.

Street Profits defeated Andrade & Angel Garza (w/ Zelina)

  • This is the fourth Street Profits vs. Angel Garza & Andrade match since July 20. Garza & Andrade. There have been five singles matches involving them wrestling each other in that period, as well.
  • Garza & Andrade can't get on the same page.
  • Garza walks out.
  • Spinebuster, Frog Splash.
  • Cesaro & Nakamura come over and say they're challenging Street Profits as a part of the quarterly Brand-to-brand invitational.
  • They congratulate Profits for holding the titles so long, but not defending them.
  • STD joke on Cesaro. Weird.

Other stuff.

  • R-Truth is having dinner. Akira Tozawa and the Ninjas attack and try to beat him up.

Peyton Royce defeated Billie Kay

  • Of all the stuff they don't promote, a "losers must split" match, and their first match against one another.
  • Kay and Peyton chain wrestle until Peyton hits a light wheel kick.
  • Another light kick hits and Peyton Royce wins with her spinning brainbuster.
  • She's going to need to lay her stuff in there a little more.
  • Peyton hugs Billie Kay after the match.

Asuka & Mickie James defeated Lana & Natalya

  • Mickie brought back the flappy pants, but there are no PANT to them. It's just a troll on me at this point.
  • Mickie misses a dropkick by a mile.
  • Lana hit a facebuster, but Asuka breaks it up.
  • Mickie is on the top rope, but Asuka tags in and taps out Lana.
  • Mickie lands a sloppy kick outside.
  • This was really rough.

Randy Orton defeated Keith Lee via DQ

  • Randy Orton does not want to do this.
  • After some shenanigans, he goes for an RKO, but Lee just stops him by standing there.
  • Lee gets tripped into the barricade.
  • Orton misses another one. He hits another.
  • Drew McIntyre Claymores Orton. That's it.
  • At what point is Keith Lee just sick of Drew interfering in his matches?
  • Adam Pearce is mad at Drew.
  • Randy Orton is upset at Adam Pearce. He says Pearce's word means nothing.
  • Randy Orton is hobbling out of the arena. Drew attacks Orton and does another Claymore.

Raw Underground
Aleister Black defeated a Jobber
Aleister Black vs. Kevin Owens

  • I admire Kevin Owens' consistency in loathing Shane McMahon.
  • Aleister Black just got back from a pickup basketball game and didn't have shorts with him so for sure stopped by Wal-Mart to get the reversible And 1's. He Black Massed a guy.
  • There no is no consistency with how or what Raw Underground ends. I love the concept and can't understand the execution.
  • This one ends after brawling outside the ring. Some good Owens slams.
  • I think Owens got kicked in the balls!
  • They brawl to the outside again, and Owens swings a triangle into a slinging powerbomb.
  • hahahha Owens and Aleister still fighting is great.
  • They go into Dabba Kato, who attacks both.

Handicap Match
Riott Squad defeated Shayna Baszler (w/ Nia Jax)

  • I love the Riott Squad's gear.
  • Me watching Shayna Baszler work the double wristlock offense, I love it.
  • Baszler threatens to stomp out Liv's arm, but Nia trolls her.
  • I would not do the "Shayna Baszler gets pinned in three minutes off a distraction" angle, even in a handicap match.

Riott Squad vs. Nia Jax (w/ Shayna Baszler)

  • Liv dropkicks Nia Jax.
  • Lights go out, and Retribution's logo appears.
  • LMAO what is this promo?
  • They recycled Ronda Rousey promo scripts for Retribution, I see.
  • Riott Squad is now undefeated in their last six matches teaming together.

Street Fight
Dominik Mysterio (w/ The Whole Mysterio Family) defeated Buddy Murphy

  • Rey comes out with his family and says he's proud of Dominik.
  • Buddy Murphy isn't happy, and blames them for Rollins turning his back.
  • Rey cuts a terrible promo about Murphy choosing a SON OF A B to follow. Dominik is not that much better in accepting the street fight.
  • Buddy cracks Dominik with a nice knee and they throw each other over the announce table.
  • Dom flies off the video board. This was impressive.
  • Murphy wails away on Dominik with a chair and he kicks out. Is nothing sacred?
  • Angie and Aaliyah help Dominik out of the ropes.
  • That sunset flip bomb was hecking cool. Outside the ring, through the table.
  • Murphy kicks out of a frog splash.
  • They tie up Murphy and beat him with kendo sticks. Aaliyah and Angie got in on it too!
  • I am howling at this great family beatdown. Murphy quits, but they just keep going.

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