Match Ratings For NXT Takeover New York 2019 From Sean Ross Sapp Of

NXT Tag Team Championship
War Raiders (c) defeated Ricochet & Aleister Black

  • I love that there aren't weird sound effects on Aleister Black's entrance theme.
  • Rowe and Black toy with each other and pull strikes before they fist bump. Nothing says "I want to win this title match" quite like pulling strikes.
  • The crowd gets distracted early. Let's wildly speculate on who the crowd was chanting at that "deserves it." My guess is the ref for that bitchin' spray tan. It was actually about a bright light that was shined on fans.
  • Black and Rowe have an AWESOME exchange. Hanson got a big pop on a handspring elbow. I'm not sure how that was any better than just running over Ricochet.
  • Aleister Black breaks up a double War Machine pin (after a German Suplex clothesline) with a Coup De Grace
  • Ricochet does an insane move that I do not know the name of and won't pretend to. Everyone gets their dives in until a Hanson SWANTON OUTSIDE. Woah.
  • It comes back to Rowe and Black face-to-face. Black Mass, Shooting Star Press, but Hanson runs into the pile.
  • Ricochet misses the 630. War Raiders win with Fallout.
  • This was GOOD. SHIT. PAL.
  • Docs check on Ricochet after the match, but mutual respect is shown.
  • Curtain call for Ricochet and Aleister after the match.
NXT Championship Bout Announced For 3/10 NXT

Ringside crappenings

  • Piper Niven & Toni Storm at ringside.
  • Kushida is one of my favorite wrestlers in the world. If you're unfamiliar, see his Kyle O'Reilly match at BOSJ.
  • Edge and Beth Phoenix are at ringside. 

NXT North American Champion
Velveteen Dream (c) defeated Matt Riddle

  • Dream and Riddle are such opposites, which makes this even more perfect. Dream has the frills, Riddle has none. Dueling chants. Dream vs Riddle is a match that we'll likely see on WWE PPV about a half-dozen times in the future.
  • A double wristlock armdrag? Hose me down. Then a monkey flip armbar.
  • Velveteen's screams are hilarious.
  • Riddle stops an axehandle barrage with a German suplex on the floor.
  • Riddle beats Dream's ass. Elbows, sentons, Fisherman's buster.
  • Dream rolls into pins, but gets triangle choked.
  • Ripcord Knee. Bro 2 Sleep. German suplex.
  • Riddle read the room so well. They love Dream, so he's playing the heel. Dream does the Hogan comeback and the crowd explodes.
  • Dream with a Fameasser, but Riddle catches him with a big knee and applies an Ankle Lock.
  • Matt Riddle does the most insane German suplex in WWE history. Outside-in from the second rope. He does a corkscrew senton and Dream kicks out. I thought Dream was dead.
  • Dream challenges Riddle and gets put in the Bromission. Dream rolls him up for a pin.
  • Amazing.

WWE UK Championship
WALTER defeated Pete Dunne (c) to become champion

  • This is truly Walter beating the living shit out of Dunne.
  • Big chops. Submissions, back drop on the apron.
  • Dunne does a scissor sweep into a heel hook attempt. This marks a big shift in the match.
  • Dunne hits a big kick, moonsault and sunset flip running powerbomb.
  • Everybody doing the Coup de Grace. Dunne gets one to the floor.
  • I think we've seen every single pro wrestling move illegal in MMA in this match.
  • Walter does an avalanche sleeper superplex, but Dunne kicks out. They're really going at it.
  • Crucifix slam hits for Dunne after a series of offense, but it's not enough. He ends up applying a deep triangle.
  • Walter stands up and stomps out Dunne.
  • Walter kicks out of a Bitter End, and the crowd chants for him.
  • Walter does a release super powerbomb out of a triangle. A flying splash wins it.
  • Dunne had a rare botch and went to the fingers a little too much for me in this, but those were about the only negatives. I could have went for four less finger break attempts.
  • It was Walter's time. Dunne had peaked as WWE UK Champion, and did well helping to start the brand.


NXT Women's Championship
Shayna Baszler (c) defeated Bianca Belair, Io Shirai and Kairi Sane

  • This starts out fast and aggressive.
  • A great spot early is Bianca using her hair to yank Baszler into the ring post.
  • Shirai and Kairi hit great high flying moves at the same time. They also use a double team powerbomb and a nice assisted tope. 
  • Belair press slams Sane over the top rope onto the pile. Not before an unseated Glam Slam, though.
  • The KOD hits for Belair, but Shirai does a moonsault. 
  • Both Sane and Shirai end up costing each other the title after their finishers hit. 
  • Sane totally PLANTS Shirai with a psycho counter DDT.
  • I thought that double KOD was a bad idea and I was WRONG. Bianca pulls it off on both Sky Pirates.
  • Kirafuda Clutch on Bianca and she taps out after a major struggle

Vacant NXT Championship
Johnny Gargano defeated Adam Cole to become NXT Champion

  • Adam Cole is massively over. 
  • I like Nigel McGuinness putting over that Josh Barnett tapped out Dean Lister with a headlock. 
  • Not much happens in the first several minutes, at least until Gargano gets a slingshot spear and a flying Flatliner. 
  • Adam Cole gets the first pin in about 12-13 minutes. I wasn't in love with that first fall. 
  • Cole connects with a big strike that almost puts out Gargano, but I'm not sure anyone is buying it. They all know Gargano is getting the next fall.
  • There's a great Gargano spear and Air Raid Crash. 
  • Gargano passes on a countout for some reason, which didn't make any sense. He ends up getting smashed into the ring posts and busted open hardway.
  • Cole also doesn't take the countout. I'd like to have seen it played up that this is a rare instance where a countout can win a title.
  • Gargano gets a Gargano Escape for the pin. Again, this could have been great right after a return to the ring on a near-10 count.
  • The match picks up insanely here. 
  • Both men go back to the well with some of their old attacks. Gargano uses the Hertz Donut, Cole the straightjacket German.
  • They both superkick each other out. 
  • Nigel asks the last time we saw someone kick out of a Canadian Destroyer. Every time bro.
  • This fall is amazing. They're pouring it on. A freaking wheelbarrow suplex on the apron.
  • Cole does Ciampa's Fairy Tale Ending on the announce table!
  • I was glad to see the countout spot utilized here. Gargano barely made it in, just to get superkicked. 
  • This crowd is LOUD. 
  • Gargano counters another Destroyer with a Gargano Escape, and has to fend off Undisputed Era. 
  • Cole kicks Gargano into the ref. Undisputed Era attacks and throws the ref back in and Gargano kicks out! 
  • Mauro Ranallo is the perfect person to call Johnny Gargano's matches
  • Gargano cleans house. He sends Cole out onto the pile, then takes out Undisputed Era one by one. 
  • Gargano kicks out of Last Shot! The place EXPLODES. 
  • Gargano wins with the Gargano Escape!
  • Candice LeRae comes out to embrace Johnny. 
  • Gargano gets to the ramp and Ciampa joins him. The camera man misses the hug. What production dolt MISSES THAT SHOT?
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