WWE Cruiserweight Champion
Drew Gulak (c) defeated Lince Dorado and Humberto Carillo

  • Humberto Carillo looks like he hits the ropes at half speed, but Lince isn't doing anything at half speed.
  • It looks like Gulak bit his tongue.
  • Carillo just isn't connecting in this match to me early on. There's an awful lot of unnecessary flips involved.
  • There is a spot that wins me over, when Carillo dives onto an Electric Chair over the top rope, taking everyone out. Then he misses a missile dropkick that he was supposed to hit. That was on Lince, though.
  • There's a double submission spot that leads to a series of pin attempts.
  • Dorado slipped on a huracanrana attempt. This has been a rough one. They scored the second time.
  • The slopfest continues when Carillo doesn't get out of the way of a shooting star press.
  • Carillo hits his finish -- TECHNICALLY, he missed it by a mile-- but Gulak steals the pin. Dorado has to force his own shoulder down.
  • This was not good. I don't have a problem with blown spots, because fights are sloppy. But that was a lot of sold spots that were completely missed.

WWE United States Championship
AJ Styles (c) defeated Cedric Alexander

  • Cedric Alexander hits a nice Michinoku Driver, tope con hilo and handspring kick immediately.
  • Styles comes back and hits a Styles Clash outside, but pulls up Cedric's shoulder.
  • Styles hits a Phenomenal Forearm and a Styles Clash for the win.
  • After the match, the attack continues, with the help of the OC.
  • Had this lasted longer, it would have hit rec'd viewing, but it was perfectly fine for what it was.
  • Why didn't anyone help Cedric?

WWE Raw Tag Team Championships
Roode & Ziggler defeated Seth Rollins & Braun Strowman (c)

  • Shout outs to Corey Graves establishing on air that the reason Braun and Seth want to be champions are because it means more money and exposure, and a better quality of life.
  • Rollins and Strowman have some nice double team offense, but Ziggler DDTs Seth on the floor.
  • Rollins turns a second attempt into a great Falcon Arrow.
  • There's some great tag team action here. Bobby Roode is so good as a tag team wrestler.
  • He's not good, however, at killing time waiting on Strowman to try to tackle him. Braun gets Rollins instead.
  • Glorious DDT on Rollins, and Roode gets the pin.
  • Imagine if WWE had some other really well protected tag teams that beat other actual tag teams.

WWE Smackdown Women's Championship
Bayley (c) defeated Charlotte Flair
5.25/10 (Short)

Angle 6/10

  • Charlotte Flair nails a boot right away and works over Bayley. She also chucks Bayley into the barricade over and over.
  • Bayley undoes the turnbuckle and runs Charlotte's face into it and wins.
  • Bayley immediately DARTS FROM THE RING. She was NOT waiting around for a replay. Outstanding,
  • She got the hell out of there, and this was great all around.

WWE Smackdown Tag Team Championships
The Revival defeated New Day (c)

  • Dash and Dawson are just amazing in the ring.
  • I love that we haven't seen Xavier and Big E since they got hurt. It added a lot to this.
  • Big E is worked over big time in the ring. This is exceptional mat work and tag team strategy.
  • Xavier Woods getting the hot tag is a welcome change.
  • Big E misses a YOLO Dive, and Dash Wilder gets caught on a SUICIDE DIVE. What!? Revival hits Shatter Machine outside on E.
  • Back inside, Revival hit a Shatter Machine. For some reason they're more worried about the knee than finishing the match.
  • Corey Graves isn't happy.
  • Dawson wins with an inverted Figure Four anyway.
  • Dawson cuts a promo after the match and says the wrestling world is Revived. Dash is right there with him. They put over Randy Orton.

Cross & Bliss (c) defeated Fire & Desire

  • R-Truth drops a boom mic into Alexa's interview spot, and Alexa announces to everyone it's him and to come find him.
  • These mashup themes are garbage. Somebody get Jimmy Hart on the horn
  • Nikki Cross taunts Mandy Rose by mocking her. Lol.
  • Bliss and Nikki are dominant.
  • Alexa Bliss tries to pin R-Truth who has ran in from everyone. This gets a big pop, but she doesn't do it.
  • I love that Alexa Bliss tried to win the title during her other match.
  • This leads to Sonya and Mandy taking over. Mandy does a delayed vertical suplex.
  • Really seems like they're calling this in the ring, and there's a great double knockout spot.
  • Nikki tags in and there's a rough back suplex and body press.
  • Alexa gets yanked down HARD.
  • The High Low connects, but Nikki stops the pin!
  • Nikki wins with the Au Revoir version of the Purrge
  • That was a damn good tag team match. A lot of fun.

WWE Intercontinental Championship
Shinsuke Nakamura (c) (w/ Sami Zayn) defeated The Miz

  • Sami Zayn is out here complaining that Undertaker gave him a neck injury.
  • Zayn gets a great reaction for going at UNC.
  • Zayn is on live mic commentary during the match. He calls Miz "King of Soft Style." Someone cuts his mic.
  • Nakamura drops a knee across the back of Miz's head, then lands It Kicks.
  • This is a "playing the hits" match.
  • The crowd is into this big time, especially when Miz applies the Figure Four.
  • Zayn distracts the ref when Miz hits his finisher.
  • Dumb babyface Miz gets caught chasing Zayn and kicked.
  • Kinshasa wins it for Nakamura. The crowd was the highlight of this match.

WWE Raw Women's Championship
Sasha Banks defeated Becky Lynch (c) via DQ

  • This is a much safer one, but I still feel weird about dropkicks the the upper back and neck.
  • Becky catches Sasha coming off the top rope with a big drop kick.
  • Out of nowhere, Sasha catches Becky in a Banks Statement, but it's turned into Bexploder.
  • I love one of those deep Meteoras where Sasha can just grab the heels of her opponent for the pin like that.
  • Disarmher is applied, but Sasha makes it to the ropes.
  • Backstabber and Banks Statement applied in the middle of the ring. A pin is attempted, but no dice.
  • Sasha banks uses a chair to set up a Shining Wizard.
  • It doesn't make ANY sense for Sasha to try to use the chair and piss away a title shot. Big plot hole.
  • Becky accidentally hits the ref with a chair.
  • They fight into the crowd, and Becky applies a Disarmher in a railing.
  • They brawl all the way up into the concourse and through the crowd.
  • We're told this is a DQ, then Becky wears out Sasha with a chair. Disarmher in the chair and Sasha taps out.

WWE Championship
Kofi Kingston (c) defeated Randy Orton

  • If you missed the first five minutes of this match, you didn't really miss anything but a good Kofi Kingston forearm in the corner.
  • Randy Orton hits a front suplex into the barricade and Singh Bombs Kofi multiple times.
  • This match has no heat. They killed it.
  • Orton stops a Trouble in Paradise with his backbreaker.
  • The pace should have been here a lot earlier, but then it slowed down a lot.
  • Whoever timed and set up this match, not great.
  • RKO hits, but Kofi's foot is on the ropes.
  • Orton teases and goes for a punt, but eats Trouble in Paradise.
  • Kofi wins.
  • A boring, plodding match with a great finish.

Rowan defeated Roman Reigns

  • Rowan loves his stairs, doesn't he?
  • A nice slam face first on the announce table from Rowan.
  • Rowan has a nice sitout uranage, and back elbow off the second rope.
  • Reigns gets a Samoan drop and a Superman punch into some stairs. This pace isn't it either, but at least there are neat spots.
  • Rowan catches Reigns and powerbombs him into the announcer's table.
  • Superman punches on the ramp.
  • Luke Harper is back!! He helps Rowan attack Reigns.
  • Rowan wins with a Claw slam.

WWE Universal Championship
Seth Rollins (c) defeated Braun Strowman

  • Seth Rollins hits two big superkicks and a frog splash for a 0 count. No pop for that immediate kickout. Shame.
  • Stowman catches Seth with a chokeslam and mows him down repeatedly.
  • A table just evaporates under Braun.
  • Back inside the ring, Strowman lands a FLYING SPLASH.
  • Rollins applies a sleeper and hits a Curb Stomp, and Braun is out at one!
  • Another hits, and Strowman is up at two! A third hits, and he's up at 2.5!
  • Rollins hits a Pedigree and Stomp for the win.
  • THE FIEND shows up and Sister Abigail's Rollins on the stage. Mandible Claw is next. A great lasting image.

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