Match Ratings For WWE Extreme Rules: The Horror Show From Sean Ross Sapp

Kevin Owens defeated Buddy Murphy

  • This is a hell of a match to get added to the slate at the last minute.
  • It seems like Owens has been using the DDT more, and I'm all for that.
  • Kevin Owens has to stop playing with my emotions and teasing the return of the Super Fisherman's Buster. Instead Murphy does a Meteora.
  • Owens ends up hitting an amazing moonsault, too.
  • A stunner finishes off a really good match between these two. The result was never in doubt, but Owens and Murphy made it really good. No surprise there.
  • Let's get Owens a story now.
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Smackdown Tag Team Championships
Tables Match
The Artists Collective defeated New Day (c) to win the titles

  • One of the first great spots is when Big E tries to launch Kofi over the top through an opponent, and a table, but instead they slam the table in Kofi's face.
  • Kofi does an insane Trust Fall, but gets Cesaro Swinged into Nakamura's feet.
  • There are double stacked tables outside the ring. This leads to Nakamura and Cesaro super powerbombing Kofi through them. What a fantastic spot.
  • This should have been an elimination tables match. Break as many of those things as you possibly can.

WWE Smackdown Women's Championship
Bayley (c) (w/ Sasha Banks) defeated Nikki Cross (w/ Alexa Bliss) to retain the title

  • Kabuki Warriors and Alexa Bliss give Nikki a pep talk.
  • Michael Cole and Corey Graves are calling the hell out of this Bayley/Nikki Cross match.
  • Nikki sells me a ticket with her neckbreaker, thanks to Cole's call. She does a lot of great body presses too.
  • Nikki steals Bayley's old corner attack and does a Crossfacethat doesn't make Sasha too happy.
  • A Bayley to Belly can't win it.
  • Nikki makes a comeback, including her great tornado DDT.
  • Sasha Banks causes a distraction and passes off BOSS KNUCKS to Bayley.
  • Bayley hits Nikki with the ol' pant shitter to the ribs, and the Rose Plant.


  • Apollo Crews isn't here because he failed his physical after an injury when Lashley attacked him. He's not been on the show for weeks.
  • MVP comes out and says that due to forfeit, he's the new United States Champion.
  • I mean, why not?

Eye For An Eye
Seth Rollins defeated Rey Mysterio

  • Rey Mysterio goes after Rollins. They both whip out a bunch of weapons.
  • Really disappointed that neither Seth Rollins or Rey Mysterio brought a Red Ryder BB Gun.
  • Modified Falcon Arrow on the apron from Rollins. That ruled.
  • They're using REBAR.
  • They tease running Rey into a horizontal kendo stick.
  • Rey does a couple of suicide sunset flip bombs and steals Seth's finish. Rollins lands his own, though.
  • Rollins gets his eye ran into the stairs, but does the same to Rey.
  • That's it. That's the match.
  • "It's out!" Haha. Dom comes to help Rey. Rollins is getting jeered.
  • Rollins looks perplexed as he hobbles off.
  • Bayley trolls about Rey not seeing double vision because she's still got two belts.

Raw Women's Championship
Sasha Banks (w/ Bayley) defeated Asuka (c) (w/ Kairi Sane) to kind of win the title

  • Asuka knees Sasha off a tornado armdrag attempt. She does it off a sunset flip bomb attempt too.
  • This is as good as I thought it'd be.
  • Sasha pulls out a Stump Puller, but Asuka holds onto her and unleashes some great kicks.
  • Hanging double knees from Asuka, but she gets stuck in the ropes and Sasha attacks. Very good spot.
  • Sasha does a really great frog splash.
  • The Asuka counter to the sunset bomb was exceptional. These two are killing it.
  • Sasha gets thrown DEEP on a German suplex.
  • Asuka misses a dive and eats a knee. This is stealing the show.
  • Sasha flips through a super German suplex, and hits double knees. She slips on the ropes and won't give up as she sells her knee.
  • That was a great audible. Banks Statement into Asuka Lock. Bayley takes out Kairi.
  • A great series of pin attempts go into an Asuka Lock.
  • Bayley tries to distract Asuka, but it doesn't work. The ref takes the title belt from Sasha
  • Asuka accidentally mists the ref, and Bayley attacks Asuka with the belt.
  • Bayley takes the ref shirt off the ref and puts it on and counts the pin.
  • LMAO WHAT?! This was a great match with weird, overbooked shit.

WWE Championship
Extreme Rules For Dolph Ziggler
Drew McIntyre (c) defeated Dolph Ziggler

  • Dolph Ziggler announces that the stipulation for this match is EXTREME RULES....for him only. Pretty good wrinkle, even though he's not gonna win.
  • Drew beats Dolph's ass until Ziggler kicks McIntyre in the nutsack.
  • Ziggler wails away with a chair and does a Fameasser off the announce table to the floor.
  • Ziggler grabs a sleeper. This match is good.
  • The reverse AlabamaSlam is called the BammaSlamma and I'll accept nothing else.
  • Ziggler counters a Claymore with a chair to the leg and follows up with a FLYING ELBOW DROP THROUGH A TABLE OUTSIDE! Wow.
  • Dolph Ziggler did the Rock Bottom on the chair for his number one fan, The Rock.
  • McIntyre kips up and hits a Claymore to stop the superkick. This RULED.

Bray Wyatt defeated Braun Strowman

  • Braun says he's home, and destroys the chair.
  • Braun screams for Bray and gets hit with something....BY HIMSELF
  • Braun is chained up, and Bray Wyatt lectures him and says he knows what he's doing.
  • A cloaked figure has a snake that bit him.
  • It's Alexa Bliss cloaked, talking about being with Braun. Also, someone is on fire.
  • Braun throws Bray into a boat, and sends the boat off.
  • Bray reappears and beats Braun with an oar.
  • Braun kicks Bray through the railing and the graphic runs. Braun says IT'S OVER.
  • Bray pops up with a Mandible Claw and DROWNS BRAUN I think.
  • The Fiend re-emerges.

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