Match Ratings For WWE Raw 10/14/19 From Sean Ross Sapp, Podcast Notes

For Top Draft Pick
Becky Lynch (Raw) defeated Charlotte Flair (Smackdown Rep)

  • Becky Lynch says Sasha Banks couldn't make it because of the last beating Becky gave her.
  • I appreciate the commentary team trying to explain why Charlotte would care to fight for Smackdown, but it doesn't make sense.
  • The crowd is HOT. That's been the case more often than not for Raw of late. It makes such a big difference.
  • Charlotte attacks Becky after saying she just wants to be her friend.
  • Charlotte and Becky brawl into the break. When we come back, Charlotte is in control. I love Charlotte bringing back the headscissor stomps. Such a good heel move. She slings Becky into the buckle.
  • Charlotte and Becky Lynch still have outstanding chemistry, and this match feels special with no title shot on the line.
  • Becky gets out of a Boston Crab and kicks out of a Natural Selection. Same for a Big Boot.
  • Charlotte Flair has all the flashy stuff in this match, but Becky Lynch keeps kicking out.
  • Becky Lynch pins Charlotte with a quick crucifix pin!
Chris Jericho, MJF Press Confrence, Paul Wight Debut, More Set For 3/3 Dynamite

Draft Stuff And Backstage Crappenings

  • The Draft War Room stuff doesn't bother me. It's over the top, but oh well.
  • The full draft selections can be seen at this link.
  • Good on WWE straight away explaining the Women's Tag Titles will still be cross-branded. Eliminated any confusion or questioning.
  • We see Colin Jost and Michael Che in the Weekend Update area talking WWE Draft.
  • Vic Joseph didn't have a good segment, misspelling "fabulous" and calling USA "US Network."
  • Dio Maddin explaining that Samoa Joe's injury caused him to slip in the draft.
  • Tozawa was in Friday's pool. Even thought WWE didn't announce it, I'm gonna assume that anyone not drafted Friday was also eligible tonight.
  • Lana gets massaged by Bobby Lashley
  • The OC attack the Street Profits backstage.

Andrade (w/ Zelina) defeated Ali

  • Zelina calls the Four Horsewomen the Four Horsefaces.
  • This is a great pairing. Ali is bumping his ass off for Andrade.
  • Lawler asks Dio Maddin to explain the draft rules and then Vic interrupts them.
  • Andrade has thrown Ali off the top rope, into the post, and triangled him in the ropes.
  • Andrade takes a tumble over the top rope. Ali tope con hilos over Zelina.
  • Jerry Lawler was dogshit in this match.
  • Zelina hits a flying headscissors on Ali and Andrade wins with a Hammerlock DDT.

WWE Raw Tag Team Championships
Viking Raiders defeated Roode & Ziggler (c) to win the titles

  • Erick and Ivar CRUSH really early and they sold me a ticket. I thought they had the match won right out of the gate.
  • Roode and Ziggler post Erick. Erick them sends Ziggler through the barricade at ringside.
  • They have something in the Viking Raiders. They've been built well, they don't lose, they can work, and they're over.
  • Erick kicks out of a Spinebuster Zig Zag and takes a Fameasser oddly.
  • Ivar breaks up a pin after a Glorious DDT.
  • Viking Experience wins it!!! That almost went awry.
  • New tag team champions!

Aleister Black defeated Eric Young

  • Eric Young on Raw! Finally
  • Aleister beats his ass, but Young ducks out.
  • After some counters, Black applies his behind the back Dragon Sleeper, the Dark Ritual.

Ricochet defeated Shelton Benjamin

  • Shelton Benjamin gets a good back suplex and freefall flapjack.
  • Ricochet fights back with some kicks and springboard attacks.
  • Ricochet lands on his feet on a belly to belly superplex attempt. Recoil and pin.

Contract Signing

  • Jerry Lawler brings out Braun Strowman and Tyson Fury.
  • Strowman says Fury came to steal his spotlight to further his career.
  • Fury says he came to WWE to see Strowman because everyone's talked about him.
  • Fury cuts a way way better promo than WWE scripted for him last Friday.
  • Tyson Fury breaks an ink pen. lol.

Buddy Murphy defeated Cedric Alexander

  • Murphy and Cedric both have a ton of great counters.
  • Cedric takes a crazy bump off a springboard spot.
  • It seems like Vic never calls the Meteora. That and a big knee hit for Murphy, as does a tope con hilo.
  • Cedric hits the suicide dive HARD.
  • Cheeky Nandos, sitdown powerbomb and Murphy's Law gets the win.

Kabuki Warriors defeated Lacey & Natalya

  • Been asking for a Natalya/Lacey team for over a month *dabs*. Lacey is Natalya's mystery partner. 
  • Lacey Sparta kicks Kairi. Kairi gave her a receipt with a spinning backfist and a neckbreaker on the floor. 
  • Kabuki Warriors are going to get over big time.
  • Asuka applies a toe hold, but gets put in the Sharpshooter.
  • Kairi stops the hold. Through the commercial, Kabuki Warriors control.
  • Lacey gets a weird hot tag. Her offense needs a whole lot of work. 
  • This match is falling apart.
  • Kairi sells a Women's Right amazingly. Asuka rolls up Lacey for the pin.


  • Seth Rollins addressing Hell in a Cell about as well as he can without going heel. He says he did what he had to do. He's going Fiend hunting tonight.
  • Firefly Funhouses run during the show.
  • Rollins vs. The Fiend Falls Count Anywhere is set for Crown Jewel. 
  • Rollins shows up on Firefly Funhouse and attacks Bray.
  • Bray doesn't know why Seth is attacking him. 
  • Seth Rollins sets FIREFLY FUNHOUSE ON FIRE. 
  • Well, that's a wrap. I don't know what to make of this. 


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