Match Ratings For WWE Raw 1/13/20 From Sean Ross Sapp

Drew McIntyre defeated AJ Styles and Randy Orton

  • Randy Orton comes out to the ring and immediately calls out AJ Styles.
  • AJ Styles does that and gloats about hitting an RKO next week.
  • Drew McIntyre interrupts Styles and says people want to see them have a triple threat match, not talk.
  • The match gets underway and OC attacks, but Orton and Drew take them out with their finishers.
  • Somehow this takes up the first 15-16 minutes after a commercial.
  • You see them setting up the Glasgow Tower Of Doom from a mile away.
  • McIntyre hits his signature moves, but gets taken out by stairs from Orton.
  • Styles can't hit an RKO, but Orton hits a Styles Clash.
  • RKO hits on Styles, but Drew steals the pin after hitting a Claymore on Orton.
  • Drew's pin was a little lazy for my liking.
  • AJ and Orton actually made me forget Drew was in the match.
  • This is worth seeing for the Orton Styles Clash alone.
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Ricochet defeated Mojo Rawley

  • It's good to see Mojo getting more of a shot on WWE TV.
  • They also do the same tope con hilo we see ten times a week.
  • Mojo hits a Pounce, but ends up losing to the Recoil and 630.
  • Not much of a reaction to this, even though Ricochet is a Kentucky boy. Lexington and Paducah are four hours apart, this was not a homecoming for Ricochet.

Charlotte Flair defeated Sarah Logan

  • Well the push for Sarah Logan was fun. It lasted a solid week.
  • Charlotte Flair submits her with a Figure Eight and puts her robe back on.
  • She throws Logan over the top rope.
  • I like the new Sarah Logan gimmick and gear.


  • Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman come out to the ring and Heyman trolls Kentucky.
  • They tease leaving.
  • Paul Heyman cuts a promo about Brock Lesnar winning the Royal Rumble and says only the truth flows from his mouth.
  • This brings out R-Truth. He says his childhood hero is John Cena and it taught him to never give up.
  • Watching Brock Lesnar being entertained by all this is great.
  • Truth says he's going to eliminate Paul Heyman. Brock Lesnar busts out laughing.
  • Truth undeclares from the Royal Rumble and say Paul Heyman talks way too much and he gives away spoilers.
  • Heyman says nobody likes Truth. Brock Lesnar hits him and F5's him.
  • Mojo Rawley comes out and pins Truth for the title as he's being helped to the back.

Bobby Lashley (w/ Lana Lashley) defeated Rusev

  • Lashley and Lana Lashley say that everyone is jealous of them.
  • Rusev beats Lashley's ass pretty thoroughly. He hits a cannonball in the corner, too.
  • Lashley takes over and sends Rusev over the top rope, then spears him big time. This was a big one.
  • Lashley posts himself. This is a very 1991 WWF big man match.
  • Rusev rolls through a German suplex and hits a Machka Kick.
  • A distraction gets Lashley back into it.
  • No Liv Morgan in sight until they're both down. Lana throws a drink in her face and darts Liv into the barricade.
  • Spear, and Lashley gets the win.
  • Lana Lashley is upset about this. She challenges Rusev and Liv to a mixed tag match. Bobby Lashley isn't happy about this.

Viking Raiders defeated Bollywood Boyz

  • Viking Raiders cut a really terrible promo and make an open challenge.
  • It's the Bollywood Boyz, who get lawn darted into one another.
  • Viking Experience wins it.

Contract signing

  • Becky Lynch comes out, as do Asuka and Kairi Sane.
  • Becky signs the contract and says to let the best woman win.
  • Asuka spits mist in her face. Becky Lynch and WWE play it up like a million bucks. Officials ran out with water and helped her.
  • The officials all tending to Becky Lynch desperately plays up the "golden goose" angle of the story too. That ruled, man. One of the better contract signing angles in a while.
  • Becky Lynch cuts a great promo about coming for Asuka. This is such an amazing segment. So effective and good.

Backstage Crappenings

  • Andrade vs. Mysterio for the United States Championship is set for next week. Zelina says they'll press charges against Mysterio because he's a criminal. Andrade cuts a promo in Spanish, and it works. Rey Mysterio responds in a promo. He says he's ready to sacrifice for it and he knows the dangers.

Aleister Black defeated Buddy Murphy

  • I REALLY think this should have been stretched out. Buddy Murphy should have asked for a match last week, been denied it. While Aleister keeps crushing people, it consumes Murphy and they take each other out of the Rumble match, leading to a third.
  • There's a good strike trade, as is tradition.
  • We go to a commercial after a nice Murphy suplex outside the ring.
  • Murphy tries to hold on to the tights, and gets a big foot to the face instead.
  • Black does a run up kick, and the two come eye to eye and slug it out.
  • They have maybe the best chemistry of anyone in WWE.
  • Buddy kicks Black mid-moonsault and lands Murphy's Law. When he hooks the leg, it put Black's other leg on the ropes.
  • Murphy tries Black Mass, but misses it. Black hits one, but the ref completely fucks up and acts like Murphy kicked out.
  • Black hits another and wins.
  • Murphy is broken and he's rejecting an interview with Charly. This is great.

Erick Rowan beats Jobber

  • Murphy is still ringside.
  • He reaches in his crate and whatever it is makes his hand bleed.
  • Iron Claw Slam. Win.

Seth Rollins & AOP defeated Big Show, Kevin Owens and Samoa Joe

  • It's already breaking down into a hardcore match.
  • Owens does an outstanding dive by running up the stage wall and dives off!
  • Joe does a big senton onto Akam.
  • BUDDY MURPHY IS STILL THERE! This is amazing!
  • Buddy Murphy punches Big Show in the dick and helps throw him through a table.
  • AOP Bonsoir KO through a table and Joe.
  • Big Show tosses Buddy out, but AOP powerbomb him. A Stomp wins it.
  • Buddy Murphy embraces Seth Rollins after the match.

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