Match Ratings For WWE Raw 2/3/20 From Sean Ross Sapp


  • We get an amazing video package to recap the Edge/Randy Orton situation.
  • Orton comes out silent, and climbs the ropes to do his pose. He has outstanding heat.
  • Orton says he owes everyone an explanation. He doesn't say anything...then says he can't do this.
  • The heat here is off the charts. This is really good. Randy Orton just leaves.
  • Jesus, that was so good. Less is more.
Eric Bischoff: Nothing Good Came Out Of Bret Hart Signing With WCW For Him Or Anyone, Everybody Lost

Liv Morgan defeated Lana

  • I guess I don't know why they needed this re-match. Liv Morgan won convincingly.
  • Well, they botch a spot early where Lana "cheats" but doesn't really. I dunno if I'm supposed to dislike the heels when they do that thing where they take advantage of a dumb babyface and sling them face first into the ropes, but it's super legal
  • Liv wins the same way she did last week.
  • Ruby Riott's music hits and she returns. She turns on Liv Morgan and attacks her.
  • So glad to see Ruby Riott back. Any roster benefits from having her on it.
  • Lana picks up the scraps and does the facebuster.

Drew McIntyre defeated Mojo Rawley (w/ Riddick Moss)

  • The 24/7 Title is not on the line here.
  • Drew tells Mojo he'll Claymore him in three seconds. He says Brock Lesnar knows Drew has a secret weapon in the Claymore.
  • Claymore. Pin.
  • There's like a hundred guys on the roster, why have someone with a title get crushed like that? I figured it'd be to set up someone scooping up the title, but it didn't. Not that there's much stock in Mojo, it just could have been anyone and it would have worked just as well.

Elimination Match
AOP & Buddy Murphy (w/ Seth Rollins) defeated Kevin Owens & Viking Raiders

  • We see a promo from the Messiahs. Seth Rollins seems pleased he's in a top contender match tonight.
  • An elimination tag match, but I think given the participants and elimination table match would have worked better. Maybe it's in the cards. Breaking 6-7 tables in one match is a CROWD PLEASER. Given the booking it's pretty clear that wasn't good for tonight. Hopefully in Saudi
  • Salt Lake City crowd is good tonight.
  • Some really excellent work early on. Snug, stiff, good.
  • Rollins cheats and I presume hits a Stomp. I couldn't tell because the camera zoomed in on his ankle. Erick gets pinned.
  • Ivar gets pulled due to injury. Kevin Owens is all alone again.
  • Owens gets worked over and battles back in dramatic fashion. The crowd is so into this. I can't remember the last time WWE had this many really over faces.
  • Owens beats Buddy Murphy with a pop up powerbomb and Akam with a Stunner.
  • Rollins slaps Rezar around to encourage him. Rollins being out there for his team during this match match before his big match makes this feel way more important.
  • Rezar wins with a big spinebuster. This was good stuff.
  • Kevin Owens gets a great ovation from the crowd.

Aleister Black defeated Eric Young

  • Eric Young gets a little offense, but loses pretty quickly.
  • Black Mass.
  • Black talks some gibberish. I just wish they'd consolidate this into a feud with Rowan at this point.


  • They did the one thing that could make Humberto interesting. Angel Garza. Zelina is with him. She says Humberto messed with her business.
  • The promos say a whole lot of nothing and kill a bunch of time.
  • Garza attacks Carrillo. He's about to knock him out, but Rey makes the save.
  • Ya know what, I'll let the absolutely terrible promo go since they brought up Garza.
  • Humberto is kinda booked like a pud huh.

Rey Mysterio defeated Angel Garza (w/ Zelina) via DQ

  • Awww man, his first impression and he couldn't get the pants off. Vince will have him tripping over them backstage now.
  • This is a much slower pace than I expected. It really seems like this whole segment was like "hey guys, can you all go slow and kill as much time as possible?"
  • Garza takes control with some knee of woes and misses a moonsault later.
  • I LOVE that they transitioned the Canadian Destroyer into Mysterio going for the 619 and didn't have Garza kick out of it.
  • Zelina distracts Rey and Angel hits him with a DDT on the exposed floor. DQ.
  • Well they got some good heat on Garza even though they've done this spot 4-5 times now.
  • This was just an average match, though.

Charlotte Flair

  • Charlotte comes out and teases who she'll face for the title. She's held all the gold and is a ten-time champion.
  • Rhea Ripley is on WWE Monday Night Raw to go face to face with Charlotte Flair.
  • Ripley says Charlotte hasn't beaten her, but she's beaten Charlotte.

Asuka (w/ Kairi Sane) defeated Natalya

  • I'm enjoying watching Natalya and Asuka just grapple a little bit.
  • Natalya just screamed "YOU WANNA SHOOT ON ME?!" So either Natalya is actually mad or they want you to think so.
  • They are working this one pretty stiff. Hard kicks, punches, everything.
  • I hope this leads to Divas of Doom vs. Kabuki Warriors.
  • Natalya turns a guillotine into a deadlift vertical suplex.
  • Natalya has a Sharpshooter on, but won't let go when Asuka gets to the ropes.
  • Dumb Babyface Syndrome attacks. Natalya is distracted and tapped out by an Asuka Lock.
  • They for sure using this for Total Divas footage lol
  • Asuka calls out Becky Lynch. Becky Lynch accepts her challenge for a rematch.
  • Lynch takes out Kairi Sane.
  • There was a lot I didn't like about this. Asuka ducking Becky? The superpower thing? Embarrassing Kairi?
  • Title match set for next week. That's cool.

Top Contender Match
Ricochet defeated Lashley and Seth Rollins

  • Ricochet GOES WILD.
  • The Messiah's Disciples come out and attack Lashley and Ricochet. Owens and Viking Raiders make the save, though.
  • Back from commercial, Lashley hits a couple of great spinebusters.
  • One of the saddest Tower of Dooms hit, but the crowd likes it.
  • Ricochet wins with a 630!

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