Match Ratings For WWE Raw 4/8/19, Podcast Notes From Sean Ross Sapp Of


  • Seth Rollins' music hits. He gets a mega pop and "you deserve it" chants. He said "we deserve it."
  • Rollins runs down his victory and adversity, and "full time champ" chants.
  • It would be outstanding if Seth Rollins walked Daniel Cormier to the cage for the Brock Lesnar fight. Cormier is a huge fan of Rollins. Rollins says
  • New Day's music hits to a THUNDEROUS ovation and "Kofi" chants.
  • They said they couldn't wait to come and celebrate. Big E is doing the splits
  • Kofi Kingston challenges Seth Rollins to a winner-take-all match. This crowd is insane for this.
  • Rollins accepts. This was an outstanding 15 minute opening segment. The place came unglued.
  • New Day were funny in this as well.
Randy Orton Calls Soulja Boy a Prick One Hit Wonder, Says Bad Bunny Would Beat The F--- Out Of Him

WWE Raw Tag Team Championship
Edgeheads (c) defeated The Revival

  • These guys are running non stop. It makes for pretty fun work.
  • Revival hit a Hart Attack and we go to the second commercial of this segment.
  • Ryder tags in to a nice pop. His hot tag gets a great reaction, but I can't see his offense.
  • Hawkins has an outstanding flying elbow.
  • Hawkins almost lands a small package win off of a feigned injury. He eats a brain buster to the floor.
  • Burning Hammer knee drop gets kicked out of and PRODUCTION MISSES DAWSON'S REACTION
  • Hawkins makes a great blind tag and rolls up Dash after a Shatter Machine on Ryder.
  • Curt Hawkins has won two matches in a row!


  • Baron Corbin makes fun of the whiners and criers and says he deserves a gold medal of his own.
  • The first beach ball is caught and popped.
  • Kurt Angle enters to a great reaction. He wishes Baron Corbin luck and shakes his hand.
  • He wishes him bad luck. Terrible camera cut again after the Olympic Slam. He applies an Ankle Lock and Corbin is gone.
  • Lars Sullivan comes out and beats down Angle with a Freak Accident and a diving headbutt. A good heel reaction for him to set the tone for his run.
  • It is great to see Lars here. He's overcome a lot over the last few months.

Alexa Bliss defeated Bayley

  • Bayley is over as hell.
  • Alexa Bliss hasn't been hurt, they just didn't have a spot for her.
  • She's slugging it out like she hasn't been on TV in months.
  • Bayley hits a sunset flip buckle bomb that will need some refining, but was really cool looking.
  • This was Alexa Bliss' first televised singles match since September.
  • Bliss wins with a DDT clean. Hose me down for that finishing move.

Becky 2 Belts

  • Becky Lynch is out cheery and happy and doesn't mention the botched pinfall.
  • She talks about her win, and gets "you deserve it" and "Becky 2 Belts" chants.
  • This really seems like a Becky Lynch "best of" promo.
  • Becky Lynch says the McMahons will probably end up giving Charlotte the tag titles.
  • No unification talk, so move past it.
  • Lacey Evans comes out and stares Becky down and cracks her with the Women's Right.
  • Lacey Evans has some good looking strikes. Becky drops Lacey with the INTOLERANT LEFT and armbars her.
  • Evans is clearly tougher than Rousey. She didn't break her hand.

Ricochet & Aleister Black defeated Roode & Gable

  • Ricochet and Aleister gotta split. They lost matches for literally every tag titles in the company in the last week. Michael Cole says they're on a roll.
  • An inset promo heel turn for Roode and Gable.
  • Black and Ricochet are already paint by numbers as a tag team. Ricochet moonsault, Aleister Black sitout. It's all of their TV matches before the break.
  • Paint-by-numbers. Same spots, different nights and opponents.
  • Black's ankle rolls underneath him as the crowd starts the wave.
  • Roode catches Ricochet with a spinebuster. That and a Roodesault doesn't finish it.
  • Spot of the match is Ricochet flipping out of a Chaos Theory and cracking Gable with a Codebreaker.
  • Roode attacks Ricochet after the match and pulls Gable to safety

Other crappenings

  • There's a buzzard puppet that comes out of a box. It's a Bray Wyatt vignette
  • Dana Brooke reads off a very scripted DECLARATIVE promo about wanting to challenge Becky Lynch while still congratulating Becky.

Lashley on that BlueChew

  • Lashley tells Ambrose he'll take care of his wife when he's gone.
  • Ambrose beats the absolute dog shit out of Lashley.
  • There's a hilarious throwing chair shot to the face.
  • Ambrose disposes of Lio Rush pretty easily.
  • Lashley puts Ambrose through the announcer's table. Renee tends to him.
  • "Thank you Ambrose" chants.

Intercontinental Championship
Finn Balor (c) defeated Sami Zayn

  • Sami Zayn is out to the ring.
  • Bet it was really awkward for Zayn to run into Lashley's sisters this weekend.
  • He challenges anyone to a match, and out comes Finn Balor.
  • Sami Zayn's new gear is great. Balor in THE BLUE. Zayn has a buzzcut, too.
  • Zayn tosses Balor outside and trolls a little bit.
  • Balor cracks Zayn with a BIG dropkick.
  • Commentary playing up that Zayn is out of ring shape.
  • We come back to see Zayn clock Balor. Most crowds are already dead at this point, but this is Raw After Mania.
  • Zayn almost got a pin on a missed Coup De Grace, but settles for an Exploder into the corner.
  • Zayn misses the Helluva Kick and gets pinned after a Coup de Grace.
  • A solid return for Zayn, but an odd one.
  • Zayn says he thought he would cure what ails him, but it really seems like the crowd missed him. But he didn't miss anyone.
  • He says WWE is toxic because of the ugliness of the audience. I think he's running a WWE style David Starr gimmick.
  • Sami Zayn says the right thing to do is to hold everyone accountable because he has a meaningful life, and they just judge everyone.
  • Okay, THIS was a good return.


  • Elias comes out and raps a few bars to John Cena, including one about his middle finger being directed right at him,
  • DONG.
  • It's the Undertaker. Barclays comes unglued.
  • Undertaker tried to make it to WrestleMania but couldn't get an uber until tonight I guess.
  • "Taker's gonna kill you" chants to Elias.
  • Chokeslam. Tombstone. Ceremonial 3 count.
  • When's the last time Undertaker looked that good physically?

Kofi Kingston (c) vs. Seth Rollins (c)

  • Rollins says he's honored but also disrespected because this isn't Smackdown. He tells Kofi to bring his A game because B+ won't get it done.
  • Dueling chants.
  • Back from a break, Kofi gets caught midair with a dropkick.
  • Kofi hit a nasty DDT on Rollins. Then Seth crashes from the top rope to the floor.
  • The Bar run in and attack Kofi Kingston.
  • THE BAR. Maaaaaaaaaaaan WWE knew that was a fart.
  • You know what's happening. Tag Team Match.
  • WWE really expected that to get a pop and not "bullshit" chants. Amazing.

Seth Rollins & Kofi Kingston defeated The Bar

  • The crowd is still shitting all over this as we come back from commercial.
  • There's something in the crowd distracting fans, probably beach ball.
  • Kofi tags in to no reaction because they crapped on the crowd.
  • Fortunately Kofi gets them back into it and hits an SOS.
  • Bar catches a Trust Fall, but Rollins finishes it with a suicide dive.
  • There were AEW chants in the main event of Raw After Mania.
  • Rollins takes out Sheamus.
  • Trouble in Paradise and Stomp on Cesaro. Pin.
  • What a trash switch.
  • No Strowman or Roman Reigns on this show.

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