Opening Segment

  • New Day bring "Big E" out, but it's some skinny knockoff. They kick him out and apologize to the crowd.
  • The real Big E is out here in a knee brace to a big-time ovation.
  • They clarify that Big E isn't cleared to wrestle. They reference Big E's great Twitter game.
  • Kevin Owens is out, followed by Sami Zayn. WWE has to clarify the terrible wild card rule is in effect.
  • Sami Zayn is complaining about Big E getting a celebration. Big E says they'll get Sami the same thing KO got at MITB -- nothing.
  • Kevin leaves. Sami Zayn challenges Kofi to a match tonight. Kofi seems to accept.

Ali defeated Andrade (w/ Zelina)

  • Andrade creams Ali with a big clothesline, but a reverse rana is sent his way. That's a move we don't see at all in WWE just a few years ago.
  • Ali hits a satellite DDT back from the break, and they're diving all over the place.
  • This is a statement match for Andrade to prepare for the Demon Finn Balor, which is good.
  • Ali is beaten within an inch of his life -- a very impressive beatdown from Andrade. Ali barely makes it in for the count.
  • Ali small packages Andrade for the win. Well, that's definitely not good for the upcoming Andrade/Balor match.

24/7 Fun

  • Carmella is trying to track down R-Truth, who is in a costume. Truth misunderstood the rules and wants Carmella's help. This is great. Carmella hopes R-Truth with his bra.
  • Carmella vs. Mandy Rose kind of happens.
  • The match loses all control very quickly. The disguise doesn't work.
  • Tons of wrestlers chase Carmella and Truth out.
  • Truth and Carmella accidentally run into the women's locker room. We see Zayn looking on, smiling.
  • Jinder Mahal tries to pin R-Truth, but Truth SUCCESSFULLY DEFENDS.
  • The B-Team fight with each other over who the champ should be, but Truth SUCCESSFULLY DEFENDS.

Kofi Kingston defeated Sami Zayn

  • Big E is found backstage holding his knee, he says it was Owens.
  • Kofi goes off on Sami Zayn, but gets thrown into the steel stairs.
  • We come back to see the superplex from Zayn.
  • Kofi wins with a mushroom stomp and a Trouble in Paradise
  • So much of this match was during a commercial. Why!?
  • Paul Heyman is at Smackdown with the briefcase, but no Lesnar. That was a really good touch.
  • Dolph Ziggler has returned to WWE. He's been gone since the Royal Rumble. He attacks Kofi from behind.
  • Ziggler totally destroys Kofi Kingston. This is a nice way to re-establish a guy who hasn't been on TV for a long time. Now they have to keep it up and add something interesting to Ziggler.
  • It's a stretcher job. Kofi Kingston does an amazing job of selling this, while trying to get up.
  • Dolph Ziggler says it should have been him that stepped up and knocked it out of the park like Kofi did.
  • Dolph is jealous and says he's going to beat Kofi Kingston at Super Showdown and will make everyone love and admire and respect him.

Bayley & Becky defeated Charlotte Flair & Lacey Evans

  • Bayley says she's moved past the hugs. Becky says backstage she'll drop Bayley and come for her next.
  • Bayley is beaten down big time. Lacey's aggression works really well.
  • Charlotte Flair and Lacey Evans are a tag team that I need. They're such a great fit.
  • Becky Lynch gets the tag and seems to have a more realistic offense this go around. There's less jumping around.
  • Charlotte pins Becky, but holds the ropes.
  • Disarmher is applied on Charlotte, but Lacey cracks her with a punch.
  • Bayley rolls up Charlotte for the win.
  • This was good stuff.

Other stuffs

  • Triple H/Randy Orton video package, and it's really great.

Roman Reigns defeated Elias (w/ Shane McMahon)

  • Backstage Elias is making excuses on why he lost at Money in the Bank, but says he'll be there for Shane McMahon as best he can.
  • Roman Reigns is outside by the trucks walking, but Elias is on TOP OF THE TRUCKS performing. Fantastic.
  • Roman can't help but to laugh.
  • Shane is out with Elias.
  • Elias kicks the rope into Roman's nutsack, then posts him.
  • Reigns is in control after the break, until a jumping knee. That doesn't really slow him down, though.
  • Shane puts Elias' foot on the ropes, and Elias sends Reigns into the stairs.
  • A flying elbow drop gets two on Reigns. At least this has the dynamic of Shane in here.
  • Shane hands Elias a guitar, but SPEAR. WIN. That's it.
  • Shane attacks and gets a Superman Punch of his own.
  • Drew McIntyre shows up and hits the Claymore on Reigns

Rating guide

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