Match Ratings For WWE Raw 6/10/19 From Sean Ross Sapp

Opening Segment

  • Seth Rollins comes out, apparently with the chair that he used to beat up Brock Lesnar. Did he keep it? I think so.
  • He says it felt good to do that to Brock Lesnar.
  • Baron Corbin comes out and waits for the crowd to quiet down before speaking up. It seems like they wanted another Ziggler/Vickie situation.
  • Corbin says that John Cone is going to be severely punished. Also, he gets a rematch at Stomping Grounds. Ah, okay then.
  • Corbin gets to hand pick the special guest referee, but Rollins says he doesn't have any friends.
  • Sami Zayn, who I'm unsure why has any shit to give in this situation, comes out. He says he thinks that Rollins and Lesnar's toxic masculinity means that Rollins would be better off without being WWE Universal Champion.
  • Kevin Owens comes out and shows his support as a WILD CARD, which he isn't sure what that even means.
  • Rollins challenges Owens to a match tonight, who accepts.
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Handicap Gauntlet
Lars Sullivan defeated Lucha House Party
(Angle 8/10)

  • Lars Sullivan immediately hits the Freak Accident on Kalisto for the pin.
  • Sullivan immediately goes to the running powerbomb for a pin on Dorado.
  • There's a little miscommunication, but Lars does a belly-to-back suplex on Metalik.
  • Lars pulls Metalik up and goes after Kalisto. He body slams him on the stairs into a pinata.
  • He hits a Freak Accident, pulls Metalik up again and slams Dorado into the post.
  • Lars finishes Metalik with the Diving Headbutt.
  • They got over three moves as a finish here. This was a fantastic squash segment.


  • The usual suspects are around for the 24/7 segment, this time waiting on an elevator. I'm very confused by everything surrounding this.
  • They all get stuck on the elevator.
  • Normally I would say that they should make some changes to some of the 24/7 stuff, but what they're doing is working extremely, extremely well
  • EC3 has a fork on the elevator, and he's apparently a cannibal. EC3 forgets that he's Drake's best man in his wedding. Truth mistakes Drake Maverick for Hornswoggle.
  • Everyone is giving Drake Maverick wedding advice.
  • The elevator opens, but R-Truth escapes thanks to Carmella.

Becky/Lacey promo, Alexa/Nikki

  • Becky Lynch is seen with Seth Rollins
  • Lacey Evans cuts a good promo, but I can't believe they booked her for a title match after the train wreck last week.
  • Lacey says Becky is scared of falling back into obscurity.
  • Alexa talks to a dejected Nikki Cross backstage about her match tonight.
  • Alexa calls Bayley a bully, and says she's Nikki's friend now, and asks for her in Bliss' corner.

Lacey Evans & Alexa Bliss (w/ Nikki Cross) defeated Bayley & Becky Lynch

  • Bayley starts off aggressively per usual. She has to stop using that sliding dropkick. It almost always looks bad.
  • Lacey will be one worth paying attention to tonight, considering the nature of her match last week. She hit Becky with a nice kick in the corner.
  • Lacey's Bronco Buster looks a lot better than Carmella's, so she should probably keep hers.
  • Lacey misses a Merosault HARD. That looked awesome. I believe it was her first since the one on Natayla.
  • Bayley hits a great looking sunset flip buckle bomb on Alexa
  • Becky accidentally runs into Nikki Cross.
  • Bayley got her knees up on Twisted Bliss, but there were a couple of Women's Rights that led to Bayley getting pinned.
  • Lacey Evans needed a win here.
  • Nikki is pretty clearly jealous of Lacey.

Ricochet, The Miz, Braun Strowman defeated Cesaro, Samoa Joe and Bobby Lashley

  • I'm glad that thy admitted on screen what everyone saw -- that Joe wasn't pinned at Money in the Bank.
  • Joe is out to discuss potential challengers, but Miz has pissed him off and Joe starts in on Miz's family.
  • Braun Strowman comes out, followed by Bobby Lashley, followed by Ricochet. They're doing the lazy "NO I'M THE CHALLENGER" gimmick.
  • Cesaro is next. A giant brawl breaks out. A TAG TEAM MATCH up next.
  • Braun kips up out of a wristlock from Lashley, then three quarter rolls over him. There's also a leap frog. This exchange rules. It's better than their entire Jeddah match.
  • I'm okay with this match, if only to see a lot of these people working together.
  • Ricochet has been allowed to be Ricochet over the last month, and he's getting over.
  • This is a really good match, too. Ricochet and Cesaro have amazing chemistry.
  • Miz is very over in this match, as well.
  • Strowman mows LOTSA PEOPLE DOWN. Lashley manages to spear him.
  • There was a wild ass spot where Miz back body drops Ricochet into a 450 body press that barely skims Lashley. This was wild.
  • Skull Crushing Finale and 630 pin Cesaro.
  • Aw son of a bitch. Ricochet landed right across the knee of Cesaro. It looks BAD. The ref signaled to the back.


  • Paul Heyman comes out and discusses last Friday.
  • He's not happy and says they're not telling anyone when and where Brock Lesnar will be anymore.
  • Good for the viewer, bad for ratings. Lesnar with the briefcase can be entertaining whether he's there or not.
  • Whether or not this has been intentional, the booking with Brock and the briefcase has been excellent. Any time a note of his music hits, he'll matter more.

The IIconics defeated Lisa Lace & Aliyah Mia

  • Billie kicks the shit out of Lisa, and sends her into a wheel kick of Peyton that looks really good.
  • IIconics awkward finish hits for the win.


  • Drew McIntyre has bagpipers (?) playing him out.
  • Shane McMahon is breathing heavily just on the microphone.
  • This is stupid, shitty and boring. The crowd thinks so too.
  • Drew McIntyre cuts a boring promo on the guy who beat him on PPV two months ago. They toast.
  • Shane drinks out of the World Cup. That's funny.
  • Bless it. Michael Cole references Revival getting a title shot because of Shane! They're brought out. I shouldn't be so ecstatic about such a thing, but I am.

WWE Raw Tag Team Championships
The Revival defeated Major Brothers (c) and The Usos

  • Why are tags enforced in this match if there's no DQ? That's never really been explained to me. Refs, help!
  • This is very fast paced, but we go to a commercial early on. Scott Dawson trolling Hawkins is funny.
  • We come back to the Usos flying high, and Jimmy Uso is laying in some great offense.
  • Hawkins and Ryder are very underrated. They hit Cryme Tyme's old finish.
  • The tagging in and out here is so smooth and effortless. Six tag team PROS.
  • Jey Uso superkicks Hawkins out of his boots, but Scott Dawson steals the pin.
  • This was just good damn tag team work.
  • New tag champions, they had a good match, they made sense of the shortcomings and the team in the match. Good all around.

Firefly Funhouse

  • They reference at the commentary booth that Bray Wyatt invited R-Truth on,
  • Wyatt takes a sledgehammer to one of the stuffed rabbits.

Special outside referee: Sami Zayn
Kevin Owens defeated Seth Rollins via DQ

  • We see Sami Zayn approach Baron Corbin backstage, then Shane McMahon. Shane agrees to make Zayn an outside referee for tonight's match.
  • Zayn checks the combatants.
  • There's a botched gutbuster that doesn't look good at all.
  • I'm ready to see Owens actually land a Swanton.
  • Seth Rollins gets busted open, and the camera is trying hard to stay off of his face.
  • Sami Zayn stops a frog splash from Rollins to check on Owens.
  • Zayn pulls John Cone out of the ring after a Curb Stomp on Owens.
  • Rollins goes into Stupid Babyface Syndrome and argues with Sami Zayn. He gets DQ'd.
  • Baron Corbin comes out, but Rollins fights everyone off with chairs.

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