Rollins and AJ

  • Seth Rollins comes out and cuts a promo about battling obstacles and slaying the beast.
  • This is more of a prediction than anything, but I can't see Seth Rollins staying over without some real edge of some sort. I get it, he's a traditional babyface, but I don't know if that works considering this is the tamest version of him we've ever seen.
  • AJ Styles comes out with the OC and says he wants to prove he's a better champion than Rollins.
  • Rollins says that he doesn't respect AJ Styles anymore, but he'll teach him a lesson tonight anyway.

Backstage STUFFS

  • WWE running King of the Ring next week is a great idea for Raw. It'd be a great idea for a live event special, it's a good idea for about anything. It's a special attraction. I'm all about it.
  • Steve Austin does an interview about Seth Rollins and promotes his show. Cool.
  • Becky Lynch does an interview where she shows respect to Natalya, but says she's coming for everyone who wronged her.

Samoa Joe defeated Sami Zayn

  • Sami Zayn scolds Street Profits backstage after Angelo Dawkins says he's dehydrated by I agree with Zayn on Rollins pandering and being gritty before. Zayn says everyone, even Samoa Joe gets manufactured and neutered.
  • Joe is going to give Sami a chance to back up his words and not just be Owens' water boy. This was a great way to set up a match.
  • Samoa Joe immediately chokes out Sami Zayn. That's a wrap.
  • Joe grabs a mic and heels the crowd. They were chanting for him. What the HECK.
  • The hilarity of Sami Zayn talking about how manufactured everyone was to set up a match with Samoa Joe, who then organically gets a monster face reaction, and has to heel the crowd.

The Miz defeated Dolph Ziggler
5.25/10 (short)

  • The Miz comes out, followed by Ziggler.
  • Ziggler isn't dressed to compete, and calls Miz a coward for doing what he did.
  • Ziggler isn't medically cleared to compete, so no match for the Miz.
  • Dolph attacks Miz, and this is happening, but we go to commercial.
  • Miz gets knees in the corner and goes after the Yes Kicks.
  • Ziggler is wrestling in street clothes. Miz does a nice Codebreaker to Ziggler's leg.
  • I really liked that Codebreaker Miz did to Dolph Ziggler's leg. I'm a fan of seeing things that I don't usually see, and that did it.
  • Miz taps out Ziggler with a Figure Four. Ziggler fought it a while.
  • Ziggler calls Miz a coward and says Maryse is the best wrestler in his family.
  • Miz hits Skull Crushing Finale.

Ricochet defeated Elias

  • Elias is in the ring and Graves pleads for the audience to not change the channel.
  • Elias counts down whoever is going to interrupt him. I'm glad he knows, in character.
  • The crowd is happy about the lack of interruption.
  • Ricochet then interrupts, without his full body gear.
  • Ricochet gets a couple of good dropkicks and takes one of the craziest back body drops ever.
  • These two are WAY OFF THE SAME PAGE on a running headscissors, that sucked.
  • The crowd comes back when Ricochet misses a somersault tope suicida.
  • Ricochet lands a good hook kick, but Ricochet pins Elias with the latter's shoulder up.
  • This just wasn't a good match, whether or not the finish was planned.

2 out of 3 Falls
Andrade (w/ Zelina) defeated Rey Mysterio 2-0

  • Immediately, Rey Mysterio is tripped and pinned by Andrade with his foot on the ropes and Zelina's help. Okay, lol.
  • Rey does a diving huracanrana from the top rope to the apron, to the outside.
  • Obligatory Andrade elbow tweet.
  • A big, nasty botch on Andrade's head and neck with a sunset flip whatthefudge driver.
  • Knees up on a Rey splash, and Andrade wins with the Hammerlock DDT.
  • This was rushed. Very rarely do you see two WWE matches with issues like these back-to-back
  • Rey is pretty upset about losing the match backstage.
  • Street Profits narrate it.

Drew McIntyre defeated Cedric Alexander

  • Cedric slips on a spot, and Drew capitalizes with a Crucifix Buckle Bomb. That was amazing.
  • Drew throws Cedric across the ring with a tossplex.
  • Cedric enters on a running DDT from a cutter position. I don't have an idea if that was intentional, but WOW.
  • Drew one ups him with a second rope Gunnslinger. Drew has been going above and beyond to do new stuff.
  • Alexander does a Lumbar Check on the floor, which Cedric wisely sells as well. This was really good. This is the most innovative Raw match in a while.
  • Drew catches Cedric and suplexes him on the ramp.
  • Alexander can't even stand up to eat the Claymore, but was playing possum. This leads to a big Spanish Fly.
  • Alexander counters the Alabamaslam, but not the Claymore. Drew wins.
  • This ruled.

Bobby Roode defeated No Way Jose

  • When Jose came up, I thought he'd be at least kept in a spot where he could open live events. There was NO REASON to call him up.
  • Roode wins with a Glorious DDT.
  • Jose needs to be back in NXT. Give someone else a turn not being used.

The Revival vs. Lucha House Party

WWE 24/7 Championship
The Revival defeated R-Truth (c) to become co-champions
R-Truth (w/ Carmella) defeated The Revival (c) to become champion
Elias defeated R-Truth (c) to become champion

  • This has been reminiscent of a late 90s Raw in that a lot of people are getting on the show, even if they're not used heavily.
  • The work is solid here, but it's interrupted.
  • R-Truth and Carmella run out, as does Drake and the usual suspects.
  • THE REVIVAL WIN THE 24/7 Title with a Hart Attack.
  • Kalisto hits a SDS, and Carmella puts Truth on a member of Revival to win the title back.
  • Truth escapes backstage.
  • Elias cracks Truth with a guitar and wins the title!


  • Natalya comes out and starts a promo that nobody cares much about.
  • Ban "could it be? it is" from WWE vernacular.
  • SASHA BANKS returns and kicks the shit out of Natalya.
  • She has blue hair.
  • Ban "could it be? it is" from WWE vernacular.
  • Sasha is really beating Natalya's ass to "thank you Sasha" chants.
  • Becky Lynch makes the save, but Sasha beats the shit out of Natalya with a chair.
  • This was a damn good return, and Raw needed this big time.

Viking Raiders crushed Jobbers

  • Hey cool, Sebastian Suave on Raw. I interviewed him at length in the Fightful Studios!
  • Well, he died.
  • Viking Raiders win.

WWE Women's Tag Team Titles
Alexa Bliss & Nikki Cross (c) defeated Kabuki Warriors

  • Nikki doesn't want to let go of the titles, which is kind of cool. It's good to see the division get a little footing.
  • Asuka has some great kicks and does a good handicap clothesline/bulldog.
  • Kairi doing the Alabamaslam on Nikki is impressive.
  • Kairi gets the Insane Elbow, but it's broken up.
  • Asuka kicks the post on accident. Alexa and Nikki work together great as a team.
  • The Purge and Twisted Bliss wins.
  • This was fun and the camera man wiped out.

Seth Rollins defeated AJ Styles (w/ The OC) via DQ

  • There's a great back suplex that Seth Rollins lands chest first on outside.
  • After a commercial, Rollins scores a great rolling elbow.
  • Gallows interferes and pushes Rollins off the top. The attack continues and it's a DQ.
  • Ricochet makes the save, but he gets jumped, too.
  • BRAUN STROWMAN also makes the save.
  • Strowman grabs the Universal title and hands it to Rollins after the match.
  • A little break from Braun was a good thing, but he needs to be kept top tier from now on

Rating guide

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Each match starts at a 5 and slides up and down based on entertainment, execution, time, environment, reaction and stakes. The ratings are in no way an indication of a "star rating," which is a completely different system. A standard, non-offensive "TV match" lands at a 5. The gap between 5.75-6 is generally the largest, with anything reaching 6 being recommended viewing.
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