Match Ratings For WWE Smackdown 5/22/20 From Sean Ross Sapp

Braun Strowman defeated The Miz (w/ John Morrison)

  • John Morrison takes a shot at Becky Lynch and Seth Rollins' child.
  • Miz is trashing Otis and Braun Strowman. Otis for holding Money in the Bank, and Strowman for being replaced in the Wyatt Family by puppets
  • Braun Strowman comes out after Miz & Morrison show off all their puppets that got rejected.
  • Morrison cuts a hilarious scathing promo on Braun, and Miz laughs and asks him to calm down.
  • Morrison challenges Braun for Miz, and it's accepted. This was pretty funny.
  • Strowman crushes Miz.
  • Eventually Strowman posts himself outside, but it doesn't last.
  • Heaving suplex and running powerslam ends it.
  • John Morrison challenges Braun Strowman to a handicap match at Backlash for the title.
  • Braun Strowman accepts.
  • Miz is upset about the match, but Morrison reminds him that they have a title match now. Renee asks why they think they can win. Morrison says Braun sucks in handicap matches.
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IC Title Tournament Quarterfinal
AJ Styles defeated Shinsuke Nakamura

  • AJ Styles has now been traded to Smackdown
  • Just say it was to make up for Brock leaving Smackdown and we can all move on.
  • The pace here isn't high, which I thought was an issue with their matches a couple of years ago.
  • If you couldn't tell, they edited in that Styles has been traded to Smackdown.
  • Nakamura is laying his strikes in, and Styles is cracking Shinsuke with clotheslines and forearms.
  • Styles' Calf Crusher is a good spot, too.
  • Cole calls a Samoan Driver a Michinoku Driver.
  • Nakamura gets a triangle, but Styles counters into the Styles Clash.
  • Styles wins with a Phenomenal Forearm.
  • I really liked Styles vs. Nakamura. Obviously not quite Wrestle Kingdom, but a really good Smackdown match.

Non-Title Champion vs. Champion
Bayley defeated Charlotte Flair

  • Bayley tells Sasha Banks that she doesn't want her at ringside for this match. Banks watches on, but wasn't happy.
  • Bayley trolls Charlotte and struts.
  • Charlotte takes advantage and gets on the headset and calls for Sasha Banks to come out.
  • Bayley has benefited from the lack of crowd in her matches, because her verbal skills in the ring are amazing.
  • Bayley runs Charlotte into the barricade and apron.
  • Bayley elbow drops the knees of Charlotte and gets put in a Boston Crab.
  • Charlotte had got caught trying to use the ropes earlier, but Bayley ends up getting the win the same way. Very clever. This ruled.
  • Sasha and Bayley celebrate backstage.

Sonya Deville & Dolph Ziggler defeated Mandy Rose & Otis

  • Mandy Rose is wearing some denim gear. That's different.
  • Sonya Deville ends up getting the win after a commercial when she cracks Mandy Rose in the back of the head with a knee while Ziggler holds Otis back.
  • Ziggler superkicks Otis in the head while he's checking on Mandy Rose.
  • Can't tell you how happy I am that they didn't 50/50 Sonya and Mandy Rose. That was good.
  • WWE has found a way to do these matches with Sonya, Mandy, Otis and Ziggler numerous times but keep the story hot and get multiple people over. Great storytelling and execution.

Other Stuff

  • We get The Forgotten Sons angry veteran promo, and Steve Cutler is cutting it this time. They could do a lot worse than this.

IC Title Tourney Quarterfinal
Jeff Hardy defeated Sheamus

  • Sheamus slams Hardy into the announce table and goes off on Michael Cole.
  • After the commercial, Hardy hits a Whisper in the Wind, but Sheamus does a series of Irish Curse backbreakers.
  • This is slow paced, but it works well.
  • Hardy does the railwalk dive, but eats knees on a Swanton.
  • Sheamus follows up with a filthy knee.
  • Hardy rolls up Sheamus and ANGRY SHEAMUS IS ANGRY.

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