Match Ratings For WWE Smackdown 9/24/19 From Sean Ross Sapp Of

Rowan defeated Daniel Bryan

  • Second sentence in, "You see" from Rowan.
  • Rowan cuts a promo on Daniel Bryan and Rowan.
  • There's some new production and cameras. The frame rate is decreased.
  • Bryan challenges Rowan and the match starts right out of the gate.
  • A big body press outside the ring leads us to a commercial.
  • Bryan is going low on Rowan as we come back from the break.
  • Bryan works over Ryan's leg expertly, but gets cut off.
  • Rowan hits a modifed Jackhammer. The guy is always innovating in the ring and trying different things.
  • Rowan is really in control. He catches Bryan on a suicide dive, but Bryan takes over.
  • It's great to hear the "Yes" chants again.
  • Yes Kicks and Lebell Lock! Bryan takes out Harper at ringside, but he gets right back up.
  • While distracted, Rowan hits a goddamn sloppy Iron Claw Slam that ties Bryan up into the ropes.
  • Another one gets the pin for Rowan.
  • This was a good match with a hot crowd. The crowds have been pushing a lot of these TV matches to "recommended viewing" on my arbitrary and pointless scale.
  • Reigns has to make the save.
  • Bryan asks the crowd if they want to see them kick Harper and Rowan's asses, and the crowd chants "Yes."
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Backstage Crappenings

  • Kofi Kingston does a sit-down interview with Michael Cole. There's nothing groundbreaking here.

Chad Gable defeated Mike Kanellis

  • Chad Gable makes a short joke about himself and complains about not winning the last couple of weeks.
  • Mike Kanellis cuts him off and says size matters, and he wants to prove that to his wife.
  • This would have been better if Gable had someone interviewing him and Kanellis wasn't scripted to make a short joke right after Gable did.
  • Chaos Theory, Ankle Lock.
  • I'd love to see someone not monster-sized go on a string of squash matches. Why not?
  • Elias returns on the TitanTron. He needed a break after being buried for so long. He sings about Gable being short.

Boss N' Hug Connection defeated Carmella & Charlotte Flair (w/ R-Truth)

  • Charlotte asks if Truth has seen Carmella. Truth covers for her, but they chat about their match.
  • Really happy to see Carmella back in the ring regularly.
  • Bayley turns on Carmella with the quickness.
  • Sasha Banks does the old "pretend I'm gonna hit a running strike and grab a chinlock" trick. Okay.
  • Charlotte Flair gets the hot tag and applies a Figure Four to Bayley, but Sasha uses a Meteora to break it up.
  • Carmella's offense looks a lot better this week than last week. Superkick Party.
  • A tilt-a-whirl into the Banks Statement, and Carmella taps out.
  • All of the Smackdown women -- a stacked roster, chase Carmella out as champion.
  • Kairi Sane using her telescope while running was hilarious.
  • Becky Lynch tosses around Boss N' Hug.
  • To close the show, Sasha attacks Becky Lynch from behind.

Shinsuke Nakamura (w/ Sami Zayn) defeated Ali

  • Ali almost EATS IT on a suicide dive and face plants outside.
  • The action is fast and furious here. Nakamura gets one of his best sliding Germans.
  • Ali connects with a superkick and Tornado DDT.
  • Ali hits one of the wildest tope con hilos ever. Over the ref, almost over Nakamura, then rolled through it.
  • Zayn distracts Ali long enough for the Kinshasa to hit.
  • I like Graves mentioning that Ali allowed this to happen. It's true. Stupid babyfaces.

New Day defeated B-Team
N/A (Short)

  • B-Team getting offense surprises me.
  • They do the "B-Train," which Big E joins in on.
  • Midnight Hour.
  • New Day win. Harmless.
  • They hug George Kittle.
  • WWE has to get George Kittle across the ring from Gronk in a battle royal.

Kabuki Warriors defeated Fire & Desire

  • Otis gets a selfie with Mandy and her Maxim magazine.
  • Kabuki Warriors work really well together.
  • Sonya dumps Kairi outside the ring hard.
  • This is a commercial for a goddamn magazine and it's stupid in so many ways. One of which being that Kairi missed kicking it out of her hands.
  • Walk The Plank.
  • Kairi and Asuka get the win with a Codebreaker/Insane Elbow.


  • Shane McMahon brings out lawyers and Kevin Owens.
  • He says if Owens drops the lawsuit, he's reinstated and gets his fine money back.
  • Owens says he wants a match. McMahon wins, he drops the lawsuit and he's fired.
  • Owens wins, Shane is gone.
  • It's a ladder match.

Rating guide

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