• Bayley gets one of the louder reactions in recent memory.
  • Bayley is confused why nobody saw this coming -- Sasha has always had her back. She gets boos.
  • This is a really good promo. Honestly one of Bayley's best I've ever heard. It's more natural, and it fits her more aggressive main roster style.
  • She trashes Charlotte and says she'll never understand what it's like to be a role model like her.
  • Charlotte says there's no hugging with her, and this brings out Sasha Banks.
  • Charlotte is dressed like a normal person. Whoever encouraged WWE wrestlers to dress like normal humans on TV more often, good for you.
  • Charlotte attacks Bayley, but gets beaten down with a chair.
  • This is a hot angle. I'm really digging it.

King Of The Ring Quarterfinal
Elias defeated Ali

  • I wish all of these matches weren't heel/face.
  • Ali looks like he's leaned out in recent weeks.
  • Ali gets caught and sent into the barricade and thrown around. Some really good offense from Elias.
  • Suicide dive and a 450 to Elias' arm after the break. A Crossface is also applied
  • Elias goes from sitdown powerbomb to Stretch Muffler.
  • They're both on the top rope, and Elias throws Ali off, who back flips and lands on his feet.
  • Elias jumps off the top and gets superkicked. This is outstanding.
  • Elias works the leg and wins with Drift Away.
  • Outstanding match.

Backstage Crappenings

Fire & Desire defeated Cross & Bliss

  • Many Rose is SLUGGING.
  • I like Mandy and Sonya matching a little bit more. Techncially Nikki and Alexa kind of do.
  • Nikki does a great cross body to the outside on Fire & Desire.
  • Mandy screams that Nikki will never look like her. Alexa says nobody wants to.
  • Alexa Bliss gets a good hot tag, which is different.
  • A great high low wins it for Sonya and Mandy. This is an outstanding finisher
  • Why can't Sonya and Mandy beat other contenders? There are none.
  • Make some tag teams.


  • Randy Orton calls out Kofi Kingston to a great reaction. The people love this angle.
  • Kofi comes out, but is being attacked by The Revival.
  • Kofi briefly fights back, but falls victim to a ShatteRKO.

King of the Ring Quarterfinals
Chad Gable defeated Andrade (w/ Zelina)

  • Samoa Joe delivers some pretty funny short jokes to Gable and says he's mentally weak.
  • Zelina makes some of her own. This is really getting to be too much and forced.
  • Gable is so smooth.
  • Rest hold through the break.
  • A rolling kick and neckbreaker hit for Gable, as does a wrist clutch, high crotch, chickenwing suplex.
  • I don't think I'll ever like a Del Rio stomp spot, but this one was better. Andrade held Gable by the hair and the hand to keep him there.
  • Andrade battles back, but eats a moonsault. Great crowd reaction for this.
  • Chaos Theory hits, but Zelina interferes. The crowd is HOT.
  • Gable eventually rolls up Andrade to a huge ovation.

Aleister Black defeated Shelton Benjamin
5.5/10 (SHORT)

  • I'm done with the moody Aleister Black promos. Let's be done with them. They're parody now.
  • Why wouldn't Shelton just kick Black in the face when he sits down?
  • Black Mass knocks Shelton out of the ring, and Shelton levels Black with a knee.
  • Another Black Mass in the ring, and that's it.

WWE 24/7 Championship
Bo Dallas defeated Drake Maverick (c) to become champion
Drake Maverick defeated Bo Dallas (c) to become champion
R-Truth defeated Drake Maverick (c) to become champion

  • The Singh Brothers follow Drake and Renee into the Boiler Room.
  • Metalik and others try to win the title, but Bo Dallas does it.
  • Back in the ring, Drake Maverick wins the title back.
  • On the ramp, R-Truth is hiding under the KOTR stuff and wins with a roll-up.
  • Lets at least get a new pin.

Shinsuke Nakamura (w/ Sami Zayn) defeated Jobber

  • Sami Zayn says Nakamura is pretending the jobber is Miz.
  • The jobber hits Nakamura and gets his ass kicked.
  • Zayn is calling this match over the mic. This is good.
  • The 24/7 Title segment carries over to this.


  • Daniel Bryan demands an apology from Reigns for calling him a liar and spearing him.
  • Reigns comes out and is attacked by Rowan.
  • Rowan says Daniel Bryan didn't do this and Bryan is worse than everyone. He's nobody puppet.
  • Rowan wants Bryan to slap him now.
  • This is the longest Rowan promo ever.
  • Rowan admits he did everything.
  • Stairs to Reigns.
  • Bryan slaps Rowan and gets put through an announce table.

Rating guide

10- Perfect, 9- MOTY Territory, 8- Excellent, 7- Great, 6- Good, 5- Average to above average, 4- Slightly below average, 3 or below: Poor

Each match starts at a 5 and slides up and down based on entertainment, execution, time, environment, reaction and stakes. The ratings are in no way an indication of a "star rating," which is a completely different system. A standard, non-offensive "TV match" lands at a 5. The gap between 5.75-6 is generally the largest, with anything reaching 6 being recommended viewing.
These are opinions, and incredibly inconsistent ones. Don't take them too seriously, and have (and share) your own!

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