Match Ratings For WWE Smackdown Live 1/29/19, Podcast Notes From Sean Ross Sapp Of

The Man

  • Becky Lynch kicks off the show to a big reaction.
  • Lynch says that she saw something in Ronda Rousey's eyes that she doesn't have anymore -- doubt.
  • Becky says she's going to break Ronda Rousey's arm at WrestleMania.
  • Charlotte Flair comes out to the ring and interrupts. She congratulates Becky Lynch on getting out of the Kickoff show and onto the main event and credits herself with making that happen.
  • Becky just flat out punches her in the mouth. This shit is HILARIOUS.
  • Charlotte Flair attacks Becky from behind, and we get a pretty solid brawl. Officials have to break them up and Charlotte mocks Becky's limp.
  • I hope WWE read the room and are just using Charlotte as a short-term program for Becky Lynch, and not trying to put her in the WrestleMania match to be "THE HEEEEEEEEEEEL"
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WWE United States Championship
R-Truth (w/ Carmella) defeated Shinsuke Nakamura (c) to become Champion
5/10 (short)

Then he beats Rusev (w/ Lana) to retain the title
N/A (short)

  • I like this. I would have liked Bryan defending against R-Truth instead, but this is good, consistent and makes sense.
  • This is going to get some time.  
  • Truth counters a Kinshasa early. We come back from the break and Truth pins Nakamura off a Waterslide attempt.
  • They did a really good job making it look like this was an accident.
  • Rusev comes out and challenges R-Truth, saying it was too good for Nakamura, and definitely too good for R-Truth.
  • Most of the Rusev match is during a commercial. Rusev hits a nice dropkick, but R-Truth wins again!
  • Nakamura attacks Truth from behind, and Rusev joins in. They work together.
  • Backstage we see R-Truth being tended to in the trainer's room.
  • The Good Brothers are backstage where they go off on Rusev for attacking R-Truth. Rusev tells them to go back to catering, but they challenge Nakamura and Rusev instead. Nakamura accepts.


  • Rey Mysterio is out for a planned match with Samoa Joe, but Zelina comes out and asks if Rey is distracted by her. 
  • Andrade attacks, but Rey turns the tides, it doesn't last long. Andrade's Hammerlock DDT wraps it up.

Backstage Crappenings

  • Hahahaha Absolution can just declare for the tag title match? Jeez. Mandy Rose shows  a video from Tough Enough of Naomi encouraging coaches to beat her up. Sonya says that nobody heard what Naomi said when the cameras turned off. 


  • Shane McMahon and the Miz come out.
  • Shane McMahon has prepared a video package for Miz.
  • Miz's dad is brought out by Shane McMahon, and "Mr. Miz" gets a huge chant. 
  • Miz's dad says he loves him and he's proud of him. This gets a big reaction from the crowd. 
  • Shane McMahon announces a top contender match for the tag titles up next.

Top Contender For Smackdown Tag Titles
Elimination Match
Usos defeated The Bar, Heavy Machinery and New Day (w/ Xavier Woods)

  • Otis sits on Kofi, and then Big E & Otis fail at doing abdominal stretches on each other.
  • Literally nothing of consequence has occurred through the first commercial.
  • This is nowhere near the kind of match early that it could/should be. 
  • New Day do an awesome Mushroom Stomp powerbomb, but Cesaro saves his partner. 
  • Otis catches Kofi midair and a Compactor eliminate New Day
  • The Bar take Jimmy Uso and press slam HIM ACROSS THE BARRICADE.
  • We come back from a break to see Tucker side slam Cesaro. Otis gets a lukewarm tag and crushes the Bar in the corner. The Caterpillar elbow drop only gets two. 
  • Sheamus breaks up a powerslam pin attempt by Tucker. An Uso body press and a Brogue Kick eliminates Knight and Heavy Machinery. 
  • The Usos pretty quickly also eliminate the Bar. They're going to Elimination Chamber.
  • This was underwhelming. The most notable thing about that match was that Heavy Machinery were really over.



  • Daniel Bryan says everyone won Sunday because he won Sunday, and says he's the Planet's Champion.
  • Bryan brings out Rowan, and the O on his Titantron is a recycling logo. Fantastic.  
  • Daniel Bryan says he's a hypocrite because he carried around a leather championship. Rowan gets a trash can and they throw it away. 
  • Bryan says a cow named Daisy had her life taken because of that title. "Recycle" and "Daisy" chants. "Thank you Daisy." 
  • Daniel Bryan has unveiled a new WWE championship, presumably made of hemp, wood and earth stones.
  • AJ Styles interrupts and asks if Daniel Bryan smoked the prototype to that title. 
  • Randy Orton, Jeff Hardy, and Mustafa Ali come to the ring. Randy Orton says Ali got beat by a girl. Samoa Joe follows, too. 
  • Joe goes off on everyone and Bryan is saying none of them get a shot at the title.
  • Triple H appears on the screen and says he'll be facing ALL of them at Elimination Chamber.

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