Match Ratings For WWE Survivor Series 2019 From Sean Ross Sapp

Tag Team Battle Royal
Robert Roode & Dolph Ziggler win

  • This is the best they could do for The Revival, The OC, and a bunch of others.
  • This is a terrible mess. Forgotten Sons out first, Lucha House Party next.
  • Roode tackles Imperium's Aichner out of the match.
  • Revival get double dropkicked out by Street Profits.
  • It comes down to Street Profits, Ziggler and Roode.
  • Roode pushes Ford off the top to the apron. Roode tosses out Ford to win the match
  • Smackdown is up 1-0-0
Apollo Crews Says He's A Real African American, Uses Angle Slam As A Finisher On WWE Smackdown

NXT Cruiserweight Championship
Lio Rush (c) defeated Kalisto and Akira Tozawa

  • A great Spanish Fly hits early.
  • Tozawa helps Kalisto hit a Salida Del Sol on Lio Rush, but cracks Kalisto with a knee after.
  • Lio is almost pinned, but Kalisto breaks it up after a Tozawa senton.
  • Lio wins with the Final Hour on Kalisto, right after Kalisto got Tozawa with an SDS
  • This was a sprint, as it should have been
  • NXT is tied with Smackdown 1-1, Raw has 0 wins.

Tag Champ Showcase
Viking Raiders defeated Undisputed Era and New Day

  • It's weird to see any of these guys on the Kickoff show, because they're all over.
  • As will be the case in any of these matches tonight, the action is very fast.
  • Erick suplexes Fish in filthy fashion into O'Reilly. I love that that counts as an official tag.
  • Ivar DRILLED Big E with a spin kick. Big E suplexes Undisputed Era.
  • Kofi Kingston being WWE Champion, much less one of the stronger booked ones in recent memory, feels like it's never mentioned on TV.
  • Super Mushroom stomp for New Day, but the pin is broken up.
  • German Suplex/springboard clothesline gets Big E. Ivar sells his knee after, and is taken out quickly after.
  • Viking Raiders do the Viking Experience on Undisputed Era sandwich-style and win.
  • All are tied 1-1-1

Team NXT defeated Raw and Smackdown
Rhea Ripley, Canidce LeRae and Io Shirai survive

  • Toni, Logan and Lacey start off. I'm glad they don't have these women wrestling in their shirts, but most have color-coded gear.
  • Logan doesn't go for a pin for some reason.
  • Carmella, Io and Kairi are in, and Carmella can't get their attention.
  • Dana Brooke joins the fold, and has some newish gear. It's clear this was set up to help Dana and Sarah get a little shine.
  • A whole lot of nearfalls, but nothing solid.
  • Rhea Ripley gets an insane ovation. She's armbarred by Asuka, but Bianca break it up.
  • A series of signature moves unfold.
  • Io Shirai and Candice are carried out of the match.
  • Bianca pins Nikki Cross by putting her feet on the ropes. Charlotte had avoided a face off before.
  • Dana Brooke and Sarah Logan maximizing their shine in their minutes and I'm glad. Logan gets a great flying knee to the outside.
  • Belair eliminates Logan with a 450.
  • So many of these face-offs feel special. It's why I want to see some "first time only" matchups on PPV instead of them always being used up on hour 2 of Raw.
  • Carmella super huracanranas Charlotte onto Bianca. Natural Selection pins Carmella.
  • Sasha pins Kairi Sane with a Meteora, and Asuka beats Dana Brooke with a head kick.
  • Asuka and Charlotte Flair go at it and there's DISSENSION.
  • Asuka spits Charlotte Flair with the mist, and leaves. Lacey Evans beats Charlotte with a Women's Right.
  • That leaves Natalya, who had been getting a push, then had her team split without a reason, then lost to Asuka in under five minutes on Raw. She pins Lacey.
  • Natalya and Sasha double submit Toni Storm. They hit a Hart attack on Bianca Belair to beat her.
  • Sasha turns on Natalya and beats her. It's down to Rhea and Sasha Banks.
  • They have a great exchange. Sasha does a great Meteora.
  • Hanging Cloverleaf from Ripley turned into a Banks Statement.
  • Candice LeRae and Io Shirai come help Ripley. In that case, Asuka should still be in the match, yeah?
  • Io hits a dropkick and Rhea gets Riptide for the win.
  • They need to make some sense of these tags and pin break ups. No dq, why tag?
  • Main roster shows have a way of not making sense, or making you wonder if they actually do make sense, just nobody cared to explain what was happening and if it was legal
  • A 15 woman elimination match was always going to be overbooked, but why not just make it 3 vs. 3 vs. 3?
  • This went from good to overbooked fast.
  • NXT IS UP 2-1-1

Roderick Strong defeated Shinsuke Nakamura (w/ Sami Zayn) and AJ Styles

  • Sami Zayn dancing in the strobe light to Nakamura's theme is great.
  • This is strike heavy, and good at that.
  • Styles hits his moonsault reverse DDT and an Ushigoroshi.
  • In the ring right now -- former Royal Rumble winners, IWGP Champs, Wrestle Kingdom headliners, ROH Champs, TNA Champs, NWA Champs, WWE Champs.
  • There's a stupid ass Doomsday Kick spot, and Nakamura lands on Strong's knee.
  • Strong plays possum and cracks Nakamura with a knee after Zayn attacks AJ.
  • CM Punk chants. Not one you'd expect for this match.
  • Styles jumps over Strong to hit a Phenomenal Forearm on Nakamura.
  • Nakamura suplexes Roddy onto Styles' FACE, but Styles breaks up the pin.
  • Phenomenal Forearm on Nakamura, but Roddy steals the pin!
  • NXT leads 3-1-1

NXT Championship
Adam Cole (c) defeated Pete Dunne

  • Dunne works the fingers of Adam Cole early, including a NASTY stomp of Cole's elbow.
  • Cole goes after Dunne's knee.
  • Dunne is able to get a Bitter End, but Cole kicks out.
  • Spot of the show so far -- Cole's superkick to Dunne during a moonsault.
  • Dunne can't win with a Pearl River Plunge.
  • Panama Sunrise on the apron!
  • Dunne is back in, but another Panama Sunrise hits out of a Bitter End. Last Shot and Cole wins!

WWE Universal Championship
The Fiend (c) defeated Daniel Bryan

  • This dumbass red light.
  • Fiend is destroying Bryan. Clotheslines, tackles, throwing suplexes.
  • Bryan fights back with a knee off the apron. Bryan dives from the top to the outside.
  • Bryan gets great offense and is beating the brakes off Bray with strikes.
  • Yes chants galore, Bryan hits a knee, but Fiend kicks out.
  • The crowd is ALL about this match and all about Daniel Bryan. This is great.
  • Fiend catches Bryan with a Mandible Claw midair.
  • This was really good.

Survivor Series Match
Team Smackdown defeated Team NXT and Team Raw

  • The crowd loves WALTER. Him posing after cleaning house is stupid, though.
  • My god, they beat Walter in like three minutes with a Claymore. Wow.
  • Cody Rhodes trademarked Bash at the Beach so WWE went and trademarked that Stardust outfit and gave it to Ricochet, I see.
  • Give me five solid minutes of Gable and Matt Riddle chain wrestling and a hose to cool myself off cause I'LL BE SWEATIN.
  • Owens pins Gable with a Frog Splash.
  • Tommaso Ciampa DDTs Owens and pins him.
  • RKO on Ciampa and Priest, and Priest is pinned.
  • Riddle rolls up Randy Orton and pins him. Orton gets pissy and RKOs him. Corbin mops up and pins.
  • Keith Lee and Strowman mow each other down, then McIntyre hits a Claymore to get Braun counted out.
  • Ricochet is incredible and takes out everyone in amazing fashion. He walks right into an End Of Days and gets pinned.
  • Baron Corbin has the most protected finisher in WWE and keeps making it better.
  • A GREAT assisted facebuster from Ali and Seth Rollins.
  • Corbin argues with Ali and gets him Stomped and beaten. Corbin doesn't try to help him.
  • Team Smackdown is imploding.
  • Rollins' suicide PUSH is weak.
  • Reigns spears Drew and HE GONE.
  • Reigns Spears Corbin and Ciampa pins him.
  • Rollins and Reigns team up and Keith Lee stops a Shield Powerbomb on Ciampa.
  • Ciampa powerbomb backbreakers Rollins, but it's a two count. Rollins Stomps him and pins him.
  • A Frog Splash can't beat Lee, and he Death Valley Hammers Rollins! KEITH LEE PINS ROLLINS!
  • They just MADE Keith Lee!
  • Lee kicks out of two Superman Punches!
  • Lee ALMOST beats Reigns with a seated Last Ride. Reigns is the master of the 2.9
  • Spear and a win. Outstanding.
  • Graves said "it's a matter of time before we catch NXT and eclipse them for the night"
  • HOW? You all gonna book bonus matches?
  • Keith Lee bows to Reigns and Reigns fist bumps him.

WWE Championship
Brock Lesnar (c) (w/ Paul Heyman) defeated Rey Mysterio

  • IT IS TIME. Stem Cell Rey vs. No USADA Brock. I am so ready.
  • Mysterio grabs a pipe, but it's no good, cause he gets suplexed all around outside.
  • Lesnar stomps a board onto Rey. He suplexes Mysterio onto a pipe.
  • Dominic comes out to throw in the towel for Rey.
  • Rey and Dom beat the shit out of Lesnar with chairs and weapons.
  • Oh, Brock hits an F5 and wins.
  • Good shit anyway.

Women's Championship Showcase
Shayna Baszler defeated Bayley and Sasha Banks

  • Baszler methodically works over which is in the ring.
  • This is a significantly slower pace than we've seen all night. The crowd is having a tough time adjusting.
  • Disarmher applied on Bayley, but Baszler breaks it up, and follows with her gutwrench slam.
  • Becky Lynch breaks up a slam with a top rope dropkick.
  • Bayley is running the apron and gets caught in a Kirafuda Clutch, but Becky breaks it up with a powerbomb.
  • Disarmher applied, then countered into the Kirafuda, and Bayley is disposed of along the way. It doesn't stop her, though.
  • Becky is sent into the announce table by Baszler.
  • Bayley placed in a Kirafuda, but does the Bayley 2 Back. She falls right back into it during a flying elbow drop.
  • Shayna Baszler gets the tap!
  • The crowd wasn't as into this, but it was still good.
  • NXT Wins 4, to Smackdown's 2, to Raw's 1.
  • Becky Lynch attacks Baszler after the match and leg drops her though the table.
  • She says "THIS IS MY FUCKIN' SHOW"

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