Charlotte Flair & Becky Lynch defeated The IIconics

  • Becky Lynch comes to the ring, but she's followed by The IIconics, who aren't happy about being left off of Team Raw this weekend.
  • Charlotte Flair is out next and rants about not really wanting to team with Becky Lynch. She says she's going to lead team Raw.
  • Samoa Joe's music hits, and he comes out in a suit as we go to the commercial with chants.
  • We come back from commercial, with Samoa Joe joining commentary. He says that the expert analyst needed to be Brock Lesnar proof.
  • Charlotte Flair is really slugging it out with both of the IIconics.
  • Charlotte applies the Figure 8 and her team wins.
  • The MMA Horsewomen (sans Rousey obviously) attack the IIconics. Becky & Charlotte try to make the save, but are beaten down.
  • Charlotte and Becky try to go back at them but are stopped by security. Lynch stops a security guard by punching him in the face. This was a great, stiff punch.

Humberto Carrillo (w/ Street Profits) defeated Karl Anderson (w/ The OC)

  • AJ Styles goes off on Humberto Carrillo. The OC cuts a pretty funny promo on Carrillo, who nobody cares about.
  • Not a PEEP for Carrillo.
  • Samoa Joe is fantastic on commentary.
  • Carrillo's hang time on everything he does is amazing. He's joined by the Street profits to even the odds.
  • Carrillo has some more sensible offense this time out, and Anderson is there for him during every big spot.
  • Gallows interferes and Anderson hits a small package, but Ford reverses it for Carrillo and Humberto wins.
  • Styles vs. Carrillo III on Raw next week. WHY. Why was Carrillo even there with Caruso?

Lashley (w/ Lana) defeated No Way Jose

  • Lana has filed for divorce and Rusev was given a restraining order. This is a terribly shitty promo.
  • Lashley beats No Way Jose pretty quickly with a Full Nelson that puts him out. Okay then. Sure.

For Rollins' Survivor Series spot
Seth Rollins defeated Andrade (w/ Zelina) via DQ

  • Zelina cuts a promo before this, and Seth Rollins was interviewed backstage. He says he's never backed down from a challenge, even though he spent a year and a half as a heel doing that.
  • I really hope Andrade's early push isn't just to lose to Rollins on a go-home Raw for a spot that Rollins already has.
  • I don't necessarily like the idea of cutting Andrade's legs out, but Rollins needs matches like this.
  • He catches Zelina midair, and she's ejected. Andrade isn't happy, but hits a great inside-out twisting body press.
  • We're seeing some of Rollins' 2016 offense back, like a good suicide dive and a Blockbuster.
  • This is probably the best Seth Rollins Raw one-on-one match in years.
  • Buckle Bomb reversals, double knees, Buckle Bombs, enziguris -- these guys are ON.
  • Some great strike exchanges and counters before Andrade gets the Three Amigos.
  • Seth Rollins did the Del Rio stomp spot the good way. I love it. He struggled and avoided it and hit the Falcon Arrow for 2.
  • Lucha House Party attacks Rollins, and Andrade isn't happy and gets attacked, too. Andrade and Rollins fight them off.
  • Rollins and Andrade show each other respect after the match.

Buddy Murphy defeated Akira Tozawa

  • Buddy Murphy Doesn't Attempt To Murder Roman Reigns, Instead Ding Dong Ditches Aleister Black. Future article title. This made Black look dumb.
  • I'd love to see someone hit the side of the ring and NOT walk into a dive. At what point do you stop that?
  • Murphy catches Tozawa mid-dive with a suplex.
  • Tozawa cracks Murphy with a good superkick, and they're getting the crowd into this with wrestling.
  • Akira Tozawa follows up with great strikes and a German Suplex.
  • Murphy avoids the senton, but they're back to slugging it out.
  • An inverted rana sends Murphy outside the ring to eat a GREAT suicide dive. This match rules.
  • Tozawa does a rope hung senton that hit hard.
  • A knee and Murphy's Law wins it. AMAZING.
  • Murphy comes face to face with Black backstage after the match.

Erick Rowan defeated Discount Darby Allin

  • Rowan is playing with whatever his item in the bag is.
  • Rowan takes out the Bollywood Boyz and stares R-Truth down.
  • He also destroys Discount Darby Allin. Iron Claw Slam.

Kevin Owens vs. Drew McIntyre

  • Lawler has used the "stabbed more people in the back than sciatica" line two weeks in a row.
  • Glad Joe says it doesn't make sense for these guys to fight before Survivor Series.
  • The work here is pretty tame until McIntyre gets posted. He manages to avoid a Stunner and powder out.
  • This match just isn't there for me until the Owens Cannonball. Drew does an AA on the apron and it's cookin' REAL fast.
  • A great powerbomb from McIntyre hits. I just wish these guys had more of a reason to fight than not fight.
  • Kevin Owens pop up powerbomb, McIntyre Claymore, but Owens is in the ropes. The same with Drew after a Stunner.
  • Triple H comes out and we get a commercial.
  • We come back to HHH getting water for Owens. Forgotten Sons, Dijak and Priest are all with Triple H.
  • Triple H explains their history and that Kevin Owens by taken by people who didn't realize what they had.
  • Triple H says Owens' teammates aren't there because they don't give a damn about Owens.
  • Raw's locker room empties out, and a brawl ensues. Undisputed Era attacks

Backstage Crappenings

  • Hawkins and Ryder are being interviewed backstage about their title match tonight. They get their asses kicked by AOP.
  • Paul Heyman wants to make the Brock Lesnar vs. Rey Mysterio title match a No Holds Barred match.
  • Rey Mysterio accepts the terms, and explains that the stipulation is to his advantage.

Asuka (w/ Kairi Sane) defeated Natalya


  • Natalya refuses to shake Asuka's hand and kicks her.
  • Pretty quickly, Natalya walks into a backfist.
  • Natalya gets a German suplex, and gets distracted by Kairi. She still thwarts Asuka.
  • Nattie is out there jawing with the crowd and gets head kicked and pinned.

Raw Tag Team Championships
Viking Raiders (c) vs. Randy Orton & Ricochet

  • Backstage Randy Orton says he plays well with others when it benefits him, and tonight he has someone to face the Viking Raiders.
  • Big fat fart noises when Ricochet comes out as Orton's partner.
  • Orton saves Ricochet from getting powerbombed, but all hell breaks loose outside the ring.
  • Orton does a Singh Bomb on Rowe outside.
  • We see Smackdown invading and attacking backstage.
  • The Viking Raiders are VERY OVER, and Ivar goes tit-for-tat with Ricochet doing gymnastics.
  • Smackdown came out to the AC/DC song, that was hilarious.
  • ANOTHER match ruined. The cheap endings were too much.
  • NXT is in the house too. A big war breaks out.
  • NXT surrounds the four Raw wrestlers in the ring. Orton and co. fight back.
  • Rollins comes out and brings the Raw locker room.
  • Has anyone on any show explained the brand loyalty aspect, why it's important to them? Can they? I'd love for them to provide some motivation, because if they do that, I'd like this a lot more.
  • Triple H says he's leaving the doors open this week.

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