MLW Fusion Episode #100 Results MLW World Heavyweight Championship Match, Havoc vs Pillman Jr

-We open the show with a promo by Jacob Fatu ahead of his title defense against Dragon Gate's CIMA in tonight's main event.

Erick Stevens w/Kit Osbourne vs Davey Boy Smith Jr.

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They lock up before Davey backs Erick into the corner for a clean break before they lock up again and Davey takes Erick down. Davey locks in a side headlock before Erick gets back to his feet and Davey drops him with a shoulder block. They exchange before Davey whips Erick into the corner and hits a powerslam into a leg drop for two. Davey follows up with a delayed suplex for two before Erick rolls out of the ring and Davey gives chase only to be sent into the railing. Erick chops Davey at ringside and Davey sends him first into the apron before suplexing Erick onto the floor.

Back in the ring Erick hits a dragon screw and focuses on the leg of Davey until he hits diving shoulder tackle for two. Davey gets to the ropes for the break when Erick locks in a single leg Boston crab before they exchange strikes until Erick hits another dragon screw. Erick locks in a submission that Davey forearms and punches his way out of before Davey hits an enzuigiri when Erick goes for another dragon screw. Davey punches Erick in the corner and hits a back body drop and Erick gets several two counts off of a series of pinning predicaments. Davey then hits a snap powerslam for a near fall before hitting a running powerslam and a diving headbutt for the pin and the win.

Winner: Davey Boy Smith Jr defeats Erick Stevens via pinfall.

-After the match Tom Lawlor faces off with Davey before Dominic Garrini gets between them and Team Filthy leave before it's that Injustice has been banned from the arena. We then go to a promo by Jimmy Havoc ahead of his match against Brian Pillman Jr later tonight before we get an interview with Low-Ki who calls out King Mo before we go to LA Park who says in Spanish that he is a free agent mercenary and can fight anyone he wants to.

Jimmy Havoc w/Priscilla Kelly vs Brian Pillman Jr.

Jimmy takes Brian down before Brian hops up and hip tosses him before they shake hands and Jimmy rocks Brian with a stiff forearm. Brian hits a running clothesline in the corner for two before Jimmy stops Brian from slapping him and bites his hand. Jimmy catches Brian coming in and stomps him down for two before tossing him out of the ring and beating on him at ringside. Brian comes back with chops before accidentally chopping the post and Jimmy chops him across the back before rolling him back into the ring for two. Jimmy locks in a straight jacket before they exchange until Brian hits a powerslam for two.

Brian hits a diving cross body for two before hitting a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker into a lung blower for a near fall that Priscilla breaks up. Priscilla distracts the referee and gives Jimmy a chain before Jimmy hits himself and blames Brian. Brian rolls Jimmy up for a near fall before they counter each other and Priscilla accidentally takes Jimmy out with a diving cross body. Brian then hits a neckbreaker for a near fall before Priscilla accidentally splashes Jimmy and Brian hits a springboard clothesline for the pin and the win.

Winner: Brian Pillman Jr defeats Jimmy Havoc via pinfall.

-After the match Brian is interviewed and challenges Myron Reed to a match for his Middleweight Championship in the future before we go to a video for The Dynasty and Mance Warner in subsequent videos. Mance then gives an update on his uncle before Josef Samael cuts into the feed and talks about Jacob defending against CIMA in the main event up next.

-We then get a graphic for Tom Lawlor versus Killer Kross next week.

MLW World Heavyweight Championship Match

Jacob Fatu (c) vs CIMA

They lock up for a clean break before CIMA kicks Jacob and locks in a standing headlock before CIMA repeatedly tries to drop Jacob, but he doesn't budge. They counter each other before CIMA rolls out of the ring and back in once Jacob goes out after him before getting right back out of the ring. Jacob chases CIMA around ringside before CIMA hits a basement dropkick once they're back in the ring. CIMA locks in a cravat into a snap mare and a meteora into a senton for one before locking in an abdominal stretch. Jacob gets back to his feet and hits a superkick into a running hip attack in the corner and head butting the leader of the STRONGHEARTS.

Jacob bites CIMA and chokes him in the ropes before Jacob powers out of a sunset flip and puts CIMA in the tree of woe. Jacob hits a running falling headbutt before tossing CIMA out of the ring and Josef hits him at ringside before Jacob tosses him back into the ring. Jacob drops CIMA with a running back elbow before missing a Vader bomb. CIMA comes back with a diving meteora into a DDT into a modified triangle choke before the champion gets to the ropes for the break. CIMA hits a snap mare into a kick to the spine before Jacob hits a Samoan drop.

Jacob then hits a moonsault into a second moonsault for the pin and the win.

Winner: Jacob Fatu retains his MLW World Heavyweight Championship by defeating CIMA via pinfall.

-After the match the Sentai Death Squad come out and lay out a body bag before putting CIMA into it and zipping it up before draping the Contra Unit flag over him and the Death Squad carry him to the back as we go off the air.

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