MLW Fusion Episode 109 Results Los Parks vs Psycho Clown, Psicosis & Nino Hamburguesa

- We open this week's show with a promo by Psycho Clown in Spanish before we throw to the arena and are told that tonight is the final week of the Super Series. We next to to a promo by LA Park and his sons where he talks about their six man tag match against Psycho Clown, Psicosis and Nino Hamburguesa. We then go to an interview with Konnan where he talks about how happy he is with the relationship between AAA and Major League Wrestling.

- We get a video package for Pagano before we get a new segment with The Dynasty where they're in the woods and Richard and Gino are hunting alligator while Alex is chasing raccoons. We then go to a promo by Mance Warner who says that he plans to capture all of the gold in MLW before challenging Dynasty alongside Savio Vega to get back the Caribbean Championship. We then go to a recap of the Super Series so far before we head to the ring for our six man tag team main event.

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Los Parks vs Psycho Clown, Psicosis & Nino Hamburguesa

They all start brawling in the ring before Park pairs off with Psycho and his sons go after Psicosis and Nino, respectively. The brawl ends up at ringside where LA sends Psycho into the railing and they end up in the crowd where LA sends Psycho into seek chairs. Los Parks back in the ring bring chairs into the ring before hitting Nino in the groin with one before following up with Psicosis. LA brings table from the bar back into the ring and Los Parks hit a triple powerbomb off of the top, but he just bounces off of the sturdy table rather than going through it. Los Parks bring a large metal trash can into the ring next before LA throws a case of beer at Psycho and they hit a double suplex onto the trash can to Nino.

LA whips Nino across the chest and back with his weight training belt before Nino fights them off and knocks them away while dropping one of the brothers with a shoulder tackle. Psycho drags LA out of the ring and sends him into the crowd into a pile of chairs before Psycho, Psicosis and Nino triple team the brothers. Psycho brings LA into the ring and whips Nino into him in the corner before superkicking and sending him back out of the ring. Psycho and company clear the ring before dancing around and playing to the crowd before Nino and Psicosis get out onto the apron and LA and Psycho square off alone. Psycho mocks LA before LA drops him with a right hand and hits a running splash in the corner before Psycho follows him back and hits a running clothesline in the corner into two springboard cross bodies and a dropkick.

Psycho covers LA for two, Psycho moving out of the way and causing Los Parks to elbow drop their father before Los Parks are lined up side by side and Psycho and Psicosis begin to hit running splashes while Nino has to wait. Nino finally hits a running, jumping splash before he and his teammates cover Los Parks for a near fall before Nino hits a cannonball in the corner to Los Parks for a triple near fall. Hijo and Psicosis square off before Psicosis hits a flat liner for two before superkicking Hijo before Hijo drops him with a Superman forearm. Hijo sets Psicosis on the top turnbuckle in the corner before hitting an enzuigiri into a magnum for a one count that Nino breaks up. Nino kicks Hijo before hitting a double head scissors to the Park brothers and gets superkicked by the youngest Park brother in black and blue, LA Park Jr. when he starts playing to the crowd.

Nino comes back with a clothesline into a leg drop that LA breaks up by acting like he's going to kick the referee before Psycho and LA exchange in the center until LA drops Psycho with a clothesline for two. Psycho comes back with a high knee into a discus clothesline in the corner before hitting a spinning heel kick for two. LA hits a running meteora for two before Psicosis comes in and chops LA before dropping him with front and back clotheslines and a basement dropkick for two. Everyone hits topes to the outside after Jr. sends Psicosis to the outside until Nino accidentally takes out his own team members with a suicide dive. Back in the ring Los Parks triple team Psicosis for a near fall off of a slow count by the referee before Pagano gets into the ring and hits them all with a chair.

The referee then takes the chair from Pagano before LA sends him out of the ring and spears Psicosis for the pin and the win.

Winner:Los Parks defeat Psicosis, Nino Hamburguesa and Psycho Clown via pinfall.

- After the match we go backstage to Davey Boy Smith Jr laid out, bloodied in a stairwell with the Contra Unit flag over it before we end the show with an extended video package for what Contra is doing all over the company around the world narrated by Josef Samael where he says that they have taken over MLW and everyone will bow to Contra.

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