MLW Fusion Episode 30 Results Low-Ki vs Daga, MLW World Middleweight Championship Triple Threat Match

Myron Reed vs Marko Stunt

They run the ropes until Marko plays to the crowd and hits Reed with a forearm before Reed counters a suplex and dropkicks Marko. Reed hits a jumping forearm in the corner into a seated senton off of the top for a quick two count before Marko hits a springboard arm drag and a dropkick, Reed blocking a second dropkick. Marko hits a springboard cross body for a quick two count before Reed suplexes him for one of his own. Reed brushes his knee against the face of Marko and drops him with a chop before Marko hits a sunset flip into a bicycle knee for a near fall. Reed counters Marko with a stunner before getting out of the ring and running from the ramp and diving into the ring for a flying cutter for a near fall. They then counter each other until Reed wins with a sunset flip for the pin and the win.

Winner: Myron Reed defeats Marko Stunt via pinfall with a sunset flip.

MLW World Middleweight Championship Triple Threat Elimination Match

MJF (c) vs Jimmy Yuta vs Jason Cade

Jimmy attacks Cade as soon as the match starts, sending him out of the ring and hitting a tope to the outside, MJF being completely ignored by the bitter rivals. Cade drops Jimmy with a jumping knee when he catches a kick by MJF and stomps him in the corner before they form a momentary alliance, MJF and Cade double teaming Jimmy until MJF accidentally hits Cade when Jimmy gets out of the way. Cade and MJF shove each other before Jimmy drops them with a double clothesline and hits a variety of running moves in opposite corners. Jimmy hits a split missile dropkick, Cade powerbombing him before hitting a burning hammer to MJF onto Jimmy for a quick two count. Jimmy counters a powerbomb into a huricanrrana that sends Cade into the middle turnbuckle before MJF suplexes him for a quick two count as we go to commercial.

We come back to all three men exchanging strikes on their knees on their way up to their feet before MJF pokes the eyes of Cade and Jimmy and everyone hits a move. Jimmy kicks in a double submission on Cade and MJF before Jimmy sends Cade out of the ring with a superkick. Jimmy then rolls Cade up out of nowhere once he gets back in the ring and MJF rolls Jimmy up for a near fall. The referee is then distracted by Blake before Cade hits Jimmy with a butterfly suplex and MJF pins him to retain his title.

Winner: MJF retains his MLW World Middleweight Championship by defeating Jimmy Yuta and Jason Cade via pinfall after Cade hits Jimmy with a butterfly suplex.