MLW Fusion Episode 33 Results MLW World Tag Team Championship Mexican Rules Match

Ten Thousand Dollar Challenge

Simon Gotch vs Ariel Dominguez

Gotch hits a pump handle suplex and a European uppercut before beating Ariel down in the corner and stomping on him before dropping him with another European uppercut. Simon then hits a buckle bomb into a piledriver for the pin and the win.

Winner: Simon Gotch defeats Ariel Dominguez via pinfall with a piledriver.

-After the match Simon stuffs money in the mouth of Ariel and hits another piledriver.

Brian Pillman Jr. vs Tommy Dreamer

Brian sleights a handshake by Tommy before the match begins, then the two exchange arm wringers until they end up in the corner for a clean break. Brian hip tosses Tommy before they exchange strikes until Tommy sends Brian out of the ring with a bionic elbow before spitting water in his face at ringside. Tommy rolls Brian back into the ring, but Brian catches him and chokes him in the ropes before chopping him in the corner and hitting a snapmare into a kick to the spine of Dreamer. Brian dropkicks Tommy for a quick two count before missing a jumping elbow and Tommy comes back with right hands in the corner before biting him. Tommy then hits a cutter for a near fall before Brian grabs his cane and mocks Tommy before he's low blowed and Tommy pins him with a sunset flip.

Winner: Tommy Dreamer defeats Brian Pillman Jr. via pinfall with a sunset flip.

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