MLW Fusion Episode 33 Results MLW World Tag Team Championship Mexican Rules Match

Ten Thousand Dollar Challenge

Simon Gotch vs Ariel Dominguez

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Gotch hits a pump handle suplex and a European uppercut before beating Ariel down in the corner and stomping on him before dropping him with another European uppercut. Simon then hits a buckle bomb into a piledriver for the pin and the win.

Winner: Simon Gotch defeats Ariel Dominguez via pinfall with a piledriver.

-After the match Simon stuffs money in the mouth of Ariel and hits another piledriver.

Brian Pillman Jr. vs Tommy Dreamer

Brian sleights a handshake by Tommy before the match begins, then the two exchange arm wringers until they end up in the corner for a clean break. Brian hip tosses Tommy before they exchange strikes until Tommy sends Brian out of the ring with a bionic elbow before spitting water in his face at ringside. Tommy rolls Brian back into the ring, but Brian catches him and chokes him in the ropes before chopping him in the corner and hitting a snapmare into a kick to the spine of Dreamer. Brian dropkicks Tommy for a quick two count before missing a jumping elbow and Tommy comes back with right hands in the corner before biting him. Tommy then hits a cutter for a near fall before Brian grabs his cane and mocks Tommy before he's low blowed and Tommy pins him with a sunset flip.

Winner: Tommy Dreamer defeats Brian Pillman Jr. via pinfall with a sunset flip.

-After the match they shake hands before Brian hits Tommy with a swinging neckbreaker and beats him down with his cane before Teddy Hart comes in and Brian hits another swinging neckbreaker before they leave as we go to commercial.

MLW World Tag Team Championship Mexican Rules Tag Match

Lucha Bros vs El Hijo de La Park & LA Park

All four men square off and exchange strikes until the Parks drop the Lucha Bros with superkicks and Hijo hits Fenix with part of a table before LA powerbombs Pentagon onto a table that doesn't break. Back in the ring Hijo attacks the legs of Fenix with a chair for a quick two count before putting a chair between the legs of Pentagon and hitting it with another chair. Hijo drops Fenix with a chair shot to the head before the Parks send Pentagon into the ring post groin first and do the same with Fenix. Fenix comes back with a double handspring cutter before Pentagon hits two sling blades and they clear the ring before hitting duel topes over the top rope and onto the Parks at ringside. Pentagon gets a table and tries to powerbomb Hijo through it, but it just falls over before they beat Hijo down with LA Park's belt and send him out of the ring.

The Lucha Bros hit LA with his own before before they double up on Hijo and hit a wheel barrow facebuster for a near fall that LA breaks up. Hijo comes back with a double cross body and both Parks hit a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker and dueling suicide dives before everyone misses a move off of the top once they're back in the ring. Hijo hits a Spanish fly for a near fall as LA spears Pentagon and Pentagon suplexes Hijo into the corner after LA hits a diving stomp to Fenix on the apron. Pentagon and LA exchange chops and running clotheslines in the corner before LA drops Pentagon for a two count and Pentagon hits a diving stomp off of the top for a near fall. Hijo misses a dropkick before Fenix hits a cutter and Hijo hits a swinging piledriver for a near fall before Fenix hits a springboard frankenteiner into the Fenix Driver for another near fall.

Hijo hits a reverse piledriver for a near fall before Pentagon and LA go back and forth until LA hits a shining wizard for a near fall and Pentagon comes back with a lung blower. Pentagon superkicks LA before LA drops Pentagon with a headbutt and Pentagon low blows him before Pentagon hits a package piledriver with Fenix hitting a diving stomp and hitting a tope to LA at ringside, LA sending him over the railing and into the crowd with Pentagon pinning Hijo for the win. 

Winner: Lucha Bros retain their MLW Tag Team Championships by defeating El Hijo de La Park and LA Park via pinfall when Pentagon pins Hijo after Fenix hits a diving stomp onto the back of Hijo as Pentagon hits a package piledriver.

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