MLW Fusion Episode 41 Results Sami Callihan vs LA Park, Kotto Brazil Returns to Action

Kotto Brazil vs Vandal Ortagun

Vandal rushes Kotto as soon as the bell rings when Kotto is turned away from him before tossing him out of the ring. Kotto hits two suicide dives and a flipping senton over the top rope before rolling Vandal back into the ring. Kotto rocks Vandal with a boot and Vandal snaps the eye patch of Kotto and drops him with a knee for a near fall. Vandal hits a belly to back suplex for a two count before sending him into the ropes and hitting a running cross body to the back for a two count. Vandal stomps Kotto and chops him before Kotto comes back with an arm breaker and a series of German suplexes.

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Kotto hits a bridging German suplex for a near fall before hitting a springboard cross body for another near fall. Ortagun hits a variation of a lung blower with a hammer lock before Kotto hits a huricanrrana into a code red for a near fall. Kotto then hits a cutter and a running shiranui for the pin and the win.

Winner: Kotto Brazil defeats Vandal Ortagun with a running shiranui.

-After the match Ricky Martinez attacks Kotto before leaving as we go to commercial. 

Ace Romero vs Barrington Hughes

Ace tries to move Hughes, but he doesn't budge before Hughes runs into Ace and Ace hits a running shotgun dropkick. They're interrupted by Colonel Parker and the Dirty Blondes before they make it a tag match out of nowhere. 

Winner: No Contest due to interference.

Ace Romero & Barrington Hughes vs The Dirty Blondes

Ace and Hughes start the match off fast and hit running splashes in the corner before hitting dueling powerslams for the pin and the win.

Winner: Ace Romero and Barrington Hughes defeat The Dirty Blondes.

-Sami Callihan cuts a promo via video camera about his match with LA Park and says that he will take him out just like everyone else in MLW, whether it be Shane Strickland, Jimmy Havoc or MVP.

Falls Count Anywhere Match

Sami Callihan vs LA Park

LA bows to the flag of Mexico as Sami stays outside before Park beckons him in and the match starts. They shove each other and exchange chips and kicks until Sami takes his vest off and tells LA to chop him. Sami endures the chop and hits a running clothesline in the corner before LA struts and clotheslines Sami for a quick two count. They get out of the ring and LA hits Sami with a wooden chair and a trash can before hitting a suicide dive. LA hits Sami with a baking sheet and Sami hits him with a trash can when he goes for another suicide dive.

Sami hits LA with the baking sheet and a cone as well as his own belt before chopping him on the stage and hitting him with a beer can. LA sends Sami into the crowd and hits him with a trash can before setting the rail up and the trash can on top of it. LA suplexes Sami onto the railing and tosses several straight back chairs into the ring before hitting him with one and a baking sheet for a quick two count. They go to the back where they brawl until they end up outside LA throws gravel in the face of Sami and they make their way back to the ring before Sami hits LA with another beer can. Back in the ring the referee is nearly knocked out before LA headbutts Sami for a near fall before LA hits a powerslam for a near fall.

LA then attacks the referee before Sami rolls him up for a near fall off and Sami hits LA with a chair before LA spears Sami into the chairs for the pin and the win.

Winner: LA Park defeats Sami Callihan via pinfall with a spear into several straight back chairs.



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