MLW Fusion Episode 73 Results MLW World Heavyweight Championship Match

-We open the show with a video package for tonight's World Championship match between the champion Jacob Fatu and the challenger Tom Lawlor.

Injustice (Kotto Brazil, Myron Reed & Jordan Oliver) vs Gringo Loco, Zenshi & Air Wolf

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Jordan and Gringo start the match off, Gringo showing off his superior speed and athleticism, Jordan having trouble keeping up with him. Gringo hits a standing moonsault for a quick two count before Air comes in and chops Jordan before hitting a suplex and Zenshi hits a slingshot senton for a quick two count. Air and Zenshi hit Kotto and Myron with a shotgun dropkick before they and Gringo clear the ring and pose for the crowd. Jordan and Myron drag Gringo and Zenshi out of the ring before Kotto hits a suicide dive to Air and Gringo and Zenshi hit topes. Gringo hits a split legged moonsault for a two count before Air gets the blind tag and drops Myron with a buzz saw kick before hitting a jumping uppercut. Kotto yanks Air from the top turnbuckle and beats on him in back mount before Myron drops him with a stiff forearm and teases brass knuckles. Jordan hits an Irish whip dropkick and Air hits a shiranui before Zenshi takes out Kotto and Myron on the apron with a double Pele kick. Everyone hits a move before Gringo accidentally takes out the referee and Kotto hits a diving code breaker before Air hits a 619 and Kotto hits him with a Salida del Sol for the pin and the win.

Winner: Injustice defeat Air Wolf, Gringo Loco and Zenshi via pinfall when Kotto pins Air with a shiranui.

-A co-promotion show with AAA and The Crash is hyped for October 5th.

-We get a vignette for the forthcoming Dominic Garrini before we get a video recapping Alex Hammerstone in Pro Wrestling NOAH.

MLW World Heavyweight Championship Match

Jacob Fatu (c) vs Tom Lawlor

Tom rushes the Samoan and they brawl on the ramp before Tom hits a diving cross body and drops Jacob with a clothesline. Tom knocks Josef off of the apron when he tries to distract him before hitting an exploder suplex and goes for another diving cross body, but Jacob catches him and hits a Samoan drop for a two count. Jacob hits Tom with clubbing blows in the corner and chokes him before dropping him with a back elbow when he goes to run the ropes. Jacob hits a diving headbutt for a two count before Tom comes back with right hands and forearms before Jacob drops him with a superkick and hits a hand spring moonsault for a near fall. Jacob misses a running splash and Tom goes to suplex him out of the ring, but he is too weak, Tom trapping Jacob in the ropes and laying into him with chops before hitting a backwards thrust kick into the midsection.

Josef distracts Tom at ringside before Jacob hits a diving cross body and Tom locks in a rear naked choke, Jacob nearly passing out before driving Tom into the corner to get him off. Jacob misses a spear in the corner before Tom hits running knees in the corner and an airplane spin into a reverse burning hammer for a near fall. Tom hits Kawada kicks and a sliding lariat before hitting a running high knee and a kamagoye for a near fall. Tom hits a release German suplex and a t-bone into the corner before he gets distracted by Josef and Josef hits him from behind with a weapon. Jacob then hits a moonsault for the pin and the win.

Winner: Jacob Fatu defeats Tom Lawlor via pinfall with a moonsault to retain his MLW World Heavyweight Championship.

-After the match Contra Unit attack Tom before he's rescued by the Von Erichs, but it's only a momentary victory as the fourth member of Contra is revealed and they beat on everyone including officials who try to stop them before Low-Ki makes his way out and everyone brawls as we go off the air.


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